Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm fine. I think. Ask again later.

In case you were wondering re: the absence of much posting last week. I was just oddly busy. Oddly in that I wasn't non-stop busy, by any means, but it seemed that every time I was ready to start a blog post, something work-related would intervene. And so it goes.

I have to go back to the doctor in a few minutes. The tiny little red dot that was the sole remaining vestige of my giant red blotch decided to start shaking things up this weekend. Yep, blotchy again. Only about the size of a pencil eraser, but it's there. The doctor won't prescribe antibiotics again unless I come in and spend some money, so into the office I go. Grrr. I'm hoping we just didn't do the last round of drugs for quite long enough, and it's not something scary like MRSA. I'll let you know.

How's New Guy? Fine, mostly. He's been battling some homesickness, and in a bit of a funk. Perfectly understandable, if not much fun for me. But I am being sweet and patient and understanding. And he better by god appreciate it! Hee. Seriously, I have not once been the slightest bit passive-aggressive or snarky with him. I don't know if it's the yoga getting me all zenned out, or if he just brings out my softer side, or a combination thereof, but I don't even WANT to be passive-aggressive or snarky. Who AM I? I'm like Doris Day, all "que sera, sera."

How are the animals? They're all okay, more or less. I need to take one of the indoor cats to the vet--losing hair and weight again. Steve the Wonder Stray still needs a home. He's a great cat--I don't know why someone hasn't snapped him up yet, damn it! And Dolly and McBeady are now into winter mode--staying close to home and making full use of the blankets I've put out for them. I'm trying to get them all fattened up before it gets really cold. (Which might be tomorrow night--our first freeze warning. Boo!)

I went to the 50th birthday party of one of my theatre friends this weekend. A good time--although it would have been a better time if I wasn't a vegetarian. They brought in barbeque, and there was meat. And next to that, meat. And oh, over there...meat. I dipped bread in barbeque sauce and ate my weight in his mom's homemade potato salad (which was quite yummy--who needs meat?). I chatted with said friend about my desire to possibly try to do a one-woman show sometime soon, and would he like to direct if I did? And he said he'd love to be involved, so I sent off for a couple of scripts I thought looked interesting. (Yeah, I know, I should turn my OWN life into a one-woman show...maybe some day. Unless one of you really good writers wants to go ahead and pen that for me. Unsolicited scripts happily accepted.)

We saw a really great concert last week (it was New Guy's birthday present from me)--a sort of super-energized baroque quartet called "Red Priest." Seriously, you should check them out. They play very standard baroque repertoire, but they play it...differently. With attitude, if you will. (And the lead guy, a "recorder virtuoso," is way yummy.) I played in a recorder consort all through college, and of course, after the concert I had to get my recorder out and see if I could still play. I can--although my cat Stella might disagree--she bit me pretty sharply on the elbow when I hit the high notes. I actually might try to brush up my mad recorder "skillz" and find a group to play with. I loved playing recorder. (Yes, I am a geek. Your point?)

Okay, that pretty much catches you up. I'll try to be a more diligent poster this week. Hey, I never promised you a NaBloPoMo, did I? Heh.


3carnations said...

I'm glad things are fine, you think.

I'm sure the eraser-like-splotch will be fine. I'm sure you just need bigger and better antibiotics.

Hopefully new guy will get out of his funk...and I'm sure he appreciates your understanding. :)

L Sass said...

Oooh... hope the splotch goes away! Yikes!

And, after the understanding AND the concert-present, New Guy better love you!

Stefanie said...

Wait. You mean a recorder is a "real" instrument, and not just something they had us all play to fulfill a music requirement in fourth grade? Who knew??

Tony B. Loney said...

(said lovingly)
You are SOOO much gayer than I am. A recorder player was "yummy?" If I hadn't known you so long and you didn't have so much dirt on me, I'd paraphrase a wonderful early 80s movie and say, "You can shove your stupid recorder. But I am a professional recorder player."

And stop confusing MRSA with Mensa. You're not fooling anyone.



Stinkypaw said...

Didn't know what a "recorder" was, as an instrument, had to Google it!

Good to bed less stupid, or is that more intelligent?

Noelle said...

You should do a one-woman show about being stuck at an all-meat bbq. I would totally go see that.

lizgwiz said...

3car, I hope my splotch goes away completely soon. I'm beginning to feel like a leper. ;)

lsass, he SHOULD love me, shouldn't he? I guess we'll find out at some point if he DOES.

stef, indeed. There are "grown-up" recorders made of wood, in all shapes and sizes. And I was, back in the day, quite adept at playing them. ;)

BFF, HOT, I tell you. HOT. Bone structure like our Russian dancer friend. And, I would venture to say, the only recorder player in the world who can rock leather pants.

stinkypaw, at the very least you are more informed! Maybe you'll win a million dollars in a trivia contest, 'cause you know the answer is "recorder." ;)

noelle, you write it--I'll perform it!

Sauntering Soul said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently!

A vegetarian at a barbecue. That sounds like no fun at all. But I could also eat my weight in potato salad as long as it wasn't made by my ex-mother-in-law. Her recipe consisted of potatoes and mayonnaise. That was it.

Lara said...

I'm trying to come up with some sort of recorder-player joke, but...well, I've got nothin'. Except I hope the splotch disappears quickly and permanently.

-R- said...

A group of recorder players is called a consort? What?

SUEB0B said...

Red Priest sounds kinda like the Kronos Quartet...though they played some pretty wild stuff (Purple Haze!)

Oh, yeah, BBQ. Another fave is pizza parties - 10 meat pizzas, and one veggie, and yet somehow the meat eaters all feel compelled to take a slice of each, leaving the veg tiny slice, while everyone else around groans with fullness...In my next life, I will live on veggie planet.

lizgwiz said...

sauntering, thanks for stopping by! That potato salad does sound nasty.

lara, yeah, it's hard to make a recorder joke beyond "I play the recorder, too...the TAPE recorder." Of course that joke is terribly dated now. Who still has tape recorders?

-r-, indeed. A group of recorder players (sometimes with percussion, harpsichord, etc.) is called a consort. See, who said LizLand isn't educational?

SueBob, it's true. The veggie and cheese pizzas are always snatched up by the carnivores. Hands off! (And no, I can't just pick off the pepperoni. Thanks, anyway.)

gorillabuns said...

i was a vegeterian in my former life and used to eat bbq sauce covered bread, coleslaw and potato salad(that is if the sauce didn't have meat chunks in it.) i understand your pain when dining with the mass/mess of meat eaters.

Whiskeymarie said...

Isn't the recorder what Dwight plays on "The Office?"
Maybe the two of you could take your show on the road.

This is why I can't be a vegetarian- I hate potato salad and coleslaw.