Friday, May 01, 2009

Rainy days and Fridays...

I want some sunshine, and I want it now. It's rained off and on all week. I am tired of it. Someone get on this for me, 'kay?

I haven't seen Hot Med all week, as I've had rehearsal every night, and we don't talk on the phone, as that is just frustrating, but I will see him tonight, as he and his brother and sister-in-law are coming to see the "Fridiron." I know HM won't understand many of the lyrics, but I think he will enjoy the music and silliness, and mostly...he is just excited to see me onstage. I had invited them all to come, but didn't think they were going to, as they are very "early to bed" people, and thought it might be too late an evening for them. But, according to Hot Bro, Hot Med really, really wanted to come, so they're all going to give it a whirl. I'm glad they're willing to do this for him, and I hope they enjoy it. I'm giving them my comps, so at least they're not out too much money. I can't do anything about them having to stay up past their bedtime. Heh.

It's a pretty good show, I think. Maybe a little long, but the mayor came last night and she loved it. We lampoon her pretty strongly in a couple of songs, including my big closing number (to the tune of Rohemian Bhapsody--hee), and she sat right up front, so I lampooned her directly to her face. She was very good about it. We'll see if I suddenly notice a big increase in my city utility bill. (Kidding, Mayor Kathy, kidding!)

We've got cast parties both tonight and tomorrow night, so it should be quite a weekend. And then on Sunday, I will rest. And probably spend some time with Hot Med, if he still likes me after he sees me onstage singing about hookers and tossing around babies like bean bags. (Referring to the former governor of New York and "Octomom," respectively.)

Hope your weekends are lovely and filled with just the right amount of mayors, babies, and/or hookers.


Miss Pants said...

The weather has been pretty nice here during the week and then rain moves in just in time for the weekend. ENOUGH!

Your play sounds really fun! Wish I were in the same area so I could come see it. Nice to have the mayor taking it all in stride and your subject matter sounds right up my alley. :)

flurrious said...

I wish someone would lampoon our idiot mayor directly out of office. That has nothing to do with your post, but I can't hear the word "mayor" these days without going off on at least a mini-rant.

Um. Anyway. Have a good weekend!

Stefanie said...

If by "just the right amount," you mean "none," I think I can comply. I don't anticipate any mayors, babies, or hookers in my weekend. (Then again, I did see the mayor at a restaurant a month or so ago. Maybe we'll say just the babies and hookers are particularly unlikely?)

Sauntering Soul said...

My weekend was completely mayor, hooker and baby free. I'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see this play. It would be fun. Now if only someone would lampoon our stupid senator and tell him to give it up already and let Franken win. Stupid Coleman. I hate him.*

*He used to be Mayor of Saint Paul which is how I am loosely tying all this together. Oh, and he used to be a Democrat. And then he decided to turn Republican so he could run against Paul Wellstone but had no chance of winning until Wellstone's plane mysteriously crashed. I have several conspiracy theories that explain that "coincidence".

My weekend was also mayor, hooker and baby free. On the whole, I'm quite okay with that.

lizgwiz said...

Pants, I hear you on the "ENOUGH." We're washing away!

flurrious, I find making fun of politicians who bug me is very therapeutic. ;)

stef, you are completely the judge of what is the "right amount" for you. Hee.

ss, I'm so sorry. Better luck next weekend. ;)

green, we actually did a number in which "Al Franken" sang a song called "Let's Count the Ballots Again," to the tune of "Let's Do the Time Warp Again" from Rocky Horror. "It's just a check to the left...or just a check to the right." Hee.

David Fingerut said...

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