Monday, February 12, 2007

The weekend that was.

Well, I managed to check quite a few things off my to-do list this weekend.

1. Spend more time and money on "feral" cat. Check. She seems to have stopped eating, a few days after her spay. So I made a mad dash to the vet Saturday morning for antibiotics and a bag of fluids, if I was "feeling adventurous," the vet said. Stopped at the store (in my pajamas, basically) for baby food and high quality tuna. I'm sorry to report that she's still not quite right. I did give her fluids last night, and she seemed a little livelier this morning, but she's still only licking at her food. I'm distressed. It looks like I'm going to have to wrangle her back into a crate and take her in, and I think it's going to be even more distressing for HER. Poor baby.

2. Confirm neighbors' suspicions that I'm nuts. Check. I gave subcutaneous fluids to a stray cat in my backyard. I don't know what they thought I was doing. She actually was pretty good through it all, but started to wander around in the midst of it. By some miracle the needle didn't fall out, though, so I grabbed the fluid bag, tucked it under my chin, took hold of the drip lines and just followed her around until she settled back down. I must have looked insane.

3. Performed the "Fridiron." Check and check. No real stories to tell, though. Friday night's show was a little ragged. Some of the less experienced performers were a little nervous, it seemed, and it showed, a bit. Saturday night's show was more solid, though, and drinks were drunk after both shows, none of which I had to pay for. (Thanks, anonymous drink buyer on Saturday night! Are there sweeter words than "it's been taken care of"?) It was a pleasant enough experience. I met some new people, at least one of which might be my new BFF! Okay, hyperbole aside, we'll stay in touch. We made each other laugh, and we want to work together again.

4. Had monthly lunch with the cat ladies. Always a delight! And we missed last month because of the ice, so it was an overdue delight. Check, please!

5. Remembered in the nick of time to RSVP for a friend's baby shower next weekend. She's coming into town from North Carolina for it, so if I'd forgotten to call, or, even worse, actually forgotten all about it, I'd have felt like a royal shit. Now I have to figure out a gift. I'm not good with baby gifts--it's all so foreign to me. Moms, what's a great baby girl gift? I can't really check this off until a fabulous gift has been purchased.

5. Made it rain today. I went to the car wash yesterday, and forked over extra for the automatic bay. I rarely wash my car at all, and NEVER actually at the car wash. I'm generally a "bucket o' suds and a garden hose in the driveway" kind of car washer. But I really needed to get the salt and sand off from the last snow storm, so I splurged. And today, of course, it has done nothing but rain. It will no doubt snow again soon, the better to cover the shiny car with salt again. My apologies to all of northeast Oklahoma. My bad check.

6. Went to the grocery store. I was thisclose to having to eat dog or cat food; that's how bare my cupboards were. As an added bonus, I brought my checkout line to a standstill by daring to purchase such exotic produce as butternut squash and radishes, both of which completely stymied the poor cashier--she couldn't find the codes on her list. I always love it when I get the old pro cashiers who have all the codes memorized, but she was not such a one. In her defense, she held the list out for me to look at, as well, and I couldn't find them either. Stupid grocery store. I apologized to the woman behind me, and was rewarded with a pleasant "Not YOUR fault." Which, of course, it wasn't, but I always seem to end up in front of people who sigh and roll their eyes like my buying radishes or attempting to use a coupon has fouled up their WHOLE DAY. Price CHECK!

Well, those were the highlights of my weekend. How was yours?


stefanie said...

I should totally put "confirm suspicions that I am nuts" on my to-do list more often. It'd be nice to counter the insecurity of it with a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Baby gifts... I always buy a basket of my favorite baby books and then add a few little toys, rattles, etc.

I also am the rainmaker when it comes to washing my car, although I haven't washed my car in weeks! :-(

Love Monkey said...

My weekend paled in comparison. I feel like a lazy slug. I don't have half your list. Neither of my cats needed saving. I did comb them though, does that count?

lizgwiz said...

stef, it does feel good to have it done. Hee.

dcmm, I was leaning towards books--I think the decision is made. Books it is.

lovemonkey, combing cats is a great accomplishment. I should do some of that at my house.

Anonymous said...

Ferel cats ... rain ... iv's ... you may be the evil witch of Tulsa ... is your house made of gingerbread and candy?

Wish I could see one of your shows. Interesting how you pick up on inexperienced cast stuff. As the layman, I probably wouldn't notice.


lizgwiz said...

jef, I probably should be a witch--I certainly have enough candidates for a "familiar." Hee. It's funny you should say that, though--in the house I used to live in, there were vines growing up the whole front of the house. I thought it looked cool, but once I heard two young girls walking past on their way home from school say "a witch lives there." I thought it was great.

3carnations said...

I like to give some "must haves" that new moms often don't realize they will need so many of - Thin washcloths for after meal clean ups, burp cloths, bibs...Target has some cute ones reasonably priced. Then I round it off with a rattle and a cute outfit.

lizgwiz said...

3car, thanks for the suggestions. If it was a new kitten I'd be full of ideas. Hee.

Stinkypaw said...

I like to give bibs, little pjs, toys, baby cloths (thin and soft) and sometimes diapers.

You did good with the cat, poor thing!

Did nothing this past weekend, and loved it! ;-)

lizgwiz said...

stinkypaw, I love a do-nothing weekend--maybe I'll get one soon.

georgeious said...

baby gifts suggested to me by a mom:
boudreaux's butt paste!!!
wet wipes
snot sucker
bottle brush
more washcloths for spitup!
diapers bigger than newborn
many many onesies
the vibrating chair