Tuesday, November 14, 2006


"Thank you for your loan request, which we recieved yesterday,
we'd like to inform you that we are accepting your application, bad credit ok, We are ready to give you a $278,000 loan for a low month payment.
Approval process will take only 1 minute.
Please visit the confirmation link below and fill-out our short 30 second form. "

First of all, Deanne Barber, it's i before e EXCEPT after c. Tsk, tsk. Second of all, I don't remember asking you for a loan, though that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I don't remember raising my garage door and leaving it open all afternoon while I was at work yesterday, either, though apparently I did. But hey, I could use $278,000 and I've got both 1 minute and a short 30 seconds to spare, so why don't I go ahead and click on that link. I'm sure nothing bad will happen. Heh.


-R- said...

I love reading crazy spam sometimes. I keep getting offers to by property in Spain. How could I resist such a great "oppurtunity"?

lizgwiz said...

Just give them your bank account number, and you'll be all set. Hee.

Anonymous said...

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