Friday, October 31, 2008

And a Happy Halloween to you

So, let's talk for a minute about that reprehensible ad Elizabeth Dole is running in North Carolina, accusing her (Christian) opponent of being a "godless American." I find it reprehensible on two fronts: a) she's flagrantly lying about her opponent, a lie she knows will carry particular weight in that part of the country, and b) so what if her opponent WERE an atheist? Is this not still America? Do we not have the right to believe or disbelieve as we choose? Are atheists not entitled to equal rights and representation under the law? Aarggh!

I say this as a church-going Christian--I have friends who are atheists! Even worse--I have dated Muslims! One of which was an Iranian! There now, I've probably ruined any chance I had of running for national office. (Well, any chance I had left after all the drugs I did in the 80s.) What a relief. Now the pressure is off. Heh.

Okay, let's move away from the political aspects of the ad, and on to what really caught my attention. Before I actually saw the ad, I heard it described on TV, blah blah blah, ending with a disembodied female voice declaring "There is no God." You're supposed to believe, of course, that it is the voice of Dole's opponent.

Any die-hard "Arrested Development" fans in the house? The rest of this is for you.

Remember the episode where the Bluths took part in the "living art" pageant (much like the one in Stars Hollow that featured our Gilmore girls)? George (on a one-day furlough from prison) portrayed God giving the spark of life to Adam (a denim cut-offs-clad George Michael, embarrassed by the size of his codpiece-hee) in Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam." Only George took the opportunity to try to escape and when the curtains were drawn back--God was missing. Remember the wonderful older character actress proclaiming, with just the perfect amount of horror and melodrama, "THERE IS NO GOD!"? (It may have been the best line delivery ever, in my opinion.)

How funny would it have been if they had simply lifted that little audio clip for the hateful Liddy Doenges ad? (Not funny enough to make up for the ad's very existence, mind you, but still.)

Sadly, I saw the actual ad last night, and they did not. Their "there is no God" actress had nowhere near the delivery of Wonderful Older Character Actress.

Great, now I'm missing "Arrested Development" AND pissed off at sleazy politicians. Thanks, Liddy.

I am ready for this election to be over. I might go to an election night watch party, though...with Obama Guy, who has resurfaced, to some extent. We'll see.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm thinking of curling up on the couch tonight and watching something maybe a Palin rally. Eeeeeeek!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So, what's been going on in my life? Nothing major, I assure you. Let's bullet it.

  • Have been watching MSNBC obsessively, with cautious optimism.
  • Am fielding a sudden flurry of renewed interest from men on "flentyofpish." Here's a juicy nugget from an email: "Hi, my name is Billy. You are very attractive. I want to spend my time making love to you." I really, really wanted to email back: "Don't you have a job?" or "How much of your time? 'Cause my schedule's a little crowded." But I didn't. I also did not respond to a second inquiry from the man "in a loveless marriage." I have chatted a bit with some other guys--nothing too exciting so far. It does do my ego some slight bit of good to keep getting told I'm "hot," though. Heh.
  • Heard from Obama Guy today. He wants to get together and "catch up." I said fine, call me. What the hell, right?
  • Heard on the radio this morning that a well-known evolutionary biologist will be in town giving a lecture in a few days, "Our Inner Fish." I am thinking of telling the McCain Supporter that if he truly wants to see me again, he will go to that lecture with me. Hee! (Our "creationism" v. "evolution" discussion was actually sparked by something I said about humans no longer having gills. Him: "What?!")
  • "Crairie Pome Hompanion" was great fun. Two hours plus, with only a five-minute intermission, but it sped by. Glad I went!
  • I was afraid I might not be able to go anywhere over the weekend, as I was nursing the tail-end of what was apparently a nasty little intestinal bug I picked up somewhere. I felt okay, unless or until I was so foolish as to attempt to actually put food into my stomach, each such attempt being rewarded with literally gut-wrenching stomach spasms. It lasted 3-4 days and was NO FUN. So, I just didn't eat on Saturday, and made it through the show fine. Those two pre-show mimosas were just JUICE, right? Heh.
  • I sent a little birthday care package off to New Guy in Texas. I miss him. Still. Damn it!
  • I attended a readers' club gathering yesterday, and came home with an armful of big, thick, juicy-looking borrowed books. (And a stomach full of soup and bread and cheese.) Yay! (This is especially good since I've been making myself stay away from the bookstores with those dangerous 30% coupons.)
  • I've developed a really, really tacky theory about why a certain vice-presidential candidate needs an $11,000/week makeup artist AND refuses to release her medical records. Want to hear it? Well...let's just say...can you say "she-male"? Hee. (I said it was tacky.) Seriously though, $11,000 a WEEK? What the hell is underneath that spackle?!
  • And, not belaboring the political discussion, but...I really don't understand how people can look at the two campaigns--one, by all accounts, the most effective, disciplined, well-organized ever conducted, one a complete chaos of money shortfalls (dating back to the primaries), staff turnovers, back-biting, in-fighting, confused messages and ridiculous "expenses"--and not think there might be some correlation to how the country might be run!?
  • "Pete the Kitten" is still at my house. And he wants to know if you're going to raise his taxes. Hee. (No, he doesn't. He wants to know if he can have some of what you're eating.)

That's all I've got.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm tired, I'm half-sick, but today is my monthly "early day," so I'll be scooting home soon. Thank goodness.

AND, I'll be in the audience tomorrow as "Crairie Pome Hompanion" airs live from Tulsa, so if you're listening...well, I'll be in the audience. It's not like you'll be able to tell. Heh.

Have good weekends, everyone.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clear something up for me.

I'm hardly an expert on economics. Accounting/business was pretty much the only department I completely avoided in my college days. Okay, that and industrial technology. Heh.

So...maybe I'm just dumb. But how is an "economic stimulus payment" for the lower and middle classes, one of which we all received a few months ago and another of which is currently being discussed, any different, really, than a tax cut for the lower and middle class, such as the one being proposed by Barack Obama? In one scenario we get the money back after it's been paid into the system; in the other, we just don't pay it into the system in the first place. Right?

So why is one characterized as good for the economy, while the other is being labeled as "class warfare," "socialism" and "welfare"? The goal is the same, isn't it? Getting badly-needed funds into the hands of the people who will put it most directly back into the economy (trickling up, instead of down, which it seems to me is good for everyone)?

It all seems like political spin and semantics to me. It's making my brain hurt. The ignorance and intolerance I'm seeing expressed by "real" people out there are making my heart hurt. And I am so, so tired. November 4th can't come soon enough for me, come what may.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now, this is just my opinion, MY opinion, anyone uttering the words "he wants nuclear energy to be safe," should NOT invest the word "safe" with a great deal of derision and contempt, lest he risk making himself look like a crazy man. And no, I'm not talking about any of my recent dates. Just something I noticed McCain said in both the last two debates. My god! Obama wants nuclear energy to be SAFE! What kind of terrorist-loving socialist IS he?

For the record, I'm guessing even Joe the Plumber would like nuclear energy to be safe. Just a guess.

Okay, moving on to...the recent dates. I haven't heard from Obama Guy since Sunday. He was supposed to call Tuesday night; he did not. I am not planning to call him.

I went to a debate-watching party by myself last night. Which actually turned out to be very interesting. Last week we went to a local non-profit indie movie theatre--it was fun, but fairly crowded, and we were packed like sardines into folding chairs. I had heard there was a coffeehouse on the "north side" holding debate-watching parties. Side note: for those of you for whom this means nothing, i.e. pretty much all of you, this is the traditionally African-American part of town, which has gotten a bad reputation in recent years (not completely fairly, though certainly there are problems) for being dangerous, due to gang-related activity. It is the part of town in which I live and go to church, though my home doesn't really fall into "far" north territory. Obama Guy had been to a party there, and said the atmosphere was more relaxed and the chairs were more comfortable. So I decided to go watch the debate there.

It was me, about a dozen African-American women, and 3 or 4 African-American men. They all seemed to know each other, so I felt a bit like an outsider on that score, but otherwise...I enjoyed it. There was a good deal of unrestrained vocalizing ("Did he just say that?" and "He did NOT just go there!"), someone brought in a bunch of fried chicken for everyone (I did not partake, of course, but I did enjoy a tall, frosty root beer), and most of the eye-rolling seemed to be in unison. Heh.

Follow-up to yesterday's McCain Supporter sighting: he messaged me again yesterday afternoon. Apparently he just can't stop thinking about me, and thinks maybe we were a bit hasty--would I consider going out with him again? I basically replied that I didn't really see the point--eventually our many fundamental differences would make us both crazy. His reply? "I like crazy." Heh. As I told him, there's crazy, and then there's crazy. He told me to call him if I changed my mind at any point, and that was that. For the record, I'm not THAT crazy. Yet.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Isn't that always the way.

So, for those, I did not meet up with Obama Guy this weekend. I'm kind of disappointed in Obama Guy, truthfully. We keep talking about getting together, but it never quite happens. He seems to be pretty laid-back about scheduling...which makes me a little nuts, if you must know. To me, the correct follow-up to a Thursday night discussion which includes the words "let's think about doing brunch on Sunday" is NOT a phone call at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon, asking "so what do you want to do?" That question is likely to get you an answer of "finish up this sandwich and mow my lawn." I mean, I'm no "call by Wednesday for a Saturday night date" Rules Girl, but come ON.

I think he's just not that into it. Dating in general, and me in particular, I guess. He does have a weird schedule, balancing work and school, and, of course, I DO understand being ambivalent about dating (god knows), but being ambivalent about seeing ME? Unfathomable. Heh.

At this point I haven't completely X'd him out, but I don't have any real hope that this will become a "love connection," either. Maybe we just need to be friends who discuss politics occasionally.

I think I need a break from the whole dating game, anyway. Lately I'd rather spend my evenings with Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. They're always there when I need them. (Oh, Jon...why can't you be single and crazy about me? Sigh.) (And oh, Rachel...why can't I be a lesbian, and you be single and crazy about me? Hee.)

Plus I have a kitten to play with! Who needs men when there are kittens? (She said, as she plunged ever more rapidly toward her Crazy Cat Lady Spinster fate.) By the way, it amuses me that most of you assume that having a lot of cats means...3 or 4. Oh, if only. My vet used to respond, when people would exclaim "oh, I can't adopt another; I already have 2 (3,4) cats!" with..."well, that's a good START." Hee. She was also fond of "what's another pound to an elephant?" (And, for the record, she lives in the country and, last I knew, had about 15 rescued dogs. [Now that's crazy!] So she definitely practices what she preaches in the animal rescue department.)

Oh...this is funny. I got an instant message from the McCain supporter (remember him?) this morning. He was "just thinking of me," and hoped it was okay to say hi. I was away from my desk and he was offline again by the time I got the message. Maybe he's ready to take a little course in the science of evolution. Hee.

I also talked to New Guy a couple of nights ago. The new job's okay, but I think the demands of being a single, custodial parent of a special needs child are really weighing on him. He seemed...tired. I also choose to believe that he's starting to realize how much he misses me. Though, of course, he would never say as much. Fool. Great dad, though. Sigh.

Can't wait for the debate tonight! Go get 'im, "that one"!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Not a political post

I have much, much, MUCH to say about what's going on in the political arena, but since I have been saying most of it to an actual person this week, I'll spare you all this time. You're welcome.

Yes, Obama Guy and I have been having some fairly lengthy phone conversations, although we have yet to meet again face-to-face. We're going to try to get together some time this weekend. We definitely share the same political philosophies, though I'm a little worried that he keeps asking "now, how many cats do you have exactly?" (I don't share that information until I'm certain the recipient of the news can handle it. Hee.) He does have a dog of his own, but he said last night he can't imagine "having a whole bunch of animals." To which I responded, "well, I can't imagine having just one." He assumed that he would be able to figure out the number once he's been invited to my house, and I told him he assumed wrong. Even my mother never sees Magda, Babs and Sylvie. (It occurs to me that if I keep telling cat stories and using their names, eventually alert blog readers could dig through my archives, do a little math, and come up with a fair approximation of the total. At which point I would say, "You seriously need to get a life." Hee!)

We also had a discussion about cosmetic modifying of dogs. "You didn't crop your doberman's ears and tails?" "NO!!" "Why not? It looks cool." "Because it's painful and medically unnecessary." "What makes you think it's painful?" "Because I have seen it done and heard the cries. And don't you think it would hurt YOU to have pieces of your body snipped off?" "Well, I was circumcised as a baby." "And I bet you cried." And then we both laughed a little. And moved on.

So, I still don't know about "romantic" compatibility, but after a day in the office, it's nice to sound off on the political scene with someone sympathetic. Will we still have anything to talk about after the election? I don't know...but if things don't go our way, maybe we can figure that out on our way to Canada. Hee. (Pull out that Murphy Bed, stinkypaw!)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

About last night

Well, I thought (along with the majority of watchers, according to the polls) that Obama won the debate last night. Well-spoken, attentive, good grasp of the issues--that does it for me. I know there are people who think he's too "professorial," but gosh darn it, that's what I WANT in a president. Obvious smarts. You betcha. Plus I pretty much completely agree with his approach to foreign policy, so there's that.

What I DON'T want? Someone who, showing a complete lack of respect and common courtesy, gestures and refers to his opponent dismissively as "that one." (When he can be bothered to acknowledge his presence at all.) Someone who laughs over and over again at his own lame "jokes." Someone who repeatedly calls me his "friend." I'm not your "friend," John. And repetition doesn't make it so.

So, did I watch the debate alone, or with a friend? Well, I did indeed go to a debate watching party, where I met up with...oh, I don't have a good alias yet, so let's just call him "Obama Guy." Heh. And?

And...he seems very sweet. Like...a big, chocolate teddy bear. We're obviously on the same page politically, which is good, but we didn't really get a chance to talk much, so I don't know yet if there's a real "spark" there or not. Physically, he's not so much my usual "type," insofar as I even have a type, but I thought he was cute, and I definitely didn't have that "never in a million years" reaction I've had with some of the others I've met recently, so...we'll see. We didn't stick around too long after the debate, but there was a hug and a cheek peck in the parking lot, and he did say he wants to go to dinner soon, and he'll call me this evening, so...we'll see. Again. Some more.

Watching the debate in public was way more fun than watching at home alone. A friend of mine was there, and he sat with us and kept me entertained. (We share similarly sarcastic senses of humor--good mutual snarkiness.) I felt kind of bad that I was interacting more with him than with my "date," but...I know him. I don't really know Obama Guy yet, so it just seemed more natural to aim my whispered snark in that direction. Perhaps I should apologize to OG when I talk to him this evening.

In feral cat news ('cause I know you just live for these tidbits), Lil' Mama killed and ate most of a squirrel yesterday. I had to scoop up the remains. May I just say eewwwwwww?!?

Monday, October 06, 2008

I heart Darwin

So, as previously mentioned, the date Friday night was cancelled. Yes, though I was determined to see it through, seeing as how I said I would, and I'm trying to prove that I am NOT too picky and judgmental, HE called to cancel.

Here's a paraphrased version:

Him: Do you have a minute to talk?

Me: Sure.

Him: It seems to me that, down the line, we might find ourselves butting heads over some things.

Me: (laughing) We already are.

Him: I think you're a great person and all, but it's go to the left, I go to the right, I go to the left, you go to the right...

Me: (dripping with sarcasm) Oh, have no doubt, I'M the one going to the left.

Him: (doesn't get it)

Me: I was probably going to say something similar myself soon.

Him: I hope you appreciate my honesty. I just wanted to be upfront.

Me: I do; it's fine.

Him: 'Cause I really do think you're very nice, but I have to be honest...


Him: Are you sure, 'cause...


We wished each other luck, and....end scene.

Now, would you like to know what the proverbial straw which broke the camel's back was?

He doesn't believe in evolution. (Or global warming, by the by.) Now, to me, this is like saying "I don't believe the world is round" or "I don't believe in the sun." Some things just are. (Note: this came up in conversation, oddly, in a round about way. This is not a litmus test question I routinely ask potential dates. At least, it wasn't. It may be now.)

I queried him: you think we just sprang up out of the mud, fully formed? He thinks "God made us and that's that." You don't even consider the possibility that an all-powerful God could have created us through evolution? "No." You don't believe in science? "I believe in science, but not like that."

Man, oh man. And, I would like it to be pointed out for the record, I was STILL willing to follow through with our planned date, 'cause that is just how open-minded I am...trying to be.

So, no dates this weekend. Except for a lunch date with a friend from high school that I hadn't seen SINCE high school. (That's 27 years, folks.) We had a great time. We ate Mexican food, and sat and gabbed for 3.5 hours. Lots of fun, and we're determined, now that we know we're actually living in the same city, not to wait another 27 years. I resisted the urge to show up with a gift-wrapped kitten to present to her, and she appreciated that restraint.

I was supposed to have a date Sunday...but the guy flaked out and disappeared AS we were making plans via email. Just disappeared. Nice.

Instead, I spent 2 hours talking on the phone to yet another guy from flentyofpish...I don't know if it's a match made in heaven, but we're politically compatible, and may meet each other at a debate-watching party tomorrow night. (He does "believe" in evolution, for the record. Though he did say "Is that something you always ask? 'Cause that would never occur to me." Hee.)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Pre and Post Debate thoughts. Now with added kitten!

Updated to add: the McCain supporter mentioned below just called to say he thinks we're probably not compatible, due to our differing thoughts on several topics, and to cancel our date tonight. I think he thought I would be upset. For the record, I am not. Heh.

I won't belabor this, but here are my thoughts.

Pre-debate: I think Sarah Palin is an idiot, incapable of stringing together coherent thoughts. (This is based on...well, every interview I've seen her give.) I'm a little worried Joe Biden may do some of his famous...well, you know. Let's watch.

Debate: why do people like her? This "folksy" stuff is working on my very last nerve. She's like a character in a bad sitcom. "Up there in Alaska." (Hey--that could be the name of the sitcom.) "Maverick, maverick, maverick." "Up there in Alaska." "Ya." Can she not say "you"? Can she not put an occasional "g" on the end of a word? "Workin'." "Taxin'." AAAARRRGGGHHH! She said "nu-cu-lar"! I thought we were done with that, with Bush leaving office. Why isn't she answering the questions she's actually ASKED?

Okay, I can see how some people find Joe Biden a little dry, but I LIKE facts and figures in a politician. I do. I want them to know things. Many, many things. More things than I do. I don't want my next-door neighbor running the country. I don't want someone "just like you and me." Well, maybe "me," but I'm really leery of "you." (Kidding, I sure as hell don't want the job. I'm not qualified on foreign policy, seeing as how the only foreign country Oklahoma borders is Texas. Heh.) Okay, he's livening up a a bit...getting a little peeved. Oh man, he's getting choked up. I'M getting choked up. That was a very real moment.

Post-Debate: I still think Sarah Palin is an idiot, incapable of stringing together coherent thoughts, BUT she is capable of spewing out the talking points she's been given, whether or not they're relevant to the question being asked. I'm sure the conservatives are thrilled with her, and as long as she avoids any more live interviews, she probably won't damage her ticket any further. I suppose she wins on "style," if you like her style. And if you don't, well...then you, like me, were probably ready to stick sharp and pointy things in your own eardrums if you heard the words "maverick" or "ya" one more time.

Joe Biden did fine, I thought...definitely winning on substance. He did what he had to do--connecting McPalin to Bush, refraining from attacking Palin directly and coming across as a bully, picking on that poor woman. (And yes, I hate that we're still having to play into that, is what it is.)

Did either of them win any new voters to their tickets? Probably not, I think. In that way, it seemed to me very much a draw. And maybe that's how it should be. Let's get back to focusing on the top names on the ballot.

After the debate was over, I let Pete the kitten out of his cage to amuse me and the other cats. I've let him out a couple of times, but never with as many other cats in the room as this time, and it was hilarious. It's probably a good thing no one was around to hear me cackling, 'cause cackling I was. I think he must be part "Tigger"--his bottom definitely seems to be made out of springs.

In other news, I have a second date tonight with the McCain supporter. We've talked on the phone every day this week, however briefly, and I wish I thought this was really going somewhere, but I have some serious reservations. It's not just the differing political opinions, truly...there have been several other indications that we're just not intellectually compatible, but I'm giving it another shot, anyway. Can I get an "A" for effort?

I've talked (via phone and email) with another couple of fellows who expressed an interest in going out, but so far neither of them has been great with the follow-through, so...I don't know. I'm pretty much rejecting out-of-hand anyone who contacts me with "prefer not to say" listed as their "marital status," and the man pipeline seems to be clearing again.

Oh, and I did finally hear from the "MeMarmony" doctor--he'd been out-of-town dealing with some family issues, and needs some time to get things in order. He thanked me for my patience and understanding, and pointed out that I certainly shouldn't take it personally, as we hadn't even met yet. True, dat. I guess he stays in the "maybe" column for now.

Good weekends, all!