Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Warning: sentimental post about dead pet ahead.

It's been exactly one year today since my sweet Sadie girl died of lung cancer. There's a weird sort of time warp thing happening for me--it feels like it happened years ago, and it feels like it happened just yesterday.

Doesn't she have the sweetest face you ever saw? Every time we went to the vet, every single time, one of the workers there would say that--"doesn't she have the cutest face?" The sympathy card from my vet (who LOVED Sadie, and actually offered to take her from me years ago, if I ever needed to find a home for her--not a chance, of course) also made reference to her sweet face.

She was a very sweet dog. When she wasn't being the scariest thing you ever saw. She considered everything she could see out of the windows HER territory, and anyone, man or beast, who walked past the house was reason to sound the alarm. And sound it she did! She'd bark loudly and run in frantic circles around the living room until the danger had passed. The cats knew to get out of her way, and when my dog Pudge came to live with us, he quickly learned it, too. She particularly hated the evil mailman, and somehow she even knew his truck. It was eerie. He never parked in front of my house, she never saw him getting in or out of the truck, and yet, when the mail truck passed by the house she went crazy.

Of course, anyone daring enough to actually come in the house was in grave danger--danger of being licked to death! She figured that anyone I allowed in was a friend, and her favorite way of showing her affection to her friends was with that enormous, washcloth-like tongue! I once re-entered the living room to find my brother, who was visiting from California, and who'd never met Sadie before, pinned helplessly on the couch while Sadie sat on top of him, enthusiastically licking his face. He was primarily helpless from the giggles, of course.

I never intended to keep Sadie. I wasn't in the market for another dog. But a friend called in a panic. They'd found a mother dog and puppies behind his workplace--would I help? Of course I said yes, and he loaded her and the puppies into a truck and brought them to my house. The plan was to keep them in my garage until homes could be found. But it was December, and the unheated garage was cold, and soon Sadie and her babies found their way into my bathroom. Over the course of the next few weeks, I found homes for all seven puppies. No one wanted Sadie, of course, a big black adult dog of indeterminate parentage. I got her on the waiting list at the SPCA--they said they'd call me the next time they were taking dogs, to see if she still needed a home, and warned that it might be a few months. They called about 3 months later. "Do you still have the dog?" I do. "Do you want to bring her in?" I started blathering. I know I should, I don't need another dog, but she's really sweet, but I KNOW I should bring her in, but she's been here for months now and I KNOW I SHOULD BRING HER IN, but she feels like family.... The woman was kind. "Why don't you think about it, and give us a call later if you want to bring her in." Of course, I never made that call.

Best decision I never made. She was a great dog, one of those that just grabs your heart and won't let go. She wasn't always an easy dog, she complicated my life in more ways than one, but she was a great dog.

Pudge and I miss you, Sadie girl.


Stinkypaw said...

She did have a sweet face and obviously captured your heart. Sorry for your loss.

If you have a chance check out one of my other blogs: http://fourleggedlove.wordpress.com/
... if ever you're interested you could submit something...

3carnations said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost a dog just about a year ago, too. Quirky things still remind me of her. My son still talks about her sometimes, which is amazing, considering he was barely a year and half old when she died.

Edge said...

That is so oddly ironic as my pup that died last year looked EXACTLY like yours when she was younger. I'll have to dig up a pic and send it to you.

I know it's hard to lose a pet. I'm sorry.


lizgwiz said...

Thanks, stinkypaw. I'll check out the fourleggedlove blog.

3c, thanks, and sorry for your loss, too. It is amazing that your son remembers her. But then, your kid seems pretty amazing from what I've read. :)

lizgwiz said...

edge, thanks. A dog that looked like Sadie? I definitely want to see a pic.

Yez said...

Taking a moment to commemorate her passing :-( Not only did she have the sweetest face (apart from present company, my beagle Sammy), she had the greatest name! I knew a Sadie when I was a kid - she was a basset, and it fit her perfectly.

Beautiful post. I love that she knew the mailman's truck :> I've heard that dogs can distinguish the engine sounds of individual vehicles, even if they're the same make and model. Sammy can hear our cars coming home when they're ¼ mile away!

lizgwiz said...

yez, thanks. And I've always hoped that the lack of barking when I pull into the driveway is because they recognize my car, and not because they're falling down on their watchdog job. ;)

gorillabuns said...

though, i'm not an animal lover, i think the fact i don't own one is because i don't think i could get over the inevitable loss. that, and i'm very allergic to animal hair.

with that being said, i'm so sorry your loss. she is and was so very cute.

don't call me MA'AM said...

Oh, sweet doggie! They are members of your family, and that's all there is to say about that. :-)

Nice memories!

lizgwiz said...

gorillabuns, thanks. I've been through the loss more times than I care to count, and it never gets any easier. The only thing worse than losing one for me, though, would be not having them in the first place. And thank goodness I'm not allergic!

dcmm, it's true. They are!