Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Flotsam Redux

Well, I made it through the first week since "springing forward," but I am tired. Yesterday I went to the Kwik-E-Mart and Apu said "you look tired, are you tired?" (Actually it's the Kwik-Mart, and I don't really know the name of the cashier, but since it's owned by Indians/Pakistanis, I like thinking of it as the Kwik-E-Mart, and any time the cashier is of Indian/Pakistani heritage, I like thinking of him as Apu. Is that culturally insensitive? If so, I'm sorry, but it's the Simpsons. Who can help it?) And then he started flirting with me. I think. And then a truck driver who came in to pay for his gas started flirting with me. No "I think" on that one. He stood next to me, made inane small talk about my selections for purchase (honey bun, Corn Nuts and incense; I wish I'd had tampons to really test his resolve to make what he apparently thought was witty banter) and jovially nudged my elbow with his. Um...okay. I'll be taking my purchases and returning to work now. I guess "tired" is a good look for me. Who knew? Maybe I should stop with the under-eye cream and just let the bags do their magic. And how would you fellows feel about wrinkles? I could really save some money on the beauty products if this catches on.

I actually had someone say to me yesterday that he didn't understand why the time change made people tired. "You're getting up at the exact same time as you were before.", I'm NOT. The time displayed on the clock is completely arbitrary to my body's stubborn circadian rhythms. Fool. Okay, I didn't say the fool part--I'm not quite that cranky. Yet.

Thankfully, today is my monthly "early day," so I only have to make it through the morning at work. And then I'm free--free to take my cat to the vet. Whoo hoo! I'll spare you the details of his ongoing battle with diarrhea. You're welcome.

Here's my favorite google search hit for the week:

"what does it mean when a crush says sweet dreams"

Well, I'm going to hope that he simply means that he would like for you to have a sweet slumber, filled with dreams of kittens, lollypops, adorable babies dressed up like flowers and the like. Of course, if he's saying this to you as he's pressing a pillow to your face, and there is a diabolical glint in his eyes as he hisses "sssweet dreamssss, preciousssss," well then, good luck to you!

I've also gotten several hits for "MeMarmony." And really spelled like that, too. Is someone looking for stefanie? Or has "MeMarmony" really caught on in the blogosphere? Hee.

Okay, I'm just going to close for today by inviting anyone within driving distance of Tulsa to come to my upcoming play. Of course, if my stats are to be believed, that's probably only gorillabuns, so...gorillabuns--please consider yourself invited!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


stefanie said...

Ha! I've gotten "meMarmony" in my search hits, too, but I think it happened only once or twice. I did wonder if it was someone looking for me specifically or if other people were using that term as well. A quick Google search just now shows it's my term and mine alone. :-) (The only place it's appearing still is my blog, other people mentioning my blog, and comments I've left on other people's blogs.) It could still catch on, though... Whoo!

Also, I don't know if it's culturally insensitive to refer to your Kwik-E-Mart cashier as Apu, but I would probably be doing the same thing, so if you're a jerk, I am, too.

Wish I could go to your play!!

Anonymous said...

I'm lost as usual. Corn nuts meMarmony ???


Stinkypaw said...

I would go see your play (which one is it by the way "Who will sing for Lena" or "Unexpected Man"? Or are you in both?), but I'm a bit far... sorry!

I do the same re. Apu! And when I do, Hubby knows that I'm referring to the Indians/Pakistanis...

Sorry to read (a little) about your poor cat...

Paisley said...

Anyone who can flirt with a woman buying corn nuts...must be a trucker. hahaha. Wait. You did say he was a trucker or is that my imagination. I don't know. Sorry! My brain is outside with the chirping birdies and warm sunshine instead of at work. boo.

Break a leg with your show!

Paisley said...

no offense to truckers. I'm sure you all enjoy fresh breath just like the rest of us. I was simply imagining the one from Thelma & Louise.

Jarod said...

Heheh - "if he's saying this to you as he's pressing a pillow to your face"

I suppose it's all about the context. For example, wry smiles are good when your wife says "I have something special tonight" They are bad when she says "The plumber came today"

Tom said...

uh, you get random google hits, for sure...

Domo arigato for your invite to Tulsa to see your play, but KITT is in the shop...

(sorry for helping to keep Styx in your head)

gorillabuns said...

i will actually try to make it for your friday showing. that is if my husband is in town.

can't wait!

don't call me MA'AM said...

The time change always messes me up... for weeks. I can't seem to go to sleep at night, and I look like a crack whore with the dark circles under my eyes. Boo.

I wish I were a little closer... I'd totally drive down for your show!

lizgwiz said...

stef, at least I'm not alone in my cultural insensitivity! (Boy, that word was tricky to type.) I wish you could come to my play, too.

jef, I have that effect on people. ;)

stinkypaw, I'm guessing people everywhere refer to their Indian cashiers as Apu--such is the power of the Simpsons. Hee. And yes, I suppose you are a bit far away for a quick roadtrip!

paisley, he was a trucker. I wouldn't have necessarily assumed that, but part of his "witty" banter was telling me everywhere he'd driven in the past few days. (Nowhere too exciting--apparently he's not a long-haul trucker, just around the state. Oklahoma City, really? What's that like? Fascinating! Hee.)

jarod, hee! So true.

tom, damn you! I finally managed to get it out of my head, and here we go again. Hee.

gorillabuns, I hope to see you!

dcmm, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I think we should make under-eye bags the new hot thing, don't you? Maybe if we tell everyone they're Birkin bags. Hee.