Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Caged Heat, Day Two

From the pen(cil) of Paris Hilton:

Man, this place sucks. The clothes are AWFUL. This jumpsuit is scratchy. I DON'T think this fabric is breathing! It makes me hot. And NOT in the good way. (Of course I'm still HOTT in that way, could I not be? I mean, have you SEEN me?) I'm pretty sure this bra is NOT from Victoria's Secret, and it's not even a push-up! And I don't know how long they think I'm going to be here, but they gave me WAY too much underwear. TWO pairs? I don't wear that many in, like, a whole year!!

I'm going to take a nap now. My head hurts. I think I got my extensions pulled too tight. :(


Stinkypaw said...

and you forgot to mention that they gave her food THREE times/day!! They totally want to ruin her figure or something...

Edge said...

I totally love this series. Tell Paris she needs to make another sex video from Prison. She can be the b!tch.