Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life's little irritations.

I don't know if the universe is being particularly irritating this week, or if I'm just particularly irritable, but either way...Calgon, take me away! Gah.

There was one good thing--I got my hair recut Tuesday evening and I love it. And he didn't charge me. So that's a very good thing. Aside from that, though...I've got nothing on the good front.

Not that this week has been BAD, particularly, just...irritating. Aggravating. Filled with stupid, stupid people. Is it just me, or are people (and by people I mean the general public, not my particular friends, "real" or "internet") just getting dumber? Seriously, all week I've been getting my face shoved into other people's customers, my vendors, random people in the streets. I seriously wonder how some of these people a) keep their jobs, and b) live their daily lives. (Of course, as soon as I typed that one of my customers called and made me laugh out loud by saying "Oh my god, between the Ambien and the ADHD, I'm so scattered I might as well just be sitting around smokin' a big old joint." So they're not ALL bad. Hee.) And why must they involve me in their daily lives? Going home for lunch earlier, I had to sit an an intersection while an unattractive, badly-dressed couple with questionable hygiene leisurely crossed the road in front of me, and slowed down to make out right in front of my car! Obviously they were trying to get some sort of reaction from me, but I just waited until there was enough room to go around them. Gah. I'm not saying dirty, badly-dressed people don't have the right to stroll hand-in-hand wherever they want, but I don't want to watch the dirty, badly-dressed PDA, damn it! (Would I be any more tolerant of attractive, well-dressed people in that situation? Actually, no. Not today, certainly!) Get a room. Or, you know, anywhere that's not the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING STREET.

Has it been any less irritating at home? No, no it has not. Some cat decided to pee "outside the box" this morning. Now, I'm all for innovative thinking, but not in my cats! Gah. Speaking of cats, they're having a lovely spring molting, I guess, and there are cat hair tumbleweeds everywhere. Gah. Yesterday I opened my cable bill and discovered the cable company has decided to raise rates (without improving offerings or service, of course) AGAIN. I'm going to have to shop around for other options--any opinions on Dish or DirecTV? Gah, gah. My yard needs mowed. It's only March! I'm not ready for lawn maintenance yet. What happened to spring? I woke up last night sweating, and I don't think it's menopause. I'm sure of it, actually, since Aunt Flo also showed up last night, bless her crampy, crampy little heart. More gah. I have a headache, which doesn't seem possible, given the amount of Aleve I've taken to appease Aunt Flo, but nonetheless, I do. I filled my car's gas tank last night and, for the first time EVER, paid $25 to fill my tiny little tank. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

Okay, I'll stop whining now. I've got performances to do this weekend, and though I'm having trouble generating any enthusiasm about that prospect right this moment, I'm sure once I'm at the theater that I will be rarin' to go. Tomorrow's Friday, thank god. And next week will surely be better, right?


stefanie said...

Yikes. That was a whole long list of grievances. All of them valid, mind you, but now I think I have a headache as well! :-(

Hope things turn around soon!

gorillabuns said...

sorry people are annoying and i'm somehow doubting that's going to change anytime soon.

good luck with your play this weekend! for some unknown reason, NO ONE wants to brave, i mean come over and watch my chillin's. so i can't come a see you in all your glory. let me know about your next performance.

good luck but i wouldn't recommend breaking a leg.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Yes, the whole world (minus our bloggy friends) has gone crazy. And stupid. I can totally relate.

Public PDA to that degree is never okay. Period.

$25??? Oh.MY.GOD. I would kill to only spend that much. Must stop driving a loser cruiser. I haven't spent less than $40 for a long time. Grrr. No likey gas. No likey big, ugly mommy vehicle. Must buy Prius (or something similar).

Break a leg! Hope you have a fantabulous performance!

Noelle said...

Where does all that cat hair come from? I try not to ponder it too much because the things we let them get away with are really gross. I saw a sign once that I wish I bought. It said: Want a box of shit in your house? Buy a cat.

lizgwiz said...

stef, sorry--didn't mean to rain on the parade of your most excellent week! ;)

gorillabuns, sorry you can't make it. Another time, for sure.

dcmm, one of the few things I like about my car is its good gas mileage. I don't know how people with big cars and vans do it.

noelle, hee! (And want 4 boxes of shit in your house, take in all the strays you see.) I've often wondered how they can shed so much and still be so furry. ;)

Sparkling said...

Sigh. I remember in college filling up my near-E tank and sqeezing in just a little more to make it an even $10.

I think the warmer weather is convincing all the idiots to leave their homes. They aren't getting dumber, they are just making themselves more visible.

PreppyGirl said...

Aunt Flo snuck up on me this week too - a whole week early - wtf? I can only pray for menopause at this point. Double GAH.

On the subject of satellite TV, I would highly recommend Dish Network. We had it for a few years, then switched to digital cable for a while and "hated-it." We've been back to the dish now for over a year and we are so freaking happy with it. Good luck!

lizgwiz said...

sparkling, those were the days! Actually, I'm old enough that if I thought about what I paid for gas in college it would probably make me cry. And yes, I think the nice weather is bringing them out in droves. ;)

preppygirl, I'm kind of starting to look forward to menopause, too. Just give me a break with the cramps, already. Geez. And that's good to know about Dish. My parents have it, too, and they seem to like it, so I'm going to check it out.

-R- said...

Yay for the cute haircut!

We have DirecTV. It's ok, but not the greatest thing ever.

georgeious said...

ugh and amen to the stupid people thing, sweetie. i f-ing HATE people lately! if i have to deal with one more crankhead tweeker at work it will be the end for me. have you ever known me to actually threaten, in all seriousness, to punch out the next person who gave me shit? yep, that's where i've been lately, if that explains my disappearing act.

oh but, i have had dish, cable, and directv. my preference was with directv - but ONLY when they had TIVO integrated with their system. i heart TIVO. the others are all just crappy. p.s. digital cable in seattle sucks ass.

Stinkypaw said...

I hope this week is better than last week seemed to be!

I agree with you, people do seem to get stupider everyday!

Happy to read that you're happy with your new haircut!