Friday, November 16, 2007

Dipping into the reservoir of untapped random weirdness... see if there are any "random/weird" facts about me I have not previously shared, as I am accepting the tag from 3carnations.

Said challenge to be:

1. Linking to poster who tagged you. Done. (See above.)

2. Listing seven "random/weird" things about yourself. Well, here goes.

  • I'm somewhat double-jointed, and can bend the pinky finger on my left hand so far back it nearly touches the back of my hand. I don't have a camera handy to give you photographic evidence of this freaky finger limberness, but trust me, it's impressive. In a "ewww---doesn't that HURT?" kind of way.
  • I had Michael Jackson's first solo album when I was a kid (when he was still part of the Jackson 5, and also still a black man and a reasonable proximation of a human being) and I was FASCINATED with the song "Ben." I listened to it over and over, singing along. Is it any wonder that I came to have pet rats for several years?
  • I was one of nine valedictorians for my high school class. (That's not weird, but it is, indeed, random.)
  • I have been onstage in a Mr. Peanut costume, speaking with a Cockney accent.
  • I love trying to see how low a bid I can use to win jewelry auctions on eBay. My record is $0.99 for a lovely pair of sterling silver and iolite earrings. (And no, I did not pay $25 for shipping and "handling"--I'm smarter than that. See above re: valedictorian. Hee.)
  • I sometimes still put potato chips inside my sandwich like a junior high girl. (I like the crunch.)
  • I own two purses made out of cigar boxes, one purse made entirely of beer cans, one made of grey (faux) fur, two purses that are hinged wooden boxes (one handcrafted to look like a freaky cat, one with shells and fish affixed to it) and one shaped like Andy Warhol's red cat, among many others. I did not purchase any of these. Do I have a BFF who loves to buy me purses? Yes, yes I do. Have I carried any of these purses? Yes, yes I have, but mostly I love to display them as art pieces. Is the decor in my house a little offbeat? Yes, yes it is.

Okay, that was seven heretofore unknown, or at least unblogged about, things about lizgwiz.

3. I'm supposed to tag five additional bloggers, but I'll just issue a blogosphere-wide challenge. Any up for it, get to it!

On that note, I will bid you a lovely weekend. New Guy and I are going to an organ recital tonight (heh, I said organ), and then he is leaving to spend Thanksgiving week back home with his parents. Pity poor me, all alone with only my 86-pound Doberman to keep me warm. And, you know, 57 cats. Or so it feels. Heh.


3carnations said...

Having 9 valedictorians is both weird and random. By definition, a valedictorian is "The student with the highest academic rank in a class who delivers the valedictory at graduation." THE student. Not the NINE students. How many were in your class? Don't tell me 9...

Also, I never had potato chips on my sandwich. I might have to try it! :)

lizgwiz said...

3car, there were 250+ in the class, and there were nine of us with 4.0 GPAs. (Back then there were no AP classes to mix things up.) They considering "weighting" some of the classes, but didn't want to offend any teachers, and eventually decided the fairest thing to do was let us all be valedictorians, so we all sat on the dais, but only one of us spoke. (Not me, which was fine.) I think they should have gone with the one of us who had the highest ACT/SAT scores. Of course, I probably think that 'cause it would have been me. Heh.

Stinkypaw said...

I love your weirdness, truly! You ooze "artist" ... too cool!

Thanks for sharing!

Sauntering Soul said...

You should post a picture of your "art" purse decor! Being that I do some artwork for fun, I love to see fun ways to display stuff.

I was not the valedictorian of my class of 400+. Not even close. I have a hard time spelling valedictorian.

L Sass said...

Potato chips in sandwiches is an amazing taste combination that you should never grow out of! Yum!

Noelle said...

Potato chips in the sandwich is the kind of thing only a valedictorian would do. Do you also dip fries into milkshakes?

Stefanie said...

The most valedictorians I've ever heard of in one class before was four. I am shocked by your story of nine. Wow.

I second SS's request for photos of your arty purses.

Also, L Sass is right: chips in sandwiches never gets old. And fries in milkshakes also works well. (I was only #6 in my class, and yet I know this.) :-)

nancypearlwannabe said...

Mmm fries in a milkshake. I am impressed that you were 1/9th of the valedictorians in your class. I was number 9. There was only one #9. :)

lizgwiz said...

stinkypaw, I won't let just anyone get away with saying I "ooze." Hee.

sauntering, I might just have to do that.

lsass, I heartily concur!

noelle, I have dipped a fry or two in my time. Also the occasional frito.

stef, a year or two after my class, they topped us with 10!

Yes, us smart girls know ALL the ways to eat junk food!

npw, okay, I'm now officially craving fries and ice cream!