Friday, July 06, 2007

Feeling better today, thanks.

I'm not quite so cranky today. PMSing yesterday, perhaps?

One thing I'm very glad about is that Miss Dolly finally showed up for dinner last night AND returned for breakfast this morning, and I was very careful not to let the puppy anywhere near her, or even in her field of vision. I still haven't seen McBeady again since his chasing, but hopefully he'll show back up soon, too.

It's not raining today! I am very glad about that, too, even though it means it's swelteringly hot outside. Temperatures in the 90s after 40 days and 40 nights (or so it felt) of rain makes for a nice sauna-like feeling outside. Blech. But it's not raining. And so I am glad.

I'll be going to see Lyle Lovett and kd lang this weekend! So very, very, very glad! Woot!!!

Today is Friday. Finally, after what felt like TWO Mondays this week. SGIF! (So glad it's Friday.)

Next weekend I have plans for Friday night with one of my groups of fabulous women friends, and Saturday afternoon with the crazy cat ladies. I'm glad about my fabulous friends!

See all the gladness?

I'm not glad, but I am amused (or perhaps bemused) that my blog is now found most often through google searches for "blood in poop," and variations thereof. I didn't realize I'd mentioned those two things quite that often, but I guess I have. I also had maybe the most disturbing google search ever: "brother and sister pee in each other's mouth." WTF?!!!! How disgusting is THAT? I don't even want to know what they thought they'd find. Shudder.

Okay, I was going to post a picture of the puppy, along with pictures of the inspirations for the two names I'm considering, but Blogger won't let me post the puppy pictures. (I don't know why not. It keeps insisting they're not jpeg files, but they ARE. I give up.)

I'll just show you the inspirations, instead, since they are apparently satisfactory to the Great and Mighty Wizard of Blog.

The first possible name? Wiley. Because he kind of looks like a coyote. And who doesn't love Wile E. Coyote?

The second possibility? Ribsy. Because his ribs were the most salient feature of his anatomy when I found him (or he found me, more accurately), and besides, who doesn't love Beverly Cleary?

Any thoughts? I have to confess I'm leaning toward Wiley, for some reason. Not that it really matters, since whoever adopts him may well change his name, anyway. And he will be adopted soon, right? Right? (I know I'm being delusional here--just go with me. Thanks.)

I wish you all weekends of gladness, even if you're not lucky enough to be seeing my future husband in concert. (Hee.)


stefanie said...

Glad you're in better spirits today. As for the dog, I like Ribsy, because I'm always amused by an unusual but descriptive name (you know, like when Bart Simpson named his elephant Stampy). Wiley is fun, too, though. Both fine choices, actually.

gorillabuns said...

man... was that concert this weekend? maybe, i should pick up a local publication for reference.

secretly hoping you meet your future husband, smiling and waving across the crowded zoo amp!

chickadee said...

Definently Ribsy - I must admit that as a little girl, I had a bit of a crush on Henry Huggins. ;)

Anonymous said...

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