Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not much. What's new with you?

I didn't intentionally take a blog break...I was just getting tired of whining about my love life, I guess. Heh. So what IS up with New Guy? Well, in a nutshell...New Guy's method of dealing with HIS stress (which makes no sense to me, but I'm not a guy) causes ME stress. Neither of us seems ready to walk away yet, though...so I guess we just try a little harder to speak each other's languages until one of us has had enough? Is that what we do? I don't have a better plan. He's leaving town tomorrow to attend a convention, and I won't see him again for a few days. Maybe we'll both be seeing things more clearly by then.

Moving on.

I'm just trying to keep busy. Friday night I had dinner with a friend. Saturday I had lunch with some of the cat ladies. Sunday we had our first "Fridiron" rehearsal. I'm a little disappointed with that--I was hoping for a somewhat bigger role than last year, but the director had a lot of people to shoehorn into the show this year, so...it is what it is. Last night I had dinner with New Guy. This afternoon I have a photo shoot for the "Fridiron," have to do my charitable litterbox scooping, and then, if I have any energy left, some friends are starting a book club of sorts this evening. No assigned reading, just bring something to eat and drink and talk about reading, make recommendations, loan/borrow books. Sounds fun. Tomorrow night I'm seeing Susan Werner, one of my favorite singer/songwriters, in concert at my church.

I'm free on Thursday--anybody want to take me out for Valentine's Day? Hee.

I've been much better the last few days about working out and doing yoga, and, as usual, I'm amazed at how well the yoga clears my mind. And the knots in my muscles (internalize your tension much, Liz?). Now, if only I could do it 24 hours a day.

Boy, do I love my dog these days. Seriously. Aren't dogs great? He's all: "I love you. I still love you. I love you again. Can I spend the rest of my life with my head in your lap? Did you hear that sigh? It means I love you. You're home from work? Nothing more magnificent has ever happened to me. I love you."

I love my cats, too, of course, but with cats it's more: "I have decided to drape myself across your body and allow you to adore me. Wait, why are you getting up? I'm not through being adored, damn it! Oh, you're getting food--is it for me? Why not? Get back here and adore me some more!"

How do people live without animals? I couldn't do it. Men? Yeah, that I could do. Cats and dogs? Never.


Sauntering Soul said...

If I were closer, I'd definitely go out with you for Valentine's Day. I don't think Hot Brazilian is going to be in town. It's fine - I'm not a big fan of VD anyway.

With respect to New Guy, why do people always say women are the moody, cranky ones? In my experience, men are much moodier than we are. They don't deal with things as well. I hope things get better for y'all. Hugs.

3carnations said...

I generally would prefer NOT to get flowers delivered, as they are overpriced, especially this time of year.

BUT, with New Guy being out of town, and having been in a funk when he IS in town...

You'd better be posting Thursday about receiving a lovely bouquet from him.

Noelle said...

I will be your virtual Valentine if you like. But really, you're right. Cats and dogs take the cake when it comes to the unconditional love.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Seriously, I need to get in on the pet action. We visited the MSPCA the other day and there was this giant 10 year old cat named Camden who had a runny nose and I fell in love with him. Unfortunately, Chris is allergic. Do you think it'd be mean to make Chris wear a surgical mask at home so I can have pets?

Stefanie said...

That's a great idea for a book club. Have fun.

Also, the two paragraphs about pets cracked me up. I'm still not ready for any furry critters in my own house, though. ;-)

gorillabuns said...

If you want, I'm making dinner that evening if you so happen feel like driving 1.5hrs.

Donuts are optional.

-R- said...

H and I both deal with stress by yelling at each other. It works really well... if our goal is to make each other miserable.

The book club sounds fun!

Stinkypaw said...

Unconditional love is the best, and dogs just know how to show it, don't they!? My cat's purrs always do the trick for me...

I'll be your "cold" Canadian Valentine, if you want. I do give good hugs! ;-)

lizgwiz said...

ss, if you were closer, I'd let you! For the most part, I think Valentine's Day is a silly, made-up holiday...but it figures that the first time in years I'm actually dating someone on that day, he's out-of-town. The LAST time I was dating someone on that day, he had the flu. I am destined to be alone on 2/14, it seems. Ah, well. (And yes, men ARE moodier, in my experience.)

3c, I somehow just don't think that's going to happen. And, as rocky as things, are...I'm not even bringing it up. My mom sent me a card, and my boss gave me candy--good enough!

noelle, I will be your virtual Valentine, as well! And you already sent me the candy. :)

npw, I don't think that would be an unreasonable request. Or, you know, he could just get allergy shots. It's worth it, right? ;)

stef, ah yes, our one BIG difference. No pets. Wait, there's also the mushroom issue. Hee.

gorillabuns, someday I'll have to take you up on that. I think dinner in the gorillabuns house would be a rockin' good time. And are donuts ever REALLY optional? ;)

-r-, yeah, I don't think that plan would work for me. I'm not a yeller. My sister actually divorced her first husband because he liked to yell, and she couldn't take it. We never yelled in our house--too Methodist. Hee.

stinky, I am considering myself hugged, thanks! And yes, purrs are the greatest.

L Sass said...

I spent my Valentine's Day in a boring hotel outside of Chicago, by myself, with a sub sandwich and milkshake. Wish you were with me!

Whiskeymarie said...

I forgot how much I love having a pet around until I got my cat.
Now I can't imagine NOT having her. And maybe a friend for her soon...