Thursday, July 30, 2009

Four months? Really?

Hot Med and I had our first date four months ago tonight. Now, you still shouldn't expect any "save the date" announcements, by any means...I'm just amazed we've made it this far, considering that after our first incredibly awkward phone conversation I wasn't sure I wanted to meet in person at all. And after our first date I really had reservations about a second. And then after the third or fourth date I remember exasperatedly telling my mother that I didn't have the time or patience to teach him English.

I still don't--though God knows somebody needs we are. No expectations...and maybe that's the way to go. I had great expectations for my relationship with New Guy, after all, and look how that turned out. Heh.

Other than that...

The evening of monologues went really well. I hadn't been onstage in a year, and I was a little nervous before the rehearsal run-through, but as soon as I heard people laugh, I was fine, and had a lot of fun. Hot Med had to work, which is just as well, since I think he would have been bored.

And lately he does not hesitate to tell me when something is boring him. And what bores him? Well, anything on TV that's not an action movie, plus conversations he can't quite follow. You'd think that might stir him on to getting more ESL classes, but you'd be wrong. I've tried to encourage him in that direction, but I'm starting to feel like a nag, so...I guess he'll go when he's ready. Or not. He is actually understanding a lot more of what he hears than he used to, but his vocabulary is very limited, and he still has trouble with certain sounds that aren't common to Arabic. "P" comes out sounding like "b" and "th" is more of a "f." So my dog's name is "Budge" and sometimes he is "firsty."

The other day he was talking about pant length--and whatever he was trying to call the length between "pants" and "shorts"--what you or I might call "capris"--it sounded to me like "panticools," and I laughed for about ten minutes uncontrollably. He didn't quite understand why it was so funny, but he likes making me laugh, so he just kept saying it over and over. Hmm....maybe I don't want him to learn correct English, after all. Hee.

I'm preparing to sing a few songs with my pickin' boys and do a scene from a play (the one I was going to do last spring and am now going to do next spring) at the big grand opening party of the theatre's new space. I'm also supposed to be hitting some vendors up for food. Perhaps I should get on that. It might involve making phone calls, and despite the fact that I spend a great deal of my work day on the phone, I've never gotten comfortable with cold-calling of any sort. We'll want our guests to eat, I should just suck it up and get it done.

I'm sure something else must have happened in the last couple of weeks...

You probably don't want to hear about the wonky backward-growing eyelash that cost me $250 (so far) in doctor bills, do you? My eye is still somewhat red, a week after the expensive wonky lash removal, so maybe we'll discuss it again another time. Though I hope not. Fingers crossed. Although, on the plus side, the results (apart from the lash problem) of my first-ever actual eye exam were "your eyes look great. Don't come back until you're 50." (Or, you know, in three years. Hee. And sigh.)

Yesterday I cleaned my office and desk. That was exciting. And way, way overdue.

Other than that,'s been a bit slow around here. Nothing much to report, really. I'll check back in when I have something to say, I suppose.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm not dead.

In case you were wondering. I just seem to have an extended case of the summertime/it's so hot it makes me a little cranky/don't feel like formulating a post blues. Heh.


  • Still seeing Hot Med. Sometimes want to smack him, but then he makes me laugh,'s still on.
  • Working on monologues for performance this Saturday evening. Should be fun. Can't decide whether to tell Hot Med about it--I really think he'd be bored (no "action"), but I don't want his feelings to be hurt if I don't invite him. Hmm...
  • Had a decent 4th of July.
  • Too hot to walk, but have been swimming a few times.
  • Went back to hometown yesterday to visit with friends again. Miss them. *Pout.*
  • Car battery died in hometown yesterday. Jumped it to drive home, borrowed my dad's portable battery charger for this morning, waiting to hear from the mechanic whether the alternator is involved. (Please god, no.)
  • Had a bad allergy outbreak last week. Ponied up money to see the doctor. Also have a big red splotch in one eye which the doctor assumed was also allergy-related. Prescribed allergy drops.
  • Had heart attack at pharmacy because said drops were $103.49!
  • Drops aren't working. Don't think it's allergies. Fearful that an expensive eye doctor may have to be consulted. (Please god, no.)

I think that catches you up.

It's supposed to be 100 today and 103 tomorrow, with heat indexes even my heat-induced blahs won't be going away this week, for sure. I'll probably also be whiny. The whiny blahs...poor Hot Med. (Hee.)