Friday, March 09, 2007

Feral Friday

Enough of this sex talk and googling (dirty!)--we want to hear about the continuing saga of Dolly and McBeady! Or so I choose to imagine you might be saying. Well, all right--if you insist. (Ahem.)

Well, McBeady continues to be a frequent overnight visitor, often staying in bed until well past noon. Lazy! He's learning to tolerate my presence, and a couple of days ago...he let me pet him! He didn't seem thrilled about it, but he didn't run away, so I guess we're making progress. I have ulterior motives, of course. He doesn't need those little fuzzy dice hanging down back there. Hee. Poor McBeady--he has no idea what I'm planning for him. But the poor scruffy thing has scars all over his head and face from previous tomcat battles, and if he's going to be hanging around my house, I don't want him doing it with a giant, smelly abscess, which I would no doubt feel obligated to try and treat. So, you see, it's all for his own good.

Dolly continues to be a little lovemuffin. She just can't get enough petting. And she seems to have come to terms with both her affection for me and her affection for McBeady. She's no longer pretending not to know me when he's around, but goes back and forth between us, rubbing her head against first one, and then the other. When I open the blinds in the morning on the back windows, she's usually sitting on my grandmother's old wooden glider just outside, peering inside intently, as if to say "What's taking you so long?" Very cute. So it's all good.

Okay, now that I have relieved your burning curiosity on the feral cat front, I will take my leave. I need to come up with a great idea for a Monday post--as that will be the official six-month blogiversary of LizLand. Six whole months--that's like half a year! Hopefully I won't be so bleary-eyed in response to "springing forward" that I'm unable to form coherent sentences. Motherfrickin' Daylight Saving Time.


Tom said...

They actually have herds/packs of wild cats at the local University here. true story. there's a student group that raises funds to spay/neuter the little buggers (once they wrangle them into a cat pen, that is)

RYC: I hadn't seen Lewis "Scooter" Libby with the " I. " before! That was news to " I. " and it makes " I. " wonder what that is all about.

maybe the I. stands for "Idiot" for getting himself involved with the Bush crew... nothing but bad can come from it.

though, you can't blame him for deciding to go with the nickname... it's clear he wouldn't want to go around saying "Hello, nice to meet you, I'm I. Lewis Libby".

Noelle said...

I let DST be my excuse for sleeping in until noon with the cat all nestled by my side. I would have gotten up sooner, but you know, to disturb the cat... That's just not fair!

Jarod said...

That's great! My cat (Mr. Cat) was a feral fellow abandoned by my museum. He is extremely tough and strong, but a sweetheart. I've had him for years now, and he is pretty well domesticated, but once in a while the "puma" will come out.
Good idea about the "fuzzy dice". Every little bit helps (or snip, as it were)

lizgwiz said...

tom, I, or "I." (hee) think it's cool that the students have taken on the wild cat wrangling and "fixing." Good for them!

noelle, it's true, the cats should remain undisturbed whenever possible. Mine let me know that all the time. ;)

jarod, I'm thinking inside each big, tough cat there's a little pussycat, just longing for a chin scratch. And, of course, inside each sweet little pussycat there's definitely a little puma!

dionna said...

You need to have some kind of warning for those of us readings blogs and lunching - something like "this post contains discussions of abcesses - skip paragraph 4!" ;)

lizgwiz said...

dionna, that's a good suggestion. I guess I forget not everyone's life revolves around tending to the sometimes disgusting needs of a houseful of critters. Hee.

Stinkypaw said...

Glad to read that you girls are friends again! It wasn't worth the friendship for a male after all...

That poor little guy, won't know what hit him... too bad, so sad!

HATE time change - all screwy!