Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So, what's been going on in my life? Nothing major, I assure you. Let's bullet it.

  • Have been watching MSNBC obsessively, with cautious optimism.
  • Am fielding a sudden flurry of renewed interest from men on "flentyofpish." Here's a juicy nugget from an email: "Hi, my name is Billy. You are very attractive. I want to spend my time making love to you." I really, really wanted to email back: "Don't you have a job?" or "How much of your time? 'Cause my schedule's a little crowded." But I didn't. I also did not respond to a second inquiry from the man "in a loveless marriage." I have chatted a bit with some other guys--nothing too exciting so far. It does do my ego some slight bit of good to keep getting told I'm "hot," though. Heh.
  • Heard from Obama Guy today. He wants to get together and "catch up." I said fine, call me. What the hell, right?
  • Heard on the radio this morning that a well-known evolutionary biologist will be in town giving a lecture in a few days, "Our Inner Fish." I am thinking of telling the McCain Supporter that if he truly wants to see me again, he will go to that lecture with me. Hee! (Our "creationism" v. "evolution" discussion was actually sparked by something I said about humans no longer having gills. Him: "What?!")
  • "Crairie Pome Hompanion" was great fun. Two hours plus, with only a five-minute intermission, but it sped by. Glad I went!
  • I was afraid I might not be able to go anywhere over the weekend, as I was nursing the tail-end of what was apparently a nasty little intestinal bug I picked up somewhere. I felt okay, unless or until I was so foolish as to attempt to actually put food into my stomach, each such attempt being rewarded with literally gut-wrenching stomach spasms. It lasted 3-4 days and was NO FUN. So, I just didn't eat on Saturday, and made it through the show fine. Those two pre-show mimosas were just JUICE, right? Heh.
  • I sent a little birthday care package off to New Guy in Texas. I miss him. Still. Damn it!
  • I attended a readers' club gathering yesterday, and came home with an armful of big, thick, juicy-looking borrowed books. (And a stomach full of soup and bread and cheese.) Yay! (This is especially good since I've been making myself stay away from the bookstores with those dangerous 30% coupons.)
  • I've developed a really, really tacky theory about why a certain vice-presidential candidate needs an $11,000/week makeup artist AND refuses to release her medical records. Want to hear it? Well...let's just say...can you say "she-male"? Hee. (I said it was tacky.) Seriously though, $11,000 a WEEK? What the hell is underneath that spackle?!
  • And, not belaboring the political discussion, but...I really don't understand how people can look at the two campaigns--one, by all accounts, the most effective, disciplined, well-organized ever conducted, one a complete chaos of money shortfalls (dating back to the primaries), staff turnovers, back-biting, in-fighting, confused messages and ridiculous "expenses"--and not think there might be some correlation to how the country might be run!?
  • "Pete the Kitten" is still at my house. And he wants to know if you're going to raise his taxes. Hee. (No, he doesn't. He wants to know if he can have some of what you're eating.)

That's all I've got.


nancypearlwannabe said...

I totally think you should make McCain Guy go with you to hear the lecture! And then you can ask him your questions about the correlation between McCain's campaign and the way the country is run, just to finish things off nicely. :)

Miss Pants said...

Makeup's expensive and learnin's hard!

3carnations said...

I second NPW - Ask McCain guy to go with you. Is it before or after the election?

Noelle said...

It sounds like at the very least, you'll have someone to tune into MSNBC with you on election night.

flurrious said...

I suppose now that the news is out she'll go back to wearing makeup that she bought from her favorite consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska. Hope the used mascara doesn't give her a stye!

Stefanie said...

I love your imaginary responses to the "flentyofpish" guy. I also love that you're calling it "flentyofpish." :-)

Sauntering Soul said...

I would find it very difficult to spend $11,000 in an entire year on make-up and hair related stuff, much less per week. However, I am the girl who walked around W almart on Saturday covered from head to toe in dried up iced coffee and acrylic paint so I'm not a particularly good person to comment about beauty standards.

gorillabuns said...

i don't spend $11,000 a year on clothes, makeup and hair! and we all know having your hair is expensive.

Tony B. Loney said...

I think she's a she-male, too. I want this rumor put out there! Or, perhaps she has no face, literally. And they have to sculpture it on her blank slate every day; hence the phrase, "let me put my face on."

georgeious said...

tell pete that my kitties are waiting for their own personal bailout in order to afford a luxurious cat condo.