Friday, June 29, 2007

A letter

Dear person "responsible" for the puppy who showed up on my doorstep Wednesday night:

Nice job of animal ownership! The decades-old, frayed pink collar on the very young male dog was a whimsical touch, and added a bit of incongruity to the otherwise pitiful sight. You know...the plainly visible ribs, the jutting hip and chest bones and the ears...oh, the ears. How many fly bites does it take to leave open wounds like that? The general lack of hair, the dry, scaly skin...yes, you did a damn good job with your stewardship, didn't you?

You looked right into those sweet, trusting eyes, and you violated that trust, as your victim licked your chin and wagged his tail, no doubt.

See you in hell. I hope it's hot. And I hope you are forced to forage through garbage for every "morsel" you eat, while the flies chew your ears.


The person now trying to clean up your mess


chickadee said...

Sounds like the only thing they did "right" was taking the puppy to you. Poor thing - hope he'll be okay.

Sparkling Cipher said...

At least he will know what it's like to be well cared for, thanks to you. Poor thing, what is wrong with some people?

Mousse said...

Puppy will soon forget all his short comings when your done caring and nurturing the little guy. Everyone on this earth is put here for a reason. Yours is helping those that cannot help themselves..not a bad gig. I'm glad puppy was sent to you.

3carnations said... terrible for the puppy. I'm sure he's thrilled about where he ended up now! :)

lizgwiz said...

chick, I hope he'll be okay, too. He's very sweet. And I hope he'll end up being okay in a home that's NOT mine. ;)

spark, I have no idea what's wrong with people. Either the people who abandoned him to fend for himself, or the countless other people he must have encountered while he was fending for himself, who didn't feel compelled to help.

mousse, I hope we're successful with this little guy. He's so sweet. It just kills me--they still have such trust, even after being treated so badly.

3car, I think he was thrilled yesterday, when he came to work with me and all my animal-loving coworkers fussed over him. I'm pretty sure he's not so thrilled today, since he's at the vet for a couple of days, getting checked out. Poor baby.

stefanie said...

Obviously the person who left it there knows about your [apparently embarrassingly large number redacted] cats and dogs and figured you'd never even notice one more?

That said... poor little guy! I'm sure you will take good care of him. He wandered onto the right doorstep.

SUEB0B said...

Congrats to you for taking care of him.

metalia said...

Oh, poor least he's in your very capable hands now, and will be well cared for!

NancyPearlWannabe said...

That's terrible! But at least now you know he's being well cared for.

lizgwiz said...

stef, I really don't think anyone gave it so much thought. He was probably just drawn by the (apparently visible to all animals) flashing sign above the door. Sigh.

Suebob, metalia, npw--I just hope it doesn't turn out to be further affirmation of my theory that the guiding theme of my life is "no good deed goes unpunished." ;)

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