Friday, February 20, 2009


First off, a big "job well done" to -r-, and the Blogshare 4.0 participants. Wasn't that fun? I had no idea so many people enjoy watching dogs poop. I thought it was just me. Hee. (Edited to add that I'm NOT saying that was my post! Actually, I'm saying it was NOT my post.) Next time maybe we can all discuss that crinkly thing that happens to a cat's face just before a yawn. (It's so cute!)

I never got around to my post in defense of Jessica Simpson, did I? So, let me just say this: step off. So, she ate a few cheeseburgers and "ballooned" up to a whopping size 8. Who cares? She's curvy. It's refreshing. If she's happy, who else has a right to weigh in (so to speak)? So, stop picking on her weight gain. There are PLENTY of other reasons to pick on Ms. Simpson--her "fashion" choices, her creepy dad, those weird Joe Cocker-like faces she makes when she sings. Get busy on those.

Michael Phelps. Come ON. A twenty-something kid takes a bong hit at a party. That's newsworthy? Really? I've got to tell you...if he can take the occasional toke and STILL be motivated to swim 63,000 miles a day, hat's off to you, Mr. Phelps. Most people just sit on the couch and eat when they're stoned. Or so I've heard. Ahem.

I've been changing my Facebook status this week to reflect what I'm eating for breakfast each day and, you know what? People actually seem to find it funny. Maybe it's because I eat very non-typical breakfasts, but one of my friends told me she actually thought to herself this morning "I wonder what Liz will have for breakfast today?" This cracks me up. And puts me under intense pressure. Got to keep the breakfasts interesting--don't want to lose my readership. Ha!

So far I still wouldn't say the the aforementioned Facebook has changed my life, but it has been fun reconnecting with some of my old friends. And I now have an open invitation to stay in a guest room if I want to come to New York City. Which I do, very much. Got to find a way to make that happen soon...

I've also been involved in my first Facebook kerfuffle. There was a discussion thread started by one of my old high school band classmates. It was kind of fun at first, but then it just got annoying. Mostly because of one person. I disliked this guy in high school, loathed him for the short while we were in college together, and could have lived my entire life without ever hearing his name again. We didn't "friend" each other, but because we were both tagged in this thread, I kept getting endless notification emails with his name in them, and it was making me insane. (I was not the only one, either.) So a couple of us tried very politely to suggest that perhaps an official group should be formed, and that way anyone who wanted to continue the discussion could do so on the group wall, and spare us all the dozens of daily notification emails. Well, you'd have thought we told them their babies were ugly. "If you don't like it, just hit delete!" I finally had enough and got a wee bit ugly myself. "Stop this thread and start a new one without those of us who've asked for it to stop!" I mean, for pete's sake, why would you want to continue to annoy someone who's asked nicely to be left out of the conversation? Well, I was "unfriended" by a couple of the most active participants in the discussion thread, and I couldn't be happier. I barely remembered them anyway--I only "confirmed" to be nice. That'll teach me.

Speaking of people I barely remember, I was also friended by someone from my high school whose name sounds familiar, whose face seems a bit familiar, and with whom I have several mutual Facebook friends. He's sent me a few friendly messages, and I've responded politely, but for the life of me I can't put this guy into any actual context of memory. I feel like I should know him, but I can't remember ever actually speaking to him. Am I getting early onset Alzheimer's? Or am I being punk'd? Hmmm...

Sarah Palin. She owes $18,000 in back taxes. Where is the outcry from the conservatives? Nary a peep. Personally, the unpaid taxes don't outrage me nearly as much as the "income" on which the taxes are owed. She charges the state of Alaska for every day she spends at her own house in Wasilla, instead of in the state capital. Who does that? What other state allows that? Presumably, she knew the capital was in Juneau when she campaigned for the job. Okay, strike that. Maybe she didn't know. Geography's not her strong suit. But she should have known, and the state of Alaska shouldn't be paying because she insists on living in Wasilla! Sheesh.

So, what else....

Is there dating news? Nothing of note, really. I haven't talked to Mr. Short Term since last weekend, when I told him I was going to stop calling during the week, as I never seemed to reach him at a convenient time, and it was becoming hard not to take his brusque reception personally. I told him he was welcome to call me any time, so...we'll see, I guess. Heh. The hot and heavy email relationship with Mr. Not Quite Divorced continues unabated. Sad, that my pen pal relationship with him is more gratifying than many actual dates I've been on this year. I may be having dinner some time soon with a gospel/R&B singer a bit older than me, though we seem to be having some trouble making the actual arrangements. (This happens frequently with flentyofpish guys, and seemingly only with flentyofpish guys. They lack follow-through. Hmm...) I'm still hearing occasionally from Insane Guy, as well. He wants a girlfriend so bad he can't stand it. It's off-putting, and he doesn't seem to get that. I might have to block him at some point, when I no longer find the insanity somewhat diverting.

For the first time in a while, I have absolutely no plans for the weekend. I can't decide if this is good or bad. On the plus side...a lot of free time to nap and putter around the house. On the minus side...tomorrow is the anniversary of a day I don't like to remember, and it might be better if I was busy. (Sorry to be cryptic--it's not something I want to talk about.) But, hey--I do have a HUGE stack of books I'm working my way through, and it would be great to finish up my current read before next week's readers club, so perhaps literature will be my salvation. (And not for the first time. Heh.) I'll let you know how it works out.

Have good weekends, yourselves...whether you have plans or not.


3carnations said...

Who is insane guy? He isn't the one who flipped when you were too busy to call, is he? I thought that guy was long gone.

I hope you find yourself too busy to dwell on the thing you don't like to remember. :)

lizgwiz said...

3c, oh yes, that's the guy. He returned a few days ago--I thought I had mentioned that.

Sparkling Cipher said...

Oy, let's hope Insane Guy gets the hint before you have to get mean and tell him flat out you aren't interested. I wonder if he'd tell you to jump off a building or completely throw you off by reasonably and pleasantly saying, "Okay, then. Sorry to have bothered you. Have a nice life."

There was an article a while back - can't remember where - about the most politically corrupt states, or the ones with most people busted anyway. Alaska was right up there.

Maybe Palin was getting her info from our guv. "Go ahead and let your voters pay to maintain a governor's mansion, Sarah. You can still live in your old house and charge the state for the private jet to and from the capital for business. Oh, and if you end up as VP, I'll give you tips on making money off filling the governor's seat." *wink wink*

flurrious said...

One of the tabloid shows reported that J-Simp has already lost the weight. It never looked to me as though she had gained all that much to begin with; it just looked like her clothes were too tight. And too ugly, but that's another issue entirely.

I had toast for breakfast, in case you were wondering.

jazyjen said...

Sometimes no plan can be the best plan for a weekend. See you at Readers' Club-I'll want a full literary report.

-R- said...

I have no weekend plans either, as witnessed by the fact that I am commenting at 9 p.m. on a Friday night.

There's a way on Facebook to say you don't want updates from certain "friends", I think. I don't know if it works for discussion follow-up thingies though.

Stinkypaw said...

Couldn't you "de-tag" yourself in FB and that would take care of the issue. I also have a "friend" that can't remember me at all, and he's really trying, poor guy. I do remember him, but we weren't close, it's almost funny. Every night for a week he would ask me questions.

Try to enjoy your reading for lack of other plans.

lizgwiz said...

spark, I have since come to the conclusion that Insane Guy is TRULY Insane Guy. I finally told him to stick it, after being told once AGAIN to jump in the river, and he responded by asking me to a concert. WTF?

flurrious, I agree that the clothes weren't helping. Girl needs a better stylist. Among other things.

jen, does it need to be single- or double-spaced? ;)

-r-, I couldn't figure any way to stop the madness. Hee.

stimky, there didn't seem to be a way to "de-tag" from the thread--I tried, my friend tried, and the girl who started the thread tried. Do you know a way? If so, share!

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm feeling even better about my refusal to join Facebook after reading how annoying it can be.

I had a banana nut muffin for breakfast in case you wanted to know.

lizgwiz said...

ss, on the other hand, without facebook I wouldn't have a free place to stay in New York. :)

Anonymous said...

ARGH! Stupid blogger! quit deleting my comment.

Hi. You're funny an make me laugh. I an't type today. Tired, going to bed.

Plus, I like breakfast but don't like breakfast foods in the morning. I had an undisclosed protein, potatoes and carrots the other dayfor breakfast and my co-workers were quite confused.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Your breakfast updates are hilarious. And also usually sound delicious to me, even when they're not breakfast foods.

gorillabuns said...

i wish i was as motivated to do anything half way constructive after a bong hit.

Stefanie said...

I totally agree on the Michael Phelps bit... and the J. Simp. part too, since you wisely suggested we pick one of the many other very valid reasons to mock her instead. :-)

Also, I think I know what anniversary you're talking about (I'm pretty sure I know the reason you hate February), and I just want to Internet-hug you, friend.