Friday, May 04, 2007

"It's the endolphins."

Okay, it's just the usual Friday Flotsam, but let's make this a little fun. The first person to identify the source of the quote in the title of this post (and who is willing to give out their address) will win a prize! Probably just a mix CD of my favorite songs or something, but a prize!

On to the flotsam.

There's not much flotsam even, really. There is very little going on in my life right now. Which is good, in a way--I'm still at the point on the Be Healthier Train where it would take very little to derail me. So it's good, I think, that nothing much is happening to distract me. Hopefully it will soon be such a part of my life that I won't have to force myself to do it. I don't think there's any danger of my obsessive-compulsive nature taking over to quite the extent it did when I was younger. I have realistic goals--I know I'm not going to be as thin again as I was in my 20s. I'm good with that. I just want to be healthier, and yes, smaller. But I remember what was required, with my metabolism, for me to be truly thin. I had to work out a LOT, every day. I would regularly walk 5-6 miles, come home and do an aerobics tape, then do a little work with light weights. That's a lot of time, added on to an 8-hour day at work. It pretty much precludes doing anything else in the early evening on a regular basis. Back then I was still young enough to consider going out at 10:00 on a weeknight, but now? Good lord, no. It certainly precludes doing theatre--can't be at a 7:00 rehearsal if you're not finished with your workout 'til after 8:00. So I was thin, and I looked great, but I had no life, and that's what doomed me in the end. I don't want that now. I want to look better, sure, but I still want the option of a life, at least. So I'm trying to be more moderate with my exercise. I have to get in the habit, but not TOO much so. I have to convince my OCD that the world won't end if I cut the workout short some nights. And yes, I am aware that some people (freaks!) work out in the morning, to which I say "Are you nuts?" I am NOT a morning person. If I worked out in the morning I'd have to have a job which would allow me to take a mid-morning nap.

At any rate, the exercise is going well, but I sure wish I could somehow draw out the endorphin rush a little longer. I feel GREAT for an hour or two after I finish, then I lapse into a coma. I guess it does forestall the lapsing into a coma for a while, so that's an improvement, but I want to FEEL GREAT ALL THE TIME. I'm exercising, damn it! Work with me here. Hee.

What's up with Dolly and McBeady? Has McBeady gotten past his little snit? Well, yes and no. Yesterday afternoon he actually came up and head-butted me and demanded to be petted for a good long while. He rolled around and let me rub his belly, and scratch his chin. I noticed he had a couple of sizeable new bald spots on his head--obviously there's been a little tussle with another tomcat, and that may have been part of his reluctance to let me touch him. I usually go right for the head to start the patting, and that probably hurt! So I thought we were back to normal, then this morning he got all hissy and weird again. Gah. I wouldn't care so much whether he enjoys the petting or not, but it's keeping me from being able to finesse him into a carrier and take him off to be neutered, so I'm a little frustrated. Dolly continues to be sweet, bless her.

Seems like every time I'm between shows, I get the urge to DO SOMETHING. Take a class, get a hobby...sign up for or something equally crazy. Usually another show comes along before I get around to actually doing any of these things, but here I am, thinking about it again. So, it was slow at work yesterday, and I thought I'd tool around on match and yahoo personals and see what there was to see. Maybe I am too picky. I put in some pretty generous search terms--from 10 years younger to 10 years older, and only ruled out political conservatives. (What? I left in "middle of the road" and "not political"!) I got something like 567 possible matches. I scanned through a good many of them, checked out profiles on what seemed like THOUSANDS of them, and ended up with only 2 that I could even consider considering. Gah! They can't ALL be that bad, can they? What's wrong with me? That stained glass class is looking pretty good right now.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Edge said...

Headbutting seems to work for me when I need a little affection.


Sparkling Cipher said...

Good for you. I've been fighting with myself - not as much as I expected to have to, but still fighting - to stick with the exercise. I briefly considered trying to work out in the morning, but then figured I would end up killing someone if I had to get up any earlier, endorphins or no.

Speaking of, I KNOW I know that line from somewhere. I can hear the voice in my head, but the identification probably won't hit me until I wake up at 2am thinking AHA! But until then, it's gonna bug the heck out of me, dang you. :-)

stefanie said...

Postcards from the Edge?

If that's right, I really don't deserve the prize. I'll admit I had to Google it.

lizgwiz said...

jef, always nice to get the male point of view! Hee.

sparkling, yeah, morning exercise sounds good IN THEORY, doesn't it? ;)

stef, you are correct! Googling or no, I'll still send you a prize. 'Cause really, what would any of us do without Google?

Metalia said...

Dang! Stefanie beat me to it. :(