Friday, April 03, 2009

It never rains but it pours.

In addition to tomorrow night's tabouli-making date, I've had other offers.

The McCain Supporter--remember him? He's never really completely gone away, he pops up with an instant message now and again. He popped up this afternoon--we actually had a decent little chat, and he wants me to meet him for a glass of wine tonight. I told him I was probably going to be too tired after work. (I still think that, at this point.) Actually, he was fun to hang out with, and I think we both know there's no possibility of a real relationship, so maybe we could just be friends, but...I hesitate to walk that road again, even platonically. Still, though...nice to be so unforgettable to SOMEBODY.

AND...Mr. Not Quite Divorced, with whom I have up to half a dozen email exchanges most weekdays...wants to meet for lunch next week. I'm...a little surprised. But very much looking forward to meeting him, if only to see if we have anything left to say to each other in person. Hee. No expectations, though...he's still only almost divorced.

A decent-sounding guy contacted me through Hayoo!, but he hasn't posted a picture yet, and I have decided to be all guy-like and insist on knowing what they look like first. Go, me. Way to be shallow. Heh.

Haven't heard from Mr. Short Term in I have mightily resisted the urge to remind him that I exist. Apparently I'm NOT so unforgettable to HIM.

Who needs him, anyway, right?


Stinkypaw said...


Stefanie said...

You're actually going to MEET your prolific penpal? I must say, I'm looking forward to hearing about that...

CarpeDM said...

Wow. It is raining men!

And you're right. If he can't recognize how awesome you are, he doesn't deserve you.

3carnations said...

Wow! You are in high demand.

So, how did dinner with Hot Med (and possibly his sister) go?

Sauntering Soul said...

Wow, you are Ms. Popular! I'm with 3C' did tabouli night go?