Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Update: the Shiny Shoes

Okay, here they are. They don't look quite as hideous photographically, because you can't really see how SHINY those silver strips are. Also, now I feel bad because it turns out the "pink ribbons" have something to do with breast cancer research. It didn't say that on the box! I wouldn't have made such vigorous fun of them if it had. I'm not anti-breast cancer research!
Truthfully, if I saw these shoes on someone else's feet, I probably wouldn't blink an eye. They're just so NOT ME. And since I have size 10 feet, there's SO MUCH of them shining.
You may all make fun of me now for having such a visceral reaction to what is obviously a lovely and socially responsible shoe.


Edge said...

I do free breast exams ... haven't had any takes yet ...


stefanie said...

I was expecting something way worse than that. You rock on with your shiny (and socially responsible) shoes, Liz.

Noelle said...

The next logical step is to get some matching shiny pants.

Mousse said...

Love the shoes, and the should be proud !!!

I've been a size 10 since I was 13 years old (for over 30 years now) and while I agree with your black shoe philosophy, I too wear pink and shiny stripe runners. Best pair of work out shoes I've ever owned.

Keep up all your efforts and soon cheesy fries will be a part of your past. Feeling good and feeling good about yourself will prevail and take charge. There's nothing worse than that urgent rumble effect that takes over almost immediately after the consumption of junk. Take it from someone who has had a very intense relationship with food all of my life....and the weight issues surrounding just tastes so damn good !!! ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

Even if it's for a good cause I would still giggle at your shiny silver stipes and pink shoes! They're cute and they met your criterias, so enjoy them. You know that wearing shoes will help your knees and back... not just your feet. So keep on dancing away and don't over do it with the junk... a little junk is good. Savor it!

lizgwiz said...

jef, maybe you should set up a mobile van, down by the river.

stef, while searching online for that picture, I DID see many, many uglier shoes, so I guess it could be worse. (That's me, always looking for the bright side. ;))

noelle, yeah...I'll get right on that. :)

mousse, we can be charter members of the Pink and Shiny Shoe Club.

stinkypaw, yes, I think it's important to have a little junk occasionally. Guess I'll just have to remember the part about "a little."

metalia said...

Those aren't hideous at all! Super cute, in my opinion. :)