Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bits and pieces and things I don't get

My "unplanned" weekend...went exactly as planned. Heh.

On Saturday, I never even got out of my pajamas. Which didn't stop me from making a couple of trips to the office to feed the kitty, or from pulling through the Sonic for a junior breakfast burrito. Of course, my "pajamas" this time of year are flannel sleep pants and a fleece pullover, so it's not as if I was cavorting around town clad in nothing but a see-through lace nightie.

I did a lot of reading, and managed to finish the hefty tome I'd been working on, "Great Captain," by Honore Morrow (a fictionalized account of Lincoln's presidency, written in the late 20s), in plenty of time to return it to its owner at the readers club meeting next weekend. I think I've polished off at least 6 books since last month's meeting. Go, me!

Sunday I went to church and the grocery store, watched Amazing Race (welcome back!) and dozed through the Oscars.

Last night I watched the presidential address, and I didn't once want to throw a heavy object through my television screen. Whoo hoo! I thought it was a very good speech, and kudos to the Republicans present for at least occasionally putting their partisanship aside and applauding along with everyone else. (It was good to see Justice Ginsberg out and about, as well. You go, girl!)

I also watched Bobby Jindal's "response" speech, and...someone needs to tell Mr. Jindal that we KNOW he's a brainy policy wonk (I may differ with his philosophy, but he's always seemed intelligent), and that folksy "Mr. Rogers talking to kindergarteners" vibe he was trying to pull off was an abject failure. " ANYthing." Cue attempt at charming smile. He came across as a total goof. You can't do folksy, Bobby! Stop trying! I suppose he's trying to out-Palin Palin, but he should play to his strengths. Or not. Keep up the good work, Mr. Jindal-MY party appreciates it. Heh.

Tell me, if you will, on what planet telling a guy to "stick it up his a**" (and yes, I used the asterisks, 'cause I'm a lady) should, in response, net you an invitation to a concert? Planet CRAZY? Yes, we're talking about Insane Guy here, who, when I took too long to respond to an email, once again told me to go jump in the river, 'cause he was tired of "being a nice guy." I replied that he wasn't being a NICE guy, he was being a PUSHY guy, and that I, too, was tired of being nice, so...stick it. I didn't expect to hear from him again, and was completely surprised when his next message was a polite invitation to attend a concert with him. WTF? Why in the world would I agree to meet someone who has twice, with very little provocation, told me to jump into an icy-cold body of water? Does he think I am Insane Girl? Sheesh. I didn't respond, and have heard no further from him.

Speaking of hearing no further, here's another thing I don't get. What in the world possesses these guys to INITIATE contact, eventually ASK YOU to meet for dinner/drinks, BEGIN the process of deciding where/when and then...disappear. It's happened again, this time with the singer I was supposed to meet, and I truly don't get it. Why bother to start something you have no intention of finishing? I refuse to believe that there's something about the way I type "Tuesday's no good for me, what about Wednesday" that is inherently repulsive. These guys are just insane. I hear it's going around.

I must have popped back up to the top of flentyofpish again, as I have been getting some new attention there. Nothing too noteworthy so far. I also have exchanged phone numbers with an older guy (60, but he swears it's a young 60) on a different site. We had started to communicate with our personal email addresses, and yesterday I got a facebook request from him. I dithered a bit, trying to decide if I should ignore it, 'cause we really don't know each other yet, blahblahblah, and finally decided that I'd go ahead and confirm, and that way I could check HIM out, as well. Well, joke's on me...he's brand-new to facebook, and so far...I'm his only friend. And now HE gets to see what I've eaten for breakfast every day for the last week?! No fair. Hee. Oh, well...I figure if I can let people I haven't seen since high school, and don't remember ever actually speaking to, see what I'm up to, what's one more virtual stranger checking in, really? I'm not ashamed of my untraditional breakfast choices, after all.

Last night I called New Guy. I was planning to wish him Happy Mardi Gras (he's a Louisiana boy, remember), and suggest that if he needed to give up something for Lent, he could try giving up hurting my feelings by not returning my phone calls in a timely manner. Well, thank goodness he answered before I could leave my snarky message. Turns out he's in Louisiana right now...his mother died. I'm so sad for him, and SO glad he didn't have to hear my snarkiness at this particular moment. (Of course, he SHOULD have called me back right away, but...he's off the hook this time.)

I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the big church downtown at noon for my Ash Wednesday ashes, or go to my little church tonight. Remember how last year the priest preached on and on and on, and then gave me the ash cross to top all ash crosses? No? You don't remember every single thing I've ever blogged about? Shame on you. Heh.


Sauntering Soul said...

Sorry to hear about New Guy's loss. But I'm glad he didn't get a snarky message from you either. Remember how a couple of weeks ago I sent a mean email to Hot Brazilian about not communicating with me only to find out he had been in the hospital thinking he was having a heart attack? Yeah, I didn't feel so great after that. I'm glad you didn't have to feel the way I felt.

What the heck is wrong with Insane Guy? Oh, that's right....HE IS INSANE!

nancypearlwannabe said...

New Guy's life sounds a bit like a soap opera. The poor dude can't catch a break!

I've been enjoying your breakfast updates and they have inspired me to change up my morning routine. Instead of raisin bran this morning I tried BANANA NUT Cheerios!

3carnations said...

Insane guy is...well, insane. Good riddance, hopefully, though the way he rolls, a marriage proposal can't be far off.

flurrious said...

Was Jindal trying for "folksy"? Because he landed on "traumatic head injury." Good lord, what a display.

Sorry to hear about New Guy. Maybe once things settle down, he'll be better about keeping in touch.

Megan said...

I liveblogged my 8-year-old son's reactions to Obama's speech and Jindal's reply. If I may quote from the Jindal bit:

I don’t want this guy to be president, because he doesn’t talk loud enough. He makes really long words, like way longer than “ketchup”. Words like “consequence” and “opportunity” and “responsibility”. And those are the three words he likes to say.

Stinkypaw said...

A day in pjs, nice!

Re. "Amazing Race", love the kid & his mom, Luke & Margie - really touching to see them together.

Sorry about New Guy's mom, but still doesn't excuse his behavior... 'just saying!

Good luck with the dating game.

Stefanie said...

Hey, you DO eat BREAKFAST for breakfast sometimes! Hee.

And I still haven't watched that rebuttal speech. I really should just look it up online. If this dude is the new face of the Republican party, I'd best know what we're up against.

-R- said...

Are you giving up anything for Lent? I want to, but I can't decide and it is already Lent.

PS I got a HUMONGOUS forehead cross today.

lizgwiz said...

ss, yes...that's exactly how I would have felt.

npw, mixin' it up! Hee.

3car, omigod, wouldn't that be hilarious? In a scary, insane way?

flurrious, scary, wasn't it? Oddly mesmerizing, though...

megan, hee!

stinky, I like that team, too.

stef, I do, I do!

-r-, a few years ago I gave up giving up things for Lent, for Lent. ;)

Anonymous said...

Urgh. Comment vanished. I am sure I said something very witty but can't remember what it was.

I do remember saying that NPW lives on the edge.