Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend update

But first...enormous hugs, thoughts, prayers for healing to gorillabuns and her family. I can't even begin to imagine the pain she's feeling right now. Please send your own thoughts and prayers her way, as well.

And now, a quick rundown of my weekend:

Friday afternoon, I did manage to meet Mr. Not Quite Divorced for lunch, despite my boss having a panic attack/meltdown which required me to give up much of what should have been an entire afternoon off to help him sort things out.

And how was it? Well, it was fine. I were hoping for fireworks. Me, too. But what I got was an enjoyable lunch with a nice guy. Physically, no overwhelming sparks. But no "never in a million years" reaction, either. He greeted me with a somewhat awkward handshake (keep in mind that this guy married the first girl he went out with, 20 years ago, so he has no recent actual dating experience). He is really pretty much as he described himself--nerdy and near-sighted. Hee. We ate, we chatted, we had to cut it kind of short because a) the restaurant was closing, and b) I had to get back to my frantic boss. We did stand in the parking lot chatting for a bit. No hug at that point, either, though I suppose I could have initiated one, and we left on a "we'll have to do this again sometime" note. And...that's it. We're back to our regularly scheduled emailing, and I have no idea if he has any aspirations to anything more.

Friday night, church.

Saturday morning, house cleaning.

Saturday afternoon, cat lady lunch, followed by a stop at a local herb festival, where I bought four, count 'em, four different kinds of basil plants. And some tomatoes. I got the basil into planters--the poor tomatoes are still waiting.

Saturday evening, Mensa meeting, with an interesting presentation this month by a woman who worked for JPL for 30 years, and was project manager for the first Mars rover landing. She insisted that the rover have the name of a female hero--hence, "Sojourner Truth." Looking at her, I would never have guessed that she was responsible for anything so exciting...she looked more like a retired gym teacher, in khaki pants and a sweatshirt. Heh.

Sunday morning, two, count 'em...two church services. I sang with the praise band led by a friend of mine at an early morning service, then went to my own church for the regular service, then went home and and snuggled on the couch under a blanket for the rest of the rainy, cold afternoon.

At some point in the weekend, I returned one of Hot Med's several calls. (He never leaves a voice mail, so I don't feel that bad about not returning the calls more promptly.) He wanted me to come over for dinner on Sunday, but I was too tired. I did agree to go to his place for dinner tonight. I believe we're having tabouli again. He offered to make something different, but I couldn't trust that he's really grasped the vegetarian thing, so I thought tabouli was a safer choice.

So, am I looking forward to seeing him? Well, some extent. It's hard not to like being told repeatedly how beautiful you are. Heh. And I can watch his arms as he chops the tabouli vegetables. Double heh. But then we'll run out of things to say, and he'll be content to sit there holding my hand, but I won't, and...I think I need to make a decision fairly soon regarding continuing the "relationship" or not. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I don't want to lead him on, and I don't want him making any assumptions about where this might be leading.

In other news, I logged in at "flentyofpish" today, for the first time in quite a while, to check out some guy who had "favorited" me (and he looks kind of cool--I favorited him back, though neither of us sent an actual message), and mere moments later I had a message from Insane Guy. "I've missed you." Yowza. I did not respond.

No real contact from Mr. Short Term, by the way...except for email forwards and facebook interactions. I'm sure if I actually gave in and called him, he'd be happy to see me. Not gonna do it, though. "Nuh guh duh," in the words of Dana Carvey's President Bush. Hee.


3carnations said...

Sounds...average. Sorry there were no sparks with AD ("almost divorced" seems long, but I just typed it out anyway...). Enjoy tabouli. Hope he doesn't decide to mix things up by adding green peppers.

I'm sure Hot Med doesn't leave messages due to the communication issues. :)

Stefanie said...

Mr. Short Term is on your Facebook page? OK, now I have to look for him... ;-)

flurrious said...

Insane Guy is still available? Go figure.

Mr. Not Quite Divorced sounds nicer than I'd envisioned. For some reason, I was thinking he was more on the Married side of Not Quite Divorced. Too bad there were no fireworks, but maybe he's got a long fuse. That came out dirtier than I intended.

greenduckiesgirl said...

Yes, I was hoping for fireworks! Dang it. Oh, well, I suppose I will have to live. He does sound nice though. I like nerdy. Well, okay, I like nerdy evil geniuses but still, nerdy is a good start.

Your weekend was much more exciting than mine was, at least.

Lara said...

"And I can watch his arms" = hahahaha. I also love that you have someone you refer to as Insane Guy.

lizgwiz said...

3c, oh, I'm sure if he did leave a message it would only be "oh my god" followed by "okay, no problem." Probably best he doesn't leave one. Heh.

stef, he is. If you can guess who he is, I'll send you a prize. ;)

flurrious, I know! I was sure some woman had snatched him up by now. Or, you know...the cops. Or his keepers from the mental institution.

green, I'm generally a fan of nerdy, as well. Though I prefer when it stops just short of "socially awkward. Heh.

Lara, oh, trust me...Insane Guy lives up to his name. Totally. I'd be a little scared if I'd ever actually shared my name and/or phone number with him.