Monday, February 04, 2008


I'm feeling better today. It would be hard not to--it's a beautiful, sunny, breezy day...and it's 76 degrees. "But wait," you're saying, "the last time you posted you were talking about snow. What gives?" Astute observation, internets. What gives, indeed?

Well, it did snow. Only a couple of inches, though, nowhere near the 6-12 they threatened. I mean...forecast. And it didn't really stick to the streets. The next day it warmed up, melted off, and then the weekend was gorgeous. I'm wearing flip-flops today--February be damned. I'd be wearing capris, too...if I had bothered to shave my legs lately.

"So, " you're thinking, "I guess she hasn't seen New Guy recently, then."

Not since our little discussion, no. Oh, calm down...we've communicated via email and telephone, I just haven't SEEN him. He headed out Friday right after school to go see his kids, and didn't get home until very late last night. So late he didn't even call me with the usual "yes, I made it back alive" call. Which had me a little concerned. But we spoke this morning, and he said he's feeling "a little better," so...we'll see. I don't even know what to think at this point. So, let's just move on.

I'm feeling better physically. Not one hundred percent, but much better. And I think the Hot Brazilian Miracle Elixir did help. Oh, I wasn't magically healed overnight, but I think the cycle of symptoms moved through more quickly than usual, and I didn't end up at the doctor's office, begging for antibiotics to treat a secondary bacterial infection, like I usually do when I get a cold. And I never lost my voice or my ability to swallow comfortably. So that's good!

The most exciting point of the weekend was purchasing the DVD boxed set of "Kolchak: The Night Stalker." Are any of you old enough to remember that show? I loved it as a kid. Darren McGavin stalking monsters--what more could you want? could use a 40% off coupon and some rewards bucks to acquire it for under $10. Woo hoo!

See how easy it is to make me happy? Someone should appreciate how easily pleased and low-maintenance I am, and do anything to keep me around. Shouldn't someone? Ahem.


3carnations said...

Yes, someone should! Maybe it's time to introduce New Guy to the blog so he can see that WE think he ought to treat you a little more special! :)

-R- said...

Ahem, indeed!

Enjoy the freakishly warm weather!

Stefanie said...

Someone should indeed! You're on thin ice, New Guy. Hear that? THIN ICE!

Mariposa said...

Glad you're better!

Have a nice week!

Sauntering Soul said...

Geez, it was warmer there than down here in Atlanta. We only made it to the 60's this past weekend. Today will be in the 70's though.

Glad Hot Brazilian's tea helped! Did you gag on the first cup?

Stinkypaw said...

Someone should indeed! Glad you're feeling better overall! something about those legs of yours! ;-)

Mary said...

Liz, I appreciate the fact that you're easy.

Easy to please, I mean.

gorillabuns said...

Man, you are easy! and a certain someone should realize it!

L Sass said...

I have never heard of this Kolchak of which you speak. I feel like some YouTube-ing is in order.

And I hope New Guy gets his head screwed on straight... and soon. You are too great to lose.