Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'm his wallpaper.

On his cellphone, that is. Against my better judgment, I let him snap a couple of shots when we were standing in the wind on the pedestrian bridge over the river. I say "against my better judgment" because I didn't get a chance to review the pictures for "flatterability." Given a choice, I would instantly delete about 90% of all pictures taken of me. I would have deleted the wallpaper pic--I think I look terrible. Oh, well...it's not like he's showing it to everyone, right? Just to his boss and co-workers. Gack!

Hot Med, his brother and his sister-in-law...what shall we blog-name her? Sil. Hot Med, Hot Bro and Sil came to the show Friday night. They made it through the whole show and claimed to have enjoyed themselves. I wondered how much Hot Med would understand, but he got the gist of a lot of it. He definitely recognized Obama, and though I think he confused Coburn with Bush, he got the thrust of the joke. He was also particularly taken with the baby-tossing in the Octomom number. They all agreed my big number was the best.

Afterwards, we were standing there when a girl came up (I didn't know her, but she happened to be there with some friends of mine, small world and all) who knew Hot Med from the gym. She said a big "hi" and he instantly squeezed my shoulder and said "this is my girlfriend." We chatted for a bit about the show and our mutual friends. Then as soon as she walked away he took great pains to let me know that he knew her from the gym, but he didn't "like" her. I wasn't worried. Heh. I have sort of mixed feelings about this exchange. On the one hand, I keep telling him we're "dating," and it's premature to call me his "girlfriend." On the other hand...it's kind of refreshing to have a guy so willing to claim the relationship in public. I always end up with the ones who introduce you as their "friend," even long past the point where YOU think the "girlfriend" appellation could be used. (New Guy being a case in point.)

Anyway, Friday night's show was good, Saturday night's was even better. I did, indeed, "kill" in my big number. It's both very nice and somewhat frustrating to have people who've seen me in all three years that I've done this show, only now realize that I can really sell a number. The director apologized that I'd been under-utilized previously (and even in this show, to a certain extent). Maybe next year I won't have to beg for a good song. Heh. Also nice? A woman I didn't know stopped to tell me how great the show was, and also to let me know that she's seen me in "real" plays several times and I'm always wonderful. Why, thank you, Strange Woman. Nice to hear. Saturday night one of the two musical directors made it a point to tell me that he'd been remiss over the last three years in not telling me how great I was, and how much he had always appreciated my professionalism. His new girlfriend, who I've known casually for years, through an theatre friend, said that she remarked to him, when she saw that I was in the show, "I always know it's going to be good if Liz is in it. She never lets me down." A few other people, who know me either socially or through the "straight" (meaning non-musical, not non-gay) theatre community, remarked that they "had no idea I could sing like that." Okay, clearly, I've got to do a better job coordinating the two sides of my performing personality. I'm better known in Tulsa as an actress, so I guess I need to do some P.R. on my singing career!

We had cast parties both Friday and Saturday nights--both were fun, and both nights I stayed up way too late, though I did a pretty good job controlling my alcohol intake--not a single hangover--woo hoo! Hot Med made me lunch at his place on Saturday, and made dinner for me (and his sister and nephew) on Sunday evening. He is the healthiest cook ever. All vegetables--nothing greasy or creamy or overly cheesy. Lots of lemon juice and olive oil. If I only ever ate meals he prepared for me, I'd be skinny. (He wouldn't like that, though...he doesn't like skinny girls. They look "like they'd break." Hee!)

I think I'm going to make dinner for him at my place tonight, and then on Saturday, I will be joining the entire family--Hot Med, Hot Bro, Sil, Sis and Nephew--on an excursion to a nearby town for a Lebanese heritage festival.

I know, I know...you're thinking this is seeming like a "relationship." Shut up! I'm just having fun. I think I deserve a little fun--don't you?


Sauntering Soul said...

Wow, all of this sounds like good stuff!

I'm glad you're having fun with Hot Med. Who knows where it's going to lead, but enjoy the ride!

I wish I lived closer so I could come see your talents on the stage. Does anyone ever video tape your performances so that you could post them here for us to see?

-R- said...

Yes, I do think you deserve some fun!

Great job at the performances!

3carnations said...

You definitely deserve some fun. And whatever else may come of it. :-)

nancypearlwannabe said...

If they try to make you drink Arak at the Lebanese festival, beware! It takes like Sambuca but makes you (err... me) instantly loopy. My family calls it the Crazy Water.

Congrats on your shows!

Stinkypaw said...

Of course you do!!

I so wish I could see you perform. Congrats on a job well done!

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah to the show being such a success!!

Stefanie said...

You do deserve some fun! You also deserve a relationship. You know, if you want one. Which I hope you do, because it sounds like you've got one. ;-) Relax. "Relationship" can mean a LOT of things. It's a word very open to interpretation. Anyway, just enjoy it.

And great job on the play! Please tell me someone will be posting YouTube clips on Facebook! :-)

flurrious said...

It sounds like a fun weekend! Well, except for the part where you had to eat non-greasy, non-creamy, non-cheesy foods. That part sounds like torture.

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could see you on stage. You know, apparently Minnesota has one of the largest theater districts in the US. So it just makes sense that you come here and do a play or two.

I think you should have fun, you do deserve it.