Monday, February 02, 2009

I have great friends.

If you've read Stefanie's latest post, you know all about the "one word" email game. Shall I share with you the nice things my friends said about me? (Those that bothered to reply, of course. Heh. And if you're reading this and you didn't get said "one word" email from me, it's because I don't have your email address, not because I don't love you and want to know your one word opinion of me, so feel free to leave a word in the comments if you like.)

I deliberately sent to a broad cross-section of my acquaintances (theatre/music friends, animal rescue friends, online friends, former co-worker friends, women's potluck friends) to see if there seemed to be any differences in perception of me from group to group. Answer? None that I can see. What do you think? (And I'm not sure why I'm separating out my former co-workers from my artsy friends, since we worked together at an arts organization, but for this purpose, I am. For that matter, a couple of them would fall into the animal category, too...)

1. wry (former employer) (and which at first glance I read to be "why" and was confused)
2. talented (online)
3. compassionate (online)
4. cat-lady, talented, underappreciated, experience-rich (online friend who had difficulty choosing just one and/or deciding if hyphens were okay--hee!)
5. songstress (former co-worker)
6. tenderhearted (this is sort of a hybrid artsy/online/animal person--we have met in person, but only a couple of times)
7. clever (theatre)
8. multifaceted (animal)
9. unique (animal)
10. cougar! (theatre--punctuation his)
11. awesome (online)
12. intellectual, exuberant, kindhearted (another online friend who felt constrained by the "one" word--hee)
13. mysterious (former co-worker)
14. interesting (online)
15. heartless bitch (music friend--clearly meant to be a joke, retracted as "too many words" and replaced with "vegan." My friends, they are funny!)
16. optimistic (women's group)
17. SASSY! (theatre, capitalization and punctuation his)

It's kind of a fun game. You should all try it.

What else did I do this weekend?

Went to a party Friday night, chilled out with some beer and homemade soup, made plans for lunch the next day with fellow partygoers.

Saturday I cleaned the house, had lunch at the Indian buffet with aforementioned friends, made a trip to Big Box Mart, where I believe I was caught up in White Trash Pride Day, and stood in a long cashier's line with the Queen of said festival. Or maybe she was the Grand Marshall of the parade. At any rate, she was a poet. Consider this gem, said to someone on the other end of her cell phone, after she berated them for making plans to go out that night and "leave her all alone":

So? So...ho, ho
Take yourself to Mexico.
While you're there,
Curl your hair
And don't forget your underwear.

That might be paraphrased a bit, but it's pretty close. Hee.

I did not see Mr. Short Term, as he was out-of-town, but we did talk on the phone, and work out some soon-to-be hurt feelings on my part. He has a bad habit of answering the phone each time I call, and/or calling me right back before I can leave a voice mail, even if it is the MOST inconvenient time for him to talk. Then he's very short with me on the phone, and it was starting to make me feel like a total pest. He apologized, said it was unintentional, and he would try to be more aware. Apology accepted. We agreed that no offense will ever be taken on either side by being sent to voice mail. That's what it's for, after all. He wants to buy me a copy of his favorite health-related book. Mmm...okay. I'm a reader. (And he loves that about me.)

I hate to say this, for those of you still harboring hope in this area, seems Cute Church Guy may have moved out-of-town. There goes my Sunday morning eye candy!

And that was pretty much my weekend. Ooh...except I bought some cheap black boots at the White Trash Festival. They make me feel like Olive Oyl. Heh.


nancypearlwannabe said...

Oh, oh, I meant to answer! I was going to say BRILLIANT.

3carnations said...

Cute Church Guy moved? Is it somewhere you might like to live? Just sayin'...

You and short term guy are starting to sound oddly like you are in a relationship...But you're not. Right?

I wasn't asked, but I'll say anyway - Nurturing. (for all the animal care. :-) )

Sauntering Soul said...

I have been to that White Trash Festival so many times. You should go to a W almart in Georgia sometime. You could spend all day in them just for the incredible people watching. One day Jeff Foxworthy was signing books in the W almart in Loganville, GA which is not far from where my brother lives. Loganville is as country as it sounds. I wisely stayed away even though I was in the area for my niece's soccer game.

lizgwiz said...

npw, why, thank you. :)

3car, I would say that Mr. Short Term and I ARE oddly in a relationship. A "no strings attached" "might not last too long" relationship. ;)

ss, oh my god. Jeff Foxworthy in a W almart? You couldn't drag me within a five-mile radius. Make it ten.

thecoconutdiaries said...

I think there should be a White Trash Festival in real life. I mean, I'm simply stumped on how to pair my camo hunting cap with my pit-stained undershirt. And does my dog NEED to match? I hear that this year's trend is for accessories not being to matchy-matchy.

Stinkypaw said...

I'd say these words describe you very well my dear, with punctuation and all ;-)

Stefanie said...

Cougar! Hee. That one cracks me up.

And uh, the White Trash Pride Parade. I think I've witnessed that more than once myself.

flurrious said...

I would also say "tenderhearted" because of the stray cats. But I would like to add an exclamation point to it, so you can be "Tenderhearted! Sassy! Cougar!"

lizgwiz said...

coco, a friend and I used to jokingly plan a "White Trash Heritage Festival." Featuring a lot of deep-fried food dipped in ranch, of course, and decorating done with old tires. Heh.

stinky, thank you. :)

stef, of course the irony of "cougar" is that I've mostly been going out with guys much older than me lately. Maybe I SHOULD be more cougar-like!

flurrious, I think I might make that my new online dating profile headline. Ha!

greenduckiesgirl said...

I would say awesome because I was trying to figure out how you got animals to answer. And then I realized it was animal rescue people, not actual animals.

But hey, what the heck. Awesome works for me. Considering that I had a huge smile when I realized you had a new post, amusing also fits.