Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Some questions. Plus one more word.

I ran into a friend at the vet yesterday (me, cat with bladder infection, her, cat with digestive upset) and she said, "Oh...I've been thinking about your one word. Regal." I like it. (I feel I don't need to tell you what category of friend she falls into. Hee.)

And now, I have been agreed to be interviewed by the "smarticulate" (that was my made-up word for HER) Stefanie. We both remember that we've done this before, but hey...friends can never ask too many questions of friends, right?

Some of her questions are hard. (Gee...just because she had to hypothetically limit herself to one kind of cheese. Heh.) I have chosen to highlight the questions in purple, 'cause I'm all REGAL and shit.

1. I know you have more than one tattoo. I also know that many people find tattoos addictive. Are you done now, or do you have more body art in mind? If you HAD to get another tattoo tomorrow, what would you get and where would you place it?

Well, tattoos most definitely ARE addictive, and I'm definitely not done. But I think long and hard about them first (as everyone should--they're permanent, you know!), and if I could decide what I'd get and where, well...I'd probably have another already. Hee. I will probably go with somewhere on the upper body--arm or shoulder, as they seem to heal more quickly than those on the legs or ankles. I have thought about adding another Cherokee word (but WHAT word?)...or maybe I should go with something to honor the Scottish ancestry I have, as well. Occasionally I think I should just get pawprints--the critters walk all over me, anyway. Suggestions?

2. We all know you've got a thing about ugly hands and about sweet & sour pork. What are some other dating deal-breakers for you?

Let's see..bad grammar, of course. I don't think I'd go out again with someone who was deliberately rude to the waitstaff. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be comfortable dating someone who has hunting "trophies" as part of his decor. His laugh shouldn't make me want to stab my fork into my eardrums. And let's face neocons.

3. If you could go back and re-live any one day in your life thus far, which day would you choose?

This may be silly, but I really wouldn't mind re-living the day I won Miss Sparkler 1986. That's a mock "beauty pageant" that used to be (unofficially) conducted in conjunction with the outdoor theatre I worked at for several summers. It was held on the 4th of July (naturally) and was hands-down, balls-out the most hilarious part of the summer. The competition was FIERCE. The beers consumed during the pageant were numerous. I've got some pictures somewhere...I'll have to try and find them and see if someone can scan them for me. My "evening gown" was a shoe. A 5'9" tall black, high-heeled shoe. My body was the heel. We worked so hard (there was one representative for each dressing room)--winning was a total high. Especially since I was but a lowly "Villager" (sort of a glorified extra), and no villager had ever won. You got a crown and a cape to wear around for the rest of the summer, any time you chose to lord it over your vanquished competitors. Like I said...silliness. Glorious silliness.

4. Lucky girl! You get to have dinner tomorrow night with Leonard Nimoy or Jon Stewart. Which one will you pick, and what do you want to ask him?

Proof positive that Stefanie secretly hates me? Okay, okay...if I MUST choose...right at this particular time in history I would choose Jon. It's just such an interesting time in politics right now, and I would LOVE to get his take on all the craziness. Then I would like to have Leonard for dessert, please.

5. You've mentioned several times your undisclosed number of cats. Would you rather have double that number, or no cats at all? What if I changed it to triple that number? Is there a number at which you'd simply say, "No more! No cats at all!"?

Oh, goodness! I don't think I could physically/emotionally/logistically/financially handle 2 or 3 times my current number of cats. Unless I win the lottery, and could open that no-kill homeless animal ranch I've always dreamed of, and hire a staff to help me. I believe my current (undisclosed) number IS the number at which I say, "No more! Other than these already here!" Of course, I think I've said that before, at smaller numbers, but...I think I really mean it this time.

Okay, that was fun! Except for the part where I had to give up dinner with Leonard Nimoy.

I think I'm supposed to turn around and offer to interview anyone else who'd like the honor, so...let me know in the comments if you would.


Stinkypaw said...

Nice interview. I like the pawprint idea, cute, and would totally work for you.

thecoconutdiaries said...

Well, now I want to read a post about all of your tattoos!

3carnations said...

None of your dating dealbreakers surprise me, but the fact that Leonard Nimoy didn't get to have dinner with you DOES surprise me.

Stefanie said...

I don't hate you! I promise, if both Jon Stewart AND Leonard Nimoy called me and said, "How do we get a hold of this fabulous Liz woman?" I would TOTALLY send them both your way.

Mary said...

Oddly enough, I was thinking of interviewing my husband just for fun this week because we always think we know the people we live with, but in reality there's always more to learn. Hope I can come up with questions as good as these!

Sauntering Soul said...

I had no idea you had any tattoos. Write about those sometime!

Also, you MUST find photos of your pageant to post.

-R- said...

You don't have to pick between Jon and Leonard FOREVER- just for a date tomorrow. The next night, you can go out with the other one.

lizgwiz said...

stinky, that would REALLY brand me as a crazy cat lady, wouldn't it? Hee.

coconut, none of them are all THAT exciting. I don't have sleeves, just a few small and relatively discreet little ones. :)

3car, well...he does get to be dessert. ;)

stef, I'm absolutely holding you to that. Hee.

Mary, if you end up asking Tim the "Leonard or Jon" question, I absolutely want to know his answer. Ha!

ss, I have four tattoos currently, all small, all solid black. I'm not THAT adventurous, I guess.

-r-, but what if the first one I meet falls so madly in love with me that he leaves his current woman to spend the rest of his life with me, and then I have to stand up the other the next day? See the problem here? (What? It could happen.)

greenduckiesgirl said...

Nimoy no. But if it was William Shatner, I would be all over that. Forget Jon Stewart. Now if it was Shatner and The Rock, then it would be a problem.

Like the regal. Want pictures of the pageant. Love the idea that you were a shoe.

Interview me! Me, me, me! Yeah, I'm an attention hog.

flurrious said...

I would crack on you about the Leonard Nimoy thing, but I once had a crush on Peter DeLuise, so ... yeah.

Uh. Interview me. I sense I will regret this. [name of my blog]at[gmail].

Bdot said...
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