Thursday, February 01, 2007

I purposely didn't blog yesterday, because if I had it was certainly going to be a whole lot of "snow, snow, damn it, snow, cold, snow, grumpy, hate, hate, hate, snow" and I've certainly posted enough of that lately. So I decided to let Sadie's sweet face dominate the top of the blog for another day.

And, while I promise not to turn this into an "all animals all the time" blog, I must share with you the fact that my PPSC (perennially pregnant stray cat) is now pregnant no more, and is further incapable of ever being pregnant again. Yay! (Okay, yes, she was a little bit pregnant when we spayed her, so technically it was a kitty abortion, but we're not going to think about that, only about the greater good.) I kept her in a cage in the garage for a couple of days, to make sure she was okay post-surgery (you know how they keep you at the hospital after surgery until you can poop--hee), and somewhat regretfully let her back out earlier today. She'd been increasingly more friendly in the days leading up to the Big Day, and I'm happy to report that we bonded even more during her incarceration. She has discovered, at a relatively late age, that being petted and rubbed and scritched behind the ears is fun! She has also discovered a big, rumbling purr. She even rolled over and let me see her belly! (That's a great act of trust for a cat.) I hope that she continues to be so gracious as to allow me to bestow such kindnesses on her now that she's free again. The problem with caring for stray animals is that you also begin to care about them. And now that she's cost me money--well, let's just say I'm invested in her well-being. I just have to keep reminding myself that she lived for several years on her own before I even moved into the neighborhood, and that she will no doubt continue to thrive--particularly now that she's eating regularly, and only for one. (I'll continue to feed her, of course, even now that my primary mission has been accomplished. I'm a sucker that way. Plus how could I face Timmy and Babs if I let their mother go hungry? Hee.)

Tomorrow I promise to attempt an animal-free post!


Stinkypaw said...

I don't mind the pet posts - they reflect your love for them and I always thought that an animal lover can only be a good person.

You did a good thing for that cat, I'm sure you'll see her again. A connection has been made.

gorillabuns said...

post what you want and don't apologize. it's like me saying, i swear this is the last time i'm going to talk about my kids. we all know, it's a total lie.

lizgwiz said...

stinkypaw, thanks. I just think we should all look out for the small and defenseless among us--I look after the animals and my sister looks after the children. I figure between us we've got it covered!

gorillabuns, you make a great point! I will mention the critters whenever I please. ;)