Friday, February 15, 2008

The return of Friday Flotsam

Bits and pieces, bits and pieces.

The Susan Werner concert Wednesday night was amazing. If you don't know who she is, you should find out. Right now. You won't regret it. Gorgeous voice, very funny, very smart. I have a huge girl crush on her.

You know, I really feel that Valentine's Day is a made-up holiday, invented to enrich the card, candy and flower people, with the added benefit of making single people feel unworthy. Still, just once in my adult life, I would like a boy to give me a big bunch of overpriced flowers. Maybe Next Guy. Sigh.

My boss did give out the yearly box of Russell Stover candy. He went with the "International" box this year. His mother, technically the owner of the company, but who prefers to think of herself as a co-worker/friend/surrogate mother, came in with the more traditional red-cellophane-wrapped box. Candy for days! This VD workplace tradition was started by the founder of the company years ago. (He passed away a few years ago, sadly.) He would come in every year and give all the "girls" a big box of Russell Stover. (Not the guys. He was too old school for that, I guess. His son is more inclusive. He gives them to everyone.) One year no candy was given. Quelle horror! We had this new sales rep, let's call her Rude Bitch. One of the other sales reps was buying those itty-bitty boxes of Russell Stover to give to some of her best customers, and asked Rude Bitch if she wanted in on it. "I would NEVER insult my customers with Russell Stover!" she screeched. "Who eats that stuff?" Well, nobody at my workplace ate it that year, for sure. Founder never said a word, but he heard the screeching, of course, his feelings were hurt, and there was no candy given that year. Thanks, Rude Bitch! She didn't last too long, fortunately. Man, was she rude. She used to try to talk to me while I was on the phone with customers. More than once, I actually gave her the hand. R-U-D-E. At any rate, my boss continues with the tradition his father started, and sometimes even says, "Here's your candy from Dad." It's sweet.

What else is sweet? My contest winner gift package from Noelle. A big bag of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms, some conversation hearts, a David Sedaris book, a mix CD inspired by her sister's dog, Lola...delightful! Thanks, Christmas Christmas Tree!

What's not so sweet? The weather. It was 69 degrees and gorgeous yesterday. Today it's cold and gray, and this weekend we will have potentially record-setting rain, possibly turning to snow. I need me some spring, and I need it now.

Yesterday, gorgous though it was, was very, very windy, which caused some scattered power surges and outages. Our work print server did not fare well in the surge (can you say "blue screen of death"?), and we were unable to print anything. That is not good. Particularly since the boss, who is the go-to person for problems with our system, which I believe is held together by the cyber version of chewing gum and shoelaces, is out of town for a week. He did a little magic via his laptop and "go to my PC," and figured out a work-around, but it was a really aggravating day. For a while we thought we were going to have to hand-write delivery tickets, and you can imagine the joy that brought! Ah, make our lives so much easier...except when you're making them hell.

Speaking again of weather, I particularly don't want it to snow Sunday afternoon, as I am planning to go to auditions for a play a friend of mine is directing. She specifically asked me to come, which generally doesn't happen unless there's a part you're really right for, and you've got a pretty good shot of getting cast. (Note to any local theatre people reading--I have not been pre-cast. I know that's a touchy issue.) I think it's time for my hiatus to come to an end. I must admit that, in addition to my very valid reason of simple burn-out, I also had been hesitating to get involved in a heavy rehearsal schedule because I didn't want to seriously impact my time available to spend with New Guy. (Hey, it's still new. I wasn't planning to stay this available forever.) But since he's been in such a FUNK lately, I figure I might as well. If he'd rather sit at home and mope than be with me, I'll make other arrangements for my time. Besides, people are starting to talk. I keep running into people who say, with a concerned look, "Why haven't we seen your picture in the paper? Aren't you doing any shows?" So, in order to forestall any rumors to the effect that I am suffering from a incurable disease, or simply--gasp!--haven't been getting cast, I'd better make a move. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have new neighbors, in the house next door that has been empty for some time. The house with a previously virtually-unused backyard that Dolly and McBeady have felt free to call their own for years. The house under which they hide in times of stress. I haven't figured out yet which of the people I see are living there, and which are just visiting/helping to move, but yesterday evening Pudge and I went outside to see...TODDLERS, zooming around the yard next door in a giant battery-operated car. They immediately came running to the fence and started yelling and gesturing at Pudge, which completely freaked him out, and turned him into a barking fool. Fortunately, the mother (who looks WAY too young to have kids, but what do I know--I'm old) immediately started in with the "we don't act that way with dogs" talk, but I'm concerned. Oh, I have nothing against toddlers, per se, I was one once, but they are a timid feral cat's worst nightmare. I may never see Dolly and McBeady in the daylight again. Poor things. I relayed this news to my mother, and she said "well, why don't you go talk to them?" (The neighbors, that is, not Dolly and McBeady.) I just laughed. And say what? "Please don't allow your children outside. They bother the strays." We'll just have to all learn how to get along somehow.

I can't wait to see what record-setting rain will do to the giant mudslide that is currently residing in my other neighbor's front yard and my driveway, just above the storm drain, and just next to the pile of loose gravel that was thrown down to replace the part of the street that was jackhammered up so the Cox Communications can bury their cables. Thanks, Cox. As suck.

Okay, I believe I have rambled on long enough. Today is my monthly "early day," so I'll be out of here before too long. I have big plans for the afternoon. I plan to go stock up on cat food, so that if the direst weather predictions come true, I won't have to leave the house in a monsoon just to supply the little buggers with their canned Friskies fix.

Yes, my life is truly rich and full. I hope your weekends are all just as splendid.


3carnations said...

That was quite a post. Good luck if/when you audition.

Your reference to "Next Guy"...You guys have been seeing each other long enough that surely a card or something was in order. I know it's just a's not about gifts...But it is about thoughts, and it doesn't sound like his are there. Grr.

Candy from your bosses, though? How nice!

nancypearlwannabe said...

Valentine's Day in a middle school is worse than Halloween. I honestly had so many cupcakes and brownies and candy handed to me I had to throw it all away before I went home. Thanks for the thoughts, kids, but not the calories!

And I'm with 3cs- not even a card? Dude should have at least ponied up for a dinner or something! Just saying.

Sauntering Soul said...

If it makes you feel better, I didn't get anything for Valentine's either. Well, I got an email with virtual flowers. I had to remind Hot Brazilian it was VD. I then did a google search and learned Brazil doesn't celebrate VD on Feb. 14. They celebrate something similar. But in June.

Good luck with auditions, and toddlers, and the weather.

My weekend is going to be almost as stellar as yours. I get to drive 2 hours from my house to a Pampered Chef training meeting that will last 4 hours, then go visit my aunt in the hospital. Followed by another 2 hour trip home. Sunday I may not get off my sofa.

Noelle said...

Yeay, I'm glad you got your candy in time for Valentine's Day!

Here's a fun story: the Lola mix came about because my sister took Lola to the vet and mentioned that she always tries to eat table scraps. The vet said, "I guess whatever Lola wants, Lola gets." My sister, who is very smart, but doesn't know anything she hasn't officially been taught and has no knowledge of musical theatre said, "why does everyone keep saying that?"

So I made her the mix for Christmas to learn her a thing or two.

Mariposa said...

For the first time, I got roses from mf last VD...the reason for that was years ago...we helped in our flowershop every VD...LOL

I love that company tradition...I wish we have something like that here. ;)

Btw, here is for you, belated Happy Valentine's Day!- Rose

Stinkypaw said...

Free candies are usually good candies! ;-)

Nice to read that you're getting back into it ('it' being theatre), go for it and knock their socks off!

Lara said...

I think my favorite part of this post was "please don't let your children go outside - they bother the strays". Hee! Poor Dolly and McBeady! I will worry about them. Good luck on Sunday!! I wish you were in Philly so I could go see you perform!

Lara said...

Er, I am an idiot. You were talking about LAST Sunday. So instead of wishing you belated luck - I should ask: how did it go??

L Sass said...

Chocolate is truly the highlight of Valentine's Day. Embrace it and dump the rest, I say.