Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Again, whoo! I'm saving the accompanying "hoo" for when Virginia is officially in the Democratic column, and the Senate has an even better chance of fending off any more potential Scalia-like Supreme Court appointments.

Pennsylvania sent that detestable Santorum packing (thank you, PA). And Rummy just resigned--it gets better and better.

And here in Oklahoma, by a fairly narrow margin, we decided that your average adult voter can be trusted to vote, even with liquor stores open on election day. My district is unfortunately sending our own detestable congressman back to D.C., which was a foregone conclusion, but we're keeping our Democratic governor and adding a Democratic Lt. Governor. She (the lt. governor-elect) was not my choice in the primaries, but at least she wasn't actively campaigning against gay marriage. One of the ads attempting to smear her featured a contemptuous voice over proclaiming "When asked about gay marriage...she claimed tolerance." Omigod, say it isn't so!

And I believe the candidate whose ad tagline was "SHE'S one of us" is, indeed, staying one of us, the non-political office holders. Hee.

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