Thursday, January 11, 2007

You made me feel like dancing, Mr. G

For some reason I was thinking about dancing today. Yeah, weird. I have no idea why. I'm not planning on going dancing any time soon, and really I'm not thinking about my normal type of dancing, know--in a bar with some friends, all doing your own version of the white man's overbite, rushing en masse to the floor when a particularly great song comes on. (I used to do that a lot for "That's What I Like About You" as sung by the Romantics. Dating myself here, I know, but I frickin' loved dancing to that song.) Not thinking about ballet, or country two-stepping, or musical theatre dancing. No, for some reason, I'm thinking about good, old-fashioned partner dancing, swing dancing, Fred and Ginger dancing. Wedding reception dancing.

I'm not particularly gifted in that area. Oh, I don't have two left feet, exactly, but sometimes the twirling and spinning confuses me. It's like playing Twister, only upright. Left foot where? Right hand what? But I'm pretty easily led, and with a really strong partner...I can see why Fred and Ginger were always smiling. It's fun.

The most fun I ever had at a reception was following the wedding of a high school/college friend. Big Catholic wedding--open bar, lots of food, and a great dance band with a sizeable dance floor. The magic ingredient, though? Her dad. Her parents both loved to dance, and we were always a little envious of how beautifully they moved together. Well, on such an occasion as the wedding of his first daughter, Mr. G wasn't going to see any young lady even approaching wallflowerdom. One by one, he grabbed us and swung us out onto the floor. Modest protestations of "I'm not really very good" were completely ignored, and for good reason. When you danced with Mr. G, you WERE good. We swung and swayed and dipped and twirled, and it was fabulous! How did he do that? I didn't know what we were doing from one second to the next, but it didn't matter. I haven't seen my friend or her parents in years, but wherever they are, I sure hope they're still dancing.

I've known a couple of other men with similar magic. One was the gay hairstylist/pageant coach of a friend of mine. The three of us went out drinking one night, and before the night was over, Wade and I were stars. He was an incredibly strong dance partner and, like Mr. G, would not hear from me that I really couldn't dance. "Just follow me, honey!" Before I knew it, we were cutting quite a rug. He flung me this way and that way, occasionally discreetly whispering "Twirl to the!" or "Ready for a spin to the right!" It was like a movie--people actually made a circle around us and watched, and clapped. I don't know about you, but generally, if there's a big circle of people around me on a dance floor,'s most likely because I have drunkenly fallen down, not because I'm aMAZing! When we made our way breathlessly back to the table my friend said "I never knew you could dance like that!" Neither did I. Well, except for that night with Mr. G.

So why am I thinking about that now? I don't know. Maybe because my life has been a little stagnant of late. Not enough fun, and definitely not enough dancing. Maybe that's a worthy goal for 2007--more dancing! Even if all I do is draw the blinds, crank the stereo up and dance like a fool by myself. Whee!!


guinness girl said...

Oh! I TOTALLY know what you mean. Wilman and I went to a free trial ballroom dance lesson before our wedding, and it was a total disaster. We were basically in a walk-in closet at Arthur Murray, which smelled a bit like kitty litter (and i should know), and with my lack of coordination, Wilman's lack of rhythm, and Wilman's vertigo issues on top of it all, we were quite a pair. But then - randomly - a few weeks ago, I was having a glass of wine at a bar, waiting for Wilman to get out of a late meeting, and an older gentleman walked in and started talking about how his dance class was starting in an hour and he was having a drink beforehand. We started talking, and the next thing I knew, he was whirling me about the bar. It was so fun, despite the fact that I was slightly creeped out by him. :)

Stinkypaw said...

I often do that! We often talked about going for lessons, but never took the time... maybe 2007 would be te year for that!

Hope you'll dance soon, alone at home or elsewhere, but mostly do have fun!

stefanie said...

I know what you mean, too. I took "social dance" as one of my required phy. ed. credits in college, and it was so much fun... at least, with a partner who figured out how to lead.

Jasclo said...

I wish I'd learned to dance. And play piano. This is why people have kids right? So they can make them do all the things they didn't get to do when they were young. :)

-R- said...

I am so unccoridnated, that even when I dance with a good partner, I am still flailing around. Maybe I just haven't found the right partner yet!

Sparkling Cipher said...

I always wanted to be able to dance well. I think if I went to a class where there were other klutzes I might enjoy learning. But I'd want my sweetie there so he can learn, too, because he's the one I want to dance with. Sigh. Dance lessons will take some serious negotiation/manipulation, though. He can be such a macho guy.

lizgwiz said...

GG, I'm sure he was just over the moon to be dancing with such a hot chick!

stinkypaw, 2007 should be the year we all dance!

stef, the partner makes all the difference, doesn't he? In dance, as in life. Sigh.

jasclo, I always knew I'd play the flute in band when I was old enough, because my mother wasn't allowed to. She had to play clarinet because "flutes were too expensive." So I guess you have something there!

-r-, the right partner could have you dancing beautifully, I'm sure.

sparkling, good luck getting your man to dance! Has he seen "Dancing with the Stars"? Those football players cut a rug and sure still look manly.

metalia said...

I am officially the world's worst dancer. That, however, does not stop me from doing so constantly (in the privacy of my own living room, of course; no need to inflict it on others. I don't think the world is quite ready for my moves...)

maliavale said...

Oh, how fun! Makes me want to go dancing immediately.

lizgwiz said...

metalia, it's all about the fun! What's that old cheesy phrase about "dance like nobody's watching"?

malia, my feet were tapping on the floor as my fingers were tapping on the keyboard!