Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update

It turned out to be a good weekend, if not exactly the one I had planned.

We decided not to go to the Lebanese festival. Hot Med's sister and brother couldn't go because of some last-minute work-related things, and since the weather was looking kind of iffy, I decided not to make the trip with just the two of us.

Instead, Friday night I picked him up and then stopped at a restaurant with a good salad bar. Hot Med was still full from lunch, so he didn't eat salad, but he did help himself to three ice cream cones from the free ice cream station. Just the cones, mind you...he didn't fill them with ice cream. "Too fattening." Freak. He didn't have any problem filling one up for me, though. Then we hung out at my house for a while.

I have to say...that while I'm still on the alert for stereotypical (of his culture) chauvinistic behavior, there hasn't been any lately. Instead, he is all too happy to fetch and carry for me. He wants to come over next weekend and help me trim my trees and shrubs. I don't know if this is just "courting" behavior, and subject to change or not,'s working for now. Truthfully, I think he's a little bit p***y-whipped. Heh.

Saturday, since I wasn't off eating tabouli, I cleaned the house, went ahead and attended Cat Lady Lunch, then picked up Hot Med on my way home. I had promised him pizza that evening at my favorite pizza place, and a walk first in the park. He ate a salad and four whole pieces of pizza--the most I'd ever seen him eat. "Pizza of the Gods" indeed.

My family and I had been going back and forth over what to do for Mother's Day...finally the decision was made that they would come to Tulsa and we'd have lunch together here. My brother-in-law wanted to go to a restaurant that we all loved as kids, and hadn't been to in years. It's sort of a Tulsa institution--but as an adult you realize that the food really isn't good, and that the "Mexican village" atmosphere is quite cheesy. However...that's what we decided to do, and to liven things up, my mom and I decided it would be fun to invite Hot Med along.

Yes, that's right--I took him to meet my family (plus a friend of my sister's and her two children), hoping that doing so wasn't committing to an act of betrothal or anything. Heh. I figured since I'd already met his family it was only fair to see how he interacted with mine. He was incredibly enthusiastic in response to the invitation: "YES!"

And? It was fine. He kissed my mother's hand and she tittered like a schoolgirl. At one point, he said "your mom is funny and beautiful," and when I relayed that to her, I believe she blushed. Later when he left the table and went to the bathroom, my sister leaned over to say "He's so CUTE!" The consensus was that he was cute and funny, though my mother did say, jokingly, "too bad he's not independently wealthy, too." Yeah well, would that we all were, right? My sister did say later that she felt bad looking to me for translations from time to time, but hey--that's just the way it goes. I've had a few weeks to practice my "Hot Med Speak."

He gamely ate his entire plate of entirely mediocre food, so bonus points to him! We all agreed that perhaps we didn't need to relive our childhoods in that way again any time soon--even though we did get to sit in the "cave"--which would have thrilled us "back in the day." My mom asked "didn't the food used to be better?" To which I responded: "It's exactly the same...we just didn't know any better back then." Hee. It was incredibly crowded, though...lots of families with children, so apparently the appeal still holds for the young ones. (There's an arcade! And an hourly magic show!) That or there are a lot of Tulsans who have bad taste. You decide. Heh.

So, that was my weekend. How was yours?


3carnations said...

He met your family and went out to eat on Mother's Day weekend with them? Welcome to your relationship. :-) I bet he was thrilled to be invited.

Sounds like a great weekend.

greenduckiesgirl said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad you had a good weekend. You do realize the more you bring up Hot Med, the more I like him (although the ice cream cone thing is kind of weird).

A couple of years ago, my friend Beth and I learned that our memories definitely did not live up to the actual quality of food when we went to the Ponderosa. It was horrible, the food was cold, the service was terrible and there was no magic show! Oh, well, it was an experience.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Whoooooa! Big steps! I'm glad he was so charming and everyone loved him. Now you just need to find out whether YOU do. :)

-R- said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I did not go out nearly as much.

Stefanie said...

Ha. I think NPW pretty much covered it. ;-)

Sauntering Soul said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

And I agree with NPW. And Stefanie.

flurrious said...

I predict that in a couple of years, we're all going to be congratulating you on your first wedding anniversary and saying, "remember when you couldn't decide if you liked him?"

lizgwiz said...

3car, I know he was thrilled to be invited. That's kind of what scared me. Heh.

green, I know...NOT eating ice cream just because it's fattening? What's that about? ;)

npw, yeah, that's the key, isn't it? Hmm...

-r-, well, your one trip to the emergency room may trump all my little runnings around.

stef, indeed.

ss, ditto.

flurrious, you sound like my BFF, who's also adding me as a 50-year-old first-time mother into his imaginary mix. (Which, by the way--NO. NEVER. Unless, you know...I could hire someone to have it, tend it, raise it for me. Then MAYBE.)

Stinkypaw said...

Wow... that's one big step for Hot Med... He's growing on you, it shows... enjoy! ;-)