Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm sure you're all wondering how Operation: Be Healthier is going, right? Well, it's going very well, thank you for asking.

Yesterday was the 46th consecutive day of exercise. Whoo hoo! In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that a few times I substituted mowing the lawn for the workout tape. But, given that I have a good-sized lawn that generally takes at least an hour to mow, and that my mower is neither of the riding nor the self-propelled variety, and that my front lawn is on something of an incline, I think that's okay. And a couple of times when the lawn-mowing seemed to go more quickly than usual, I did the workout later, too. So...yay, me!

I have also advanced from a mere 30 minute daily workout to a full hour, and in addition to the hand weights I've been using, this weekend I added ankle weights for even more fun! Yay, me!

I decided to give in and buy a bathroom scale this weekend, as well. It can be a little dangerous for me, given my OCD tendencies, but I'm going to try really hard not to obsess too much about it. I just really, really wanted to know how much weight I'm losing. I'm still not sure what the total loss is, of course, given that I didn't weigh myself before I started the new regime, but I know my clothes are fitting much looser, so I think I'm off to a great start. And besides--here comes the rationalization--I wanted to be able to weigh my cat Rover regularly without having to wrestle him into a crate and drive him across town. He's been having trouble with some unexplained weight and hair loss, but he seems to be doing better--he's gained a half-pound since his last doctor visit. Yay, Rover!

I'm still doing pretty well on the cutting back of the cheese, and trying to eat more sensibly over all. Though, again in the interest of full disclosure, I did have a little cake and ice cream at lunch.

Why did I have cake in the house? Well, I'll tell you. We had a gathering last night of the "drink and bitch" group I joined a while back, (in a 6,000 square foot house, the master suite of which was bigger than my entire house...sigh) and I just can't seem to figure these women out, culinarily speaking. The last time we met I brought homemade potato salad. Nobody even touched it. (I'm not taking that as a personal insult to my cooking skills--like I said, nobody even tried it. I brought it to work to share the next day and was assured it was VERY tasty.) What were the favorites? Frozen Stouffer's lasagna and storebought angel food cake. Okay, I need for homemade next time. So this time I picked up an Orange Crush cake drizzled with white frosting. And NOBODY EVEN TOUCHED IT. What did they scarf down? Broccoli slaw from the grocery store deli and frozen taquitos from a box. I have no idea what to try next time. Any suggestions?

At any rate, I ended up bringing most of the cake home. And you know what? It's yummy. I ate a little bit of it with some of Ben & Jerry's new Creme Brulee ice cream (omigod, have you tried this stuff?--delightful!) and it was just what I needed to get past the sweet cravings for a while.

Other than that, nothing much is happening around here right now. Exercising, eating right, exchanging the peace with Cute Church Guy (no scintillating discussions of lawn mowing this week...sigh)--my god, I'm boring.

I do have at least one upcoming reason to live, though. I'm going to go see my (imaginary) boyfriend Lyle Lovett, along with (my imaginary girlfriend if I swang that way, which, contrary to popular opinion these days, I don't) kd lang, in concert next month. Whoo hoo! I can't wait. I've seen Lyle a couple of times before, and I just lurrve him. I actually have a big poster of him above my desk here at work....I'm looking at it me, Lyle! You can do better than that Julia chick--you can have me!

I'm sure he's thrilled. Hee.


stefanie said...

46 consecutive days of exercise?? Whoo! I AM impressed! Good work, my friend. :-)

As for the party food dilemma, if store-bought is what these ladies want, maybe try some of those little frozen mini-quiches? Those are always a hit at every party where I've seen them or made them. (And by "made," I mean, of course, took out of the box and heated in the oven.)

Stinkypaw said...

Lyle Lovett? Really?! oh... ok...

Keep it up with the "Be Healthier Operation" - whatever Rover will gain you'll be losing at the pace you're going! You go, girl!

As for the "Drink & Bitch", maybe so frozen Greek appetizers (like tyropita, etc) or mini quiches, every body seems to enjoy those little things... Good luck with that!

georgeious said...

holy shit, mowing the lawn counts for a ton, especially when it's hot and muggy outside.

i say feed the ladies frozen spanikopita. well, maybe you could heat it up first...or just bring a nice fat jar of sun tea.

jealousy! can't wait to see the lyle lovett countdown. did i mention i'm down to a mere TWO DAYS?

Noelle said...

Mowing the lawn totally counts, plus you got something done. I got off the treadmill last night, and it was like, here I am. In the same spot where I started, and my laundry still isn't folded. When chores = workout, life is good.

3carnations said...

Weird group. I would try the potato salad, and you won't catch me passing on cake...Based on what you've indicated that they enjoy, I suggest hot pockets. ;)

Seriously, though...How about cheese and crackers...I love some cheese...

lizgwiz said...

stef, good idea! I love those baby quiches--so tiny and tasty.

stinkypaw, I LOVE Lyle. Love. And I'm seeing a trend here on the food possibilities. All you great minds are thinking alike.

george, I believe you might have mentioned something about a concert, once or twice. Hee. Spanikopita--yummy!

noelle, it's true. A productive "workout" leaves more time for other things. Like lying on the couch watching Celebreality, or other equally worthy endeavors. ;)

lizgwiz said...

3car, you slipped in on me. You're right--cheese is ALWAYS good. Maybe those cheese pizza Hot Pockets. ;)

-R- said...

Can you bring alcohol? I have no idea what else to try based on the preferences you mentioned. Weird.

gorillabuns said...

i'd be the one drinking all the alcohol while munching on a salami and cheese platter.

and i wonder why my weight is slow to melt.

are you coming to the OKC for the concert or are they coming to T-town as well?

lizgwiz said...

-r-, alcohol is most definitely allowed. Though I've discovered I'm the only beer drinker. Which is fine--I don't have to worry about anyone drinking my expensive beer. ;)

gorillabuns, they're coming to Tulsa. And really, who can resist a cheese platter? Cheese is the reason I'm fat. ;)