Thursday, April 02, 2009

I'll probably keep my maiden pseudonym

Okay, for all you people singing "Lizgwiz and Hot Med, sittin' in a tree..." or doodling "Mrs. Liz G. Mediterranean" in the margins of your trapper keeper...we do have another date scheduled. He's going to make tabouli for me Saturday night at his place. Said date being arranged by email, of course...that phone thing is just NOT happening.

Now, let's just hope he doesn't monkey up his tabouli with bell peppers...'cause THAT would be a deal breaker.

In other news, we had our first "Fridiron" rehearsal last night. As usual with political parody, there are way too many parts for men, and as usual in Tulsa, there are way too many women in the cast, first it didn't seem to be looking good for my getting a great song. I was actually considering backing out (call me a diva, but I won't simply be a spear carrier--sorry), but apparently the director sensed that, and following a quick chat post-rehearsal (where I stopped well short of being bitchy about it, but did express my interest in a particular potentially show-stopping number), she called to say she'd give me that song if I'd stick around. Deal! I will happily carry spears the rest of the evening in exchange for portraying our controversial mayor in a song to the tune of "Rhohemian Bapsody." I suppose I'll just have to deal with the mental darts being aimed my way by the rest of the women. Hee.


3carnations said...

I loved the Trapper Keeper reference. I had to wait a few years to get one, until they went down in price. When I finally did, it had kittens on it and was totally worth it.

Bell peppers are a deal breaker? Seriously? Couldn't you just ask him not to put them in next time? Oh, right - Diva. :)

lizgwiz said...

3c, clearly you underestimate the malicious intent of the bell pepper. You can't just pick them out! Their flavor seeps into everything and TAKES OVER. I mean, talk about your diva. ;)

Stefanie said...

You don't like bell peppers either? Ah, Liz. One more reason we are soul sisters. As I recall, though, we don't see eye to eye on the mushroom thing. Oh well. No one's perfect.

Sauntering Soul said...

I like red bell peppers but don't really care so much for the green ones.

I'm excited you have a second date with Hot Med! And congrats on the diva part of you beating out those other women.

gorillabuns said...

green bell peppers are the devil. blech!

nancypearlwannabe said...

I am going to go with that fact that you are a talented singer and actress and that's why you got the part instead of it being because you are a diva.

Also, you are correct: bell peppers DO NOT belong in tabouli.

lizgwiz said...

stef, so astute of you to admit that your dislike of mushrooms is an imperfection. ;) What's your take on cilantro? I find that's another love/hate kind of vegetable. (Me love.)

ss, is it a bad sign that I'm hoping that his sister is there, to help translate? ;)

gbuns, correct as usual!

npw, well...I think the diva edge helped. Heh. WHY would anyone ever put bell peppers in the perfection that is tabouli? WHY?

greenduckiesgirl said...

Diva or not, I love the idea that the song is sung to Rhomemian Bapsody. That's one of my favorite songs.

I don't remember if I had a Trapper Keeper. It is possible that my mom was too broke to buy one for me. But I was so posed to write both your names on my meetings notebook. Foiled again.

I only like bell peppers if they are in sloppy joe and stuffed peppers. Otherwise, blech. And I like mushrooms but only if they are canned.

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