Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Isn't that always the way.

So, for those, I did not meet up with Obama Guy this weekend. I'm kind of disappointed in Obama Guy, truthfully. We keep talking about getting together, but it never quite happens. He seems to be pretty laid-back about scheduling...which makes me a little nuts, if you must know. To me, the correct follow-up to a Thursday night discussion which includes the words "let's think about doing brunch on Sunday" is NOT a phone call at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon, asking "so what do you want to do?" That question is likely to get you an answer of "finish up this sandwich and mow my lawn." I mean, I'm no "call by Wednesday for a Saturday night date" Rules Girl, but come ON.

I think he's just not that into it. Dating in general, and me in particular, I guess. He does have a weird schedule, balancing work and school, and, of course, I DO understand being ambivalent about dating (god knows), but being ambivalent about seeing ME? Unfathomable. Heh.

At this point I haven't completely X'd him out, but I don't have any real hope that this will become a "love connection," either. Maybe we just need to be friends who discuss politics occasionally.

I think I need a break from the whole dating game, anyway. Lately I'd rather spend my evenings with Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. They're always there when I need them. (Oh, Jon...why can't you be single and crazy about me? Sigh.) (And oh, Rachel...why can't I be a lesbian, and you be single and crazy about me? Hee.)

Plus I have a kitten to play with! Who needs men when there are kittens? (She said, as she plunged ever more rapidly toward her Crazy Cat Lady Spinster fate.) By the way, it amuses me that most of you assume that having a lot of cats means...3 or 4. Oh, if only. My vet used to respond, when people would exclaim "oh, I can't adopt another; I already have 2 (3,4) cats!" with..."well, that's a good START." Hee. She was also fond of "what's another pound to an elephant?" (And, for the record, she lives in the country and, last I knew, had about 15 rescued dogs. [Now that's crazy!] So she definitely practices what she preaches in the animal rescue department.)

Oh...this is funny. I got an instant message from the McCain supporter (remember him?) this morning. He was "just thinking of me," and hoped it was okay to say hi. I was away from my desk and he was offline again by the time I got the message. Maybe he's ready to take a little course in the science of evolution. Hee.

I also talked to New Guy a couple of nights ago. The new job's okay, but I think the demands of being a single, custodial parent of a special needs child are really weighing on him. He seemed...tired. I also choose to believe that he's starting to realize how much he misses me. Though, of course, he would never say as much. Fool. Great dad, though. Sigh.

Can't wait for the debate tonight! Go get 'im, "that one"!


3carnations said...

You should get together with the McCain supporter to watch the debate. Then there would be two debates. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, another night of American Idol.


nancypearlwannabe said...

For an Obama supporter, Obama Guy is kind of stupid. Boo to that.

Noelle said...

That's funny, I just got a random text from the Vegan Stigmata boy, from my dating past. Sometimes I wonder if they resurface just to keep options open. Last I heard, he was still trying to support Ron Paul.

Tony B. Loney said...

I'm going to do a write-in vote for Tina Fey. Because I don't want her to leave Earth.

Stefanie said...

I can't do any better than NPW's comment. Ha!

flurrious said...

So are you keeping Pete the kitten?

gorillabuns said...

Crap! I forgot to watch the debate last night. I was set and poised but lost my train of thought and turned to "Project Runway's" finale.

Miss Pants said...

Obama guy = lame

Maybe there is something to be said for dating Satan, er McCain/Palin, supporters? NAW!

lizgwiz said...

3car, he actually messaged me again yesterday, wanting me to consider trying again. Apparently I'm unforgettable. When I'm not particularly interested in being remembered. ;)

knot, it might be fun to have Simon Cowell commenting.

npw, I second your boo.

noelle, STILL with the Ron Paul? Well, that's...loyal, I guess.

bff, huh?

stef, true! You know, the last time we talked he did say that, while he's supporting Obama, he really thinks McCain will win, so...

flurrious, since I haven't gotten even one tiny bit of interest in him, that may end up the case. Though it was not the plan. But I'm not gonna turn him out on the streets. Sigh.

gbuns, I was going to say your choice probably involved less eye-rolling, but then I remembered Kenley made it to the top three. Heh.

pants, yeah...I'm thinking of just putting off any further dating attempts until after the election. My feelings are just so volatile right now.