Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm not dead.

In case you were wondering. I just seem to have an extended case of the summertime/it's so hot it makes me a little cranky/don't feel like formulating a post blues. Heh.


  • Still seeing Hot Med. Sometimes want to smack him, but then he makes me laugh,'s still on.
  • Working on monologues for performance this Saturday evening. Should be fun. Can't decide whether to tell Hot Med about it--I really think he'd be bored (no "action"), but I don't want his feelings to be hurt if I don't invite him. Hmm...
  • Had a decent 4th of July.
  • Too hot to walk, but have been swimming a few times.
  • Went back to hometown yesterday to visit with friends again. Miss them. *Pout.*
  • Car battery died in hometown yesterday. Jumped it to drive home, borrowed my dad's portable battery charger for this morning, waiting to hear from the mechanic whether the alternator is involved. (Please god, no.)
  • Had a bad allergy outbreak last week. Ponied up money to see the doctor. Also have a big red splotch in one eye which the doctor assumed was also allergy-related. Prescribed allergy drops.
  • Had heart attack at pharmacy because said drops were $103.49!
  • Drops aren't working. Don't think it's allergies. Fearful that an expensive eye doctor may have to be consulted. (Please god, no.)

I think that catches you up.

It's supposed to be 100 today and 103 tomorrow, with heat indexes even my heat-induced blahs won't be going away this week, for sure. I'll probably also be whiny. The whiny blahs...poor Hot Med. (Hee.)


3carnations said...

You should tell Hot Med about the monologue. I think his feelings would definitely be hurt, and I think he'd enjoy it, just because it's you. :-)

Good luck w/car and eye issues!

Stefanie said...

Yikes. And you DO have health insurance, right? $100+ for prescription eye drops is ABSURD! It's even more absurd if they're not working. :-(

My battery died recently, too. But you knew about that already, thanks to Facebook. :-) There's never any sort of warning about that kind of thing, is there? (Batteries, I mean. Not Facebook.)

Sauntering Soul said...

Wow, those are some way over-priced eye drops....particularly since they aren't working. :-(

Sorry to hear about your car. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it's only the battery (even though I recently had to put a battery in Hot Brazilian's car and it cost me $125 so still not all that cheap). I went for an oil change this weekend (for my car) and ended up with over $100 worth of stuff that had to be done - my transmission fluid which should be pink was dark brown, I had two lights that needed to be replaced, etc., etc. Oh well, it's better than riding my bike or taking the nasty bus system all over metro-Atlanta I suppose.

Stinkypaw said...

Yay! (you're not dead)

Think you should let HM decide for himself if he'd be bored or wants to go.

Maybe you popped a vain in your eyes, because of the allergies?

Wish I could "borrow" some of your heat...argh...

greenduckiesgirl said...

Is it possible that it's a sty? And that is ridiculous to pay for eye drops. Wow.

I was aware that you're not dead but the confirmation is always nice to have!

gorillabuns said...

glad to see you haven't fried to death with all this freakin' heat!

Brett said...

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flurrious said...

103 is hot as the hell. We're at about 90, which is bad enough.

My mom has to take eye drops that are $155 for a 38 and 1/2 day supply. That is correct. They actually calculate it so as to make the final 1/2 drop useless. Ladies and gentlemen, the American health care industry!

3carnations said...

You're going to need to give your next post the same title as this one. :-)