Friday, January 12, 2007

The iceman cometh.

Well, the ice storm has hit. The streets are already getting slick, and we're getting ready to head home early. I HATE WINTER WEATHER! They're saying travel will be "difficult to impossible" all weekend, so home I go to snuggle in with the critters. Which should be fine, as long as the power lines hold up. If the power goes out, I'm going to be one unhappy (cold)camper. Probably literally, as I'd most likely haul the sleeping bag out of the garage and hunker down. Did I mention that I HATE WINTER WEATHER? It bears repeating. And it's supposed to be brutally cold for the next few days, as well, so there will be no melting. And since it's the weekend, and Monday is a holiday for a lot of people, it won't get driven off the roads much.

Gah. Double gah.


stefanie said...

Bummer. It suddenly got cold here this weekend as well, though at least we don't have an ice storm on top of that.

I hope you're keeping warm!

Stinkypaw said...

Hope things aren't too bad and that you were warm and safe with your critters! Winter does suck when it goes weird.

Jasclo said...

Ugh. I hate it too. Hope your power stays on!

lizgwiz said...

Thanks for the warm wishes, all. I did make it through the weekend without power outage. We're still covered in ice, though.