Friday, February 16, 2007

By request

My friend Mary asked if I would mind posting a poem my friend George wrote after his first stroke. I am happy to make this today's post.

The Other Side of Me

Before the stroke...
smoked a cigarette,
let things go by...

(Puff, puff) Oh God thank you
Drink, drink (slurp)
More! More!

(Puff, puff) Oh God thank you
Drink, drink (slurp)
More! More!

(big sigh - ahh)

Danced between towns
Never stop.

Oh shit!

After the stroke,
No voice,
Oh shit!
No right arm,
No right hand,
No right leg...

But now I reach for everything...

Breeeathe deeeeply,

(sigh - ahh)

Taste everything.

I'm learning the other side of me.

Now I have time to love,
I love you...oh yes...
I love me!


Stinkypaw said...

aww... the fear of death! It will move mountains!

Mary said...

Thank you so much, Liz. :)

stefanie said...

I love the double-meaning behind "learning the other side of me." Again, George sounds like someone you were lucky to know.

On an unrelated note, I am pleased to report (if you haven't already discovered it) that your imaginary "most feral cats" award has become not-so-imaginary. Poppy added the category and awarded it to you. Congratulations!! :-) (Year of Liz!!!)

gorillabuns said...

after reading this post, george and i may have quite a lot in common.

i have to rethink my life and what the hell i'm doing with it.

lizgwiz said...

stinkypaw, indeed.

mary, you are quite welcome. :)

stef, I was lucky to know George. And now I must head over to Poppy Cedes and check out my award. How exciting!! I knew spending large amounts of time and money on those strays would pay off. Hee.

gorillabuns, you and me both. I only hope a stroke doesn't force the issue for either of us!

georgeious said...

oh goodness. wow. i've read that on the wall many times, so it's nice to see it again. it makes me miss people, but it makes me happy at the same time. please take care of our plant in the lobby, too. its name is richard. :)

kris and i went together to see both george and robin in the hospital. i will have to tell you about it sometime. how's lunch at india palace next time i'm in town?