Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th!

I've always kind of liked Friday the 13th. I used to make it a point to throw a party (back when I regularly threw parties) on Friday the 13th, specifically...kind of a "laugh in the face of fate" thing.

Yeah, fate's sittin' back all, "Who's laughing now, huh?"

At any rate, I will be joining friends for drinks and snacks tonight, and while that is a far cry from the kind of parties I used to throw, back in the day, I am very much looking forward to it. And really, the kind of parties I used to throw, back in the day...definitely too much "fun" for my current 40-something self to handle.

Let's just say at one party there were 65 (I counted) people shoulder to shoulder in my tiny living room alone, all dancing and yelling to be heard over the music. Then there was that time I invited an entire graduating class of optometrists to come over for an after-party when the bar closed. And most of them came. (My friends were there, wasn't just me and the optometrists. I never threw THAT kind of party!) One party turned tragic when people smoked (and not just cigarettes) in my bedroom with the door closed, which was strictly against house rules, and killed my parakeet. I threw everyone out that night. Another night, a birthday party for someone, one of my friends freaked out and started grabbing handfuls of birthday cake and throwing it. There was cake on every inch of the kitchen walls and floor, I think. Have you ever tried to mop up smashed birthday cake? It's slippery. You fall down a lot in the process, especially if you're drunk. Yeah, those were the days. Heh.

At any rate, it won't be THAT kind of party. I don't think. Though I do remember a couple of years ago, this same seemingly sedate group of adult women thought it a good idea to open a few bottles of wine after polishing off several bottles of champagne and at least one of us (okay, it was me) had to spend a little time worshipping the porcelain god before she could go home. (In my defense, one of my cats had just died, I was very, very upset and I forgot to eat. Oops.)

The hostess of the party did promise to send us all home with black cats. I assume she was talking party favors of some sort (she's big into that), or maybe Black Cat firecrackers, and not ACTUAL black cats. I would have to shoot her.


Mousse said...

Well...??? How did it go ? BTW I've hosted and been to a few of those kinda parties myself...

You somehow always manage to bring me back to my wild and carefree, perhaps a tad reckless and stupid at times "daze"....I love it !!! ;-) THANKS

stefanie said...

Again, I will say that in comparison to you, clearly I squandered away my 20s.

Please tell me you did not come home last night with another cat...

lizgwiz said...

mousse, happy to be of service! I'm glad I lived through my misspent youth--it's given me some great stories. ;)

stef, of course there's a fine line between "not squandering" and "being so stupid you wonder how you lived through it." Hee.

And no, no animals were given away as party favors. Several mojitos were downed, but we all maintained our dignity. Well, except for when we attempted to take group photos and got the giggles.

Paisley said...

My 13th was a classic 13th for the first time in years.

You rule and your stories are priceless!

don't call me MA'AM said...

Yes, yes... mojitos! I almost had one tonight at dinner, but was afraid I'd fall asleep into my dinner plate.

Sounds like a fun party!

guinness girl said...

I think you really need another cat.

lizgwiz said...

paisley, thanks!

dcmm, mojitos make any party fun, don't they?

gg, you are SO funny! ;)