Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now, this is just my opinion, MY opinion, anyone uttering the words "he wants nuclear energy to be safe," should NOT invest the word "safe" with a great deal of derision and contempt, lest he risk making himself look like a crazy man. And no, I'm not talking about any of my recent dates. Just something I noticed McCain said in both the last two debates. My god! Obama wants nuclear energy to be SAFE! What kind of terrorist-loving socialist IS he?

For the record, I'm guessing even Joe the Plumber would like nuclear energy to be safe. Just a guess.

Okay, moving on to...the recent dates. I haven't heard from Obama Guy since Sunday. He was supposed to call Tuesday night; he did not. I am not planning to call him.

I went to a debate-watching party by myself last night. Which actually turned out to be very interesting. Last week we went to a local non-profit indie movie theatre--it was fun, but fairly crowded, and we were packed like sardines into folding chairs. I had heard there was a coffeehouse on the "north side" holding debate-watching parties. Side note: for those of you for whom this means nothing, i.e. pretty much all of you, this is the traditionally African-American part of town, which has gotten a bad reputation in recent years (not completely fairly, though certainly there are problems) for being dangerous, due to gang-related activity. It is the part of town in which I live and go to church, though my home doesn't really fall into "far" north territory. Obama Guy had been to a party there, and said the atmosphere was more relaxed and the chairs were more comfortable. So I decided to go watch the debate there.

It was me, about a dozen African-American women, and 3 or 4 African-American men. They all seemed to know each other, so I felt a bit like an outsider on that score, but otherwise...I enjoyed it. There was a good deal of unrestrained vocalizing ("Did he just say that?" and "He did NOT just go there!"), someone brought in a bunch of fried chicken for everyone (I did not partake, of course, but I did enjoy a tall, frosty root beer), and most of the eye-rolling seemed to be in unison. Heh.

Follow-up to yesterday's McCain Supporter sighting: he messaged me again yesterday afternoon. Apparently he just can't stop thinking about me, and thinks maybe we were a bit hasty--would I consider going out with him again? I basically replied that I didn't really see the point--eventually our many fundamental differences would make us both crazy. His reply? "I like crazy." Heh. As I told him, there's crazy, and then there's crazy. He told me to call him if I changed my mind at any point, and that was that. For the record, I'm not THAT crazy. Yet.


3carnations said...

Aw...that's kind of nice. Call me biased, but give McCain supporter a chance. :)

Glad you had a good time at the debate.

lizgwiz said...

3car, let's not forget he doesn't "believe" in evolution. ;)

3carnations said...

Maybe you can make him a believer. :)

gorillabuns said...

I wouldn't go back out with someone who didn't feel I was the real deal in the first place.

Stefanie said...

Not just the air quotes, the chuckle, and the eye roll on "SAFE," but on "health of the mother" (when referring to abortion) as well. Unreal.

McCain is so out of touch that he doesn't even realize he's supposed to at least PRETEND he cares about these things.

Miss Pants said...

1. Obama guy is a dummy.

2. Your debate watching night sounds perfect! I watched on the couch with my dad, while my mother sat with her back turned AWAY from the TV ironing. How's that for weird?

3. Sounds like a good call on the Republican.

lizgwiz said...

gbuns, the irony is that what he first liked about me was the "way I put things," and the "interesting" way I thought about things. Why then does he think I'm wrong about everything? Hee.

stef, oh yeah. That killed me. But we know from things he's done and said in the past that he has no real respect for women. (Calling your wife a c*nt? In public? Nice.)

pants, I recommend everyone watch at least one debate in a comfy chair with a bunch of vocal strangers, just for fun! My couch at home is comfy, but my cats just don't get my eye-rolling. ;)

nancypearlwannabe said...

Good for you! It's nice that the guy is into you, but could you really live a lifetime of fundamental differences?