Monday, August 27, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed.

And maybe your toes.

Wiley has been at my friend's house since yesterday afternoon, and I haven't gotten an angry "Come get this damn dog!" phone call yet. (Hi, Julie. Do you hate me? I LOVE you.) I am soooo hoping it works out, because it would be such a wonderful home for him. It's a little doggy heaven. He may not be the greatest dog ever, but every dog deserves a good home, and I was really feeling guilty that he had to spend so much time crated at my house. (Damn it, Wiley...why ya gotta chase the cats?) So, fingers crossed.

Okay, was there something else you were wondering? Seems like there was something I wanted to update you on...what was that?

Oh yeah...did you all hear about Alberto Gonzales?


All right, all right... I don't want to jinx things by talking about it too much too soon, but let's just say I had a great weekend, despite having broken pretty much every one of the Safe Internet Dating Rules. I let him pick me up at my house, I rode in his car, I didn't tell anyone exactly when and where we were going, I didn't do a criminal background check, blahblahblah.

But taking two cars to randomly explore the city was going to be SUCH a pain, and I just instantly had such a...comfortable feeling about him. They keep telling us that women should "trust their instincts" and "listen to their gut." And yeah, they usually mean that in the "be more cautious" sense, but why shouldn't it work in reverse, too? My gut was screaming "this is a decent guy," so I took a chance. (Plus I've got a cellphone in my pocket and brass knuckles on my keychain, and he wasn't so big a guy I couldn't take him down if necessary--I'm not completely stupid.)

Besides, he's a band director. A band director would never turn out to be a serial killer, right? I know, I KNOW, that is a completely illogical assumption, but it feels true.

So we explored. I took him to my favorite vegetarian restaurant and he was open-minded enough to enjoy it. I took him to my friend's birthday party and he got along with my friends (and seemed to enjoy himself). Sunday morning he went to church with me. HE WENT TO CHURCH WITH ME. Would a serial killer do that?

My cats seem to like him. Pudge was a little anxious--who is this guy putting the moves on my woman? But when he suggested moving over on the couch so Pudge would have room to sit on my other side, I knew there was a chance this could be good.

He puts the toilet seat down.

So there it stands. I'm...cautiously optimistic, let's say. I didn't get any really entertaining blog fodder from the experience (non-fiction means "not true?"), but I guess I'm okay with that. Heh.


Mousse said...

RIGHT ON LIZ !!!!.....Such wonderful news all around !!! Good luck with everything. Ahhhhhhh, feels so good !!! :-)

3carnations said...

Yay. Yay all around, but mostly yay about normal guy about whom you followed your instincts...Went to church with you? Awesome. Only one guy I dated (after I became a churchgoer in my 20s, that is) went to church with me. That would be hubby. Just sayin'.

This may be a moot point now, but cute church guy knows you like guys now, ha!

Sparkling Cipher said...

Wheee!! I'm so happy for you! I'm glad he didn't turn out to be a serial killer and I hope it works out.

3carnations beat me to it - Cute Church Guy saw you in a definitely hetero situation, so.... I'm not going to say it - no jinx!

gorillabuns said...

he went to church with you?
that's a very good thing!

as for 'crazy' experiences to report, sometimes the lack thereof, is a VERY GOOD THING!

lizgwiz said...

mousse, it DOES feel good. For the moment, at least, and that's better than nothing. :)

3car, I was thinking the same thing about CCG--and then he wasn't in church! He's always in church. Bastard. The lesbians sat right behind us, so at least I'm straight with them now. So to speak. Hee.

spark, isn't it sad that I have such limited expectations? He's NOT a serial killer. That's good enough for me. Hee. (And plus, you know, he's a band director. Not a huge appeal for every woman, but it works for me.)

gorillabuns, yes, for once I'm happy to have no sad tale to tell!

3carnations said...

He's always in church? But he wasn't this week? Hmm...I MAY be going out on a limb here, but I think cute church guy has always had a crush on you, but was afraid to approach you. He then contacted you online under a false name, feigned needing help finding an apartment, donned a disguise, and went out with you. Of course he went to church with you, because it is HIS church, after all. He didn't know people's names there that he shouldn't have, did he...? Oh, you think that theory is far fetched? Yeah, maybe. ;-)

lizgwiz said...

3car, a little far-fetched, yes. (But VERY entertaining.) Made even more far-fetched by the fact that he would have had to go so far as to change the color of his skin. (Cute Church Guy being white, and New Guy being black. I have no consistency at all in my dating life when it comes to skin color. They're all good. :))

Stinkypaw said...

Good news for Wiley and good news for Liz! Woohoo!! Happy for you! That's good!

Quick question, if he went to church on Sunday morning with you, does that mean he slept over?! Maybe my English missed some subtilities in your post or something... jsut want to make sure.

lizgwiz said...

stinkypaw, well...he did, actually. But he slept on the couch, honest! (He really did.)

Noelle said...

What kind of band is it that he directs? If it's junior high school, he may be en route to becoming a serial killer...

lizgwiz said...

noelle, he's done everything from middle school to college. Currently high school. You're right...he does sound suspiciously flaky. Hmmm......;)

Stinkypaw said...


You go girl! Honest! ;-)

stefanie said...

Actually, my middle school band director was pretty creepy. I'm sure this guy is fine, though. :-)

Seriously, that's great. He met your friends already? You went to church with him? Wow.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

monster dog is correct! First day
peed in both areas of the house
dragged many things out of the garage and drug them around the yard -making them very muddy. He trapped himself under the deck that Tony and Scott build and was howling away. Monster dog humps little LeeAnn all day long and Riley keeps trying to get his"woman' back from the new monster dog. Today he ate Tonys shoes. He likes to get up on all tables and pull what ever is on the table down to the floor. All, All- in his world is a play toy. And he does like to bark -especially at Riley when he does not get his way. but yes he is sweet, goofy and very dumb. This may take awhile. I have not given up yet...but it is more trying than i realized. oh yeh-terrific about the new guy band director-good to see you happy!

lizgwiz said...

stef, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. There's got to be something wrong with him if he's interested in me, right? ;)

"anonymous," I'm so sorry! Is he learning anything at all? Do you hate me yet? Sigh.

3carnations said...

Hey! Stop with that attitude! Something wrong with him if he's interested in you? I think not. If you keep making such negative comments I'll have to burst into a round of "You've got to ac-cen-tuate the postive, e-lim-inate the negative, latch on to the affirmative..." You get the idea. He sounds good. Just enjoy and see what happens.

lizgwiz said...

3car, you give excellent advice. I am going to latch on to the affirmative and enjoy the ride.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Yay for Liz! It sounds promising! :)