Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I want to be a cat.

One of my cats, specifically.

I just received a couple of new Catnip Cigars in the mail today. (And thank God I was home for lunch when the package arrived--otherwise I'd have nothing but a shredded, empty box on the porch, and every cat in the neighborhood would be stoned and wandering aimlessly in search of munchies.)

Have you cat people tried these? A friend turned me on to them years ago--the cats LOVE them. And they're durable. They'll last forever. Or at least until a certain foster dog (Damn it, Wiley!) gets hold of them. Ahem.

At any rate, the new toys arrived, I unpacked them (with a great deal of help) and returned to work, wishing I could be the one rolling around on the floor in ABSOLUTE BLISS, clutching the toy to my chest, licking it like crazy, eyes rolled back in my head, not a care in the world.

It's not fair, damn it. Why do they have all the fun?


Here's a quick update on the Match front: a few more "winks," none of which I felt compelled to return, no email response from the guy I emailed back on Monday, BUT, I did go ahead and email the "mutual wink" guy. He emailed me his phone number, and we talked for over an hour last night. He's brand-new to town, and I might help him look for an apartment this weekend. Kind of an odd first date, I guess, but I think it could be okay. He doesn't know the city at all, so he really could use the help. We'd have plenty of time to chat, with a specific task at hand to prevent any long awkward moments, plus I get to see what some of his tastes are. So, we'll see. That's assuming he does indeed follow through. It's the follow through what gets 'em, every time. Heh.

I've also got a couple of parties to go to this weekend, I MAY be passing Wiley off to a friend on Sunday (fingers crossed!) to see how he does at her house, I need to clean the house and mow the lawn, and if I have any spare moments, I think I'll try rolling around on the floor and orgasmically licking a catnip cigar. It looks so fun!


3carnations said...

Interesting. Apartment hunting is definitely an interesting first date. As long as it doesn't end with "Why don't I just live at YOUR place?" :) Someone new to town is promising, too. You can show him all your favorite places, and they will all be new to him.

stefanie said...

I would rather roll around on the floor with a dreamy man than a catnip cigar, but I get your point anyway.

And good luck with the apartment-hunting date! That one actually sounds sort of promising!

L Sass said...

I think apartment hunting is kind of a cool first date idea. You'd definitely learn a lot about his decision making style right off the bat! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Stinkypaw said...

Am I the only one who thought of other things you could do with that cigar?! Man! And I'm Canadian! ;-)

I think I might order some for my pussy! Hee... I meant Tobi, you knew that, right?! Right! Where did you get them from?

Good luck on the date, and I think it could be a great way to meet someone. And sending good vibes for Wiley to find a new home, SOON!

Noelle said...

Sometimes a catnip cigar is just a catnip cigar.

lizgwiz said...

3car, I figure he'll start counting cat heads and there'll be no way he'd want to move in. Hee. It is fun to think of introducing someone to my favorite places. And steering him away from others. ('Cause if I don't like it, it's not worth going there, right?)

stef, I think it's the rolling around orgasmically that really counts--whatever it takes to get you there.

lsass, I'm thinking it could be very enlightening! Hopefully in a good way.

stinkypaw, you naughty girl! I'm sure your puss..Tobi would love them. I ordered them online at I'm sure they have them plenty of other places, too. And please, keep sending those Wiley vibes.

noelle, hee!!

gorillabuns said...

glad to hear your first date is something different though, follow him in your car. you don't know him.

i think i watch too much court t.v.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I thought the same thing as everyone else, and then gorillabuns' comment was a wake-up call... absolutely take your own car!

You painted a great mental image for me of a shredded catnip box on your porch step... just thinking about a bunch of half-baked kitties roaming the neighborhood had me laughing hysterically. ;-)

-R- said...

I hope the date went well! Does the dog have a new owner yet?

3carnations said...

Eagerly awaiting an update...Does the dog have a home? Does the man have a home? Did you maybe get them a home together? ;)

Anonymous said...

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