Friday, August 17, 2007

Jerry Springer Show Quote of the Day

"If I wasn't so knocked up, I'd beat that bitch."

Oh, Jerry...your show is and always will be a shining oasis in the vast cultural desert.

Really, without the Springer Show how would I be instantly able to feel SO much better about my life?

Thanks, Jer.


Noelle said...

I had the extreme fortune to see the Jerry Springer Musical when I went to London a few years back. It was AWESOME.

nancypearlwannabe said...

The MUSICAL?! That's amazing.

I feel like my neighbors might one day show up on there. Like when they had a fight and one yelled, "Who took care of you when you were pregnant, bitch? Huh? Who bought you cigarettes when you were pregnant and couldn't go out?!"

gorillabuns said...

i once worked with a girl who went on jerry springer. she was knocked up with her boyfriend's kid and his mother hated her. sadly, i never watched the show but heard her bambino's daddy stuck up for his mom.

she was foolish enough to have another kid with him the next year.

the stupid keep on breeding more stupidity therefore, jerry will ALWAYS have messed up guests to choose from.

stefanie said...

You make a good point. Unfortunately, some portions of the ridiculousness and tediousness that has been my life lately would actually qualify me for a spot on a Jerry Springer panel. And that's not a place I want to be. Sigh.

stefanie said...

Also, I just read Gorillabuns's comment, and that whole "stupid breeding stupid" thing is the premise of Idiocracy. Have you seen that yet? It is supposed to be a comedy, but I found it terrifying.