Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's wrong with people?

Apparently the flashing neon sign that is visible only to needy animals has now installed itself in my car. Yesterday, while going home to lunch, I approached what I first assumed was a dead cat in the road. But, of course, as I passed, it lifted its head. Screeeeech! Slam on the brakes, pull over. It was obviously in great distress. There were a few people standing around. None of them knew where the cat lived, and while one woman claimed to have called Animal Aid and the city animal shelter, she hadn't bothered to move the cat out of the middle of the street. Quite the good samaritan there. So I ignored the conventional wisdom about not touching injured animals, loaded her onto one of my floor mats and headed to the vet. The vet thought it seemed like head trauma, which can sometimes be treated successfully if you can get the brain swelling down. So I left her there getting IVs inserted, but she died a little later. I'm sad, but maybe it's for the best. She was probably a stray, and I certainly couldn't take her into my house at this point. Poor baby. At least she didn't die alone in the street. I wonder how many people drove past her and never thought to stop. How can people do that, wear those blinders that keep them from seeing need? A few weeks ago a similar incident happened with a pit bull in the road on my way to work. Looked for all the world dead until I passed, when she lifted her head. I stopped, of course, turned around and blocked the lane, as did one other fellow, but she died before we could even get her out of the road. We pulled her over to the grass, so the cars wouldn't continue to hit her--I can't stand to see that. I went on to work and called dead animal pickup to tell them where she was, and I was sad, of course. But what bothered me most was that there was a man mowing his grass not 20 feet from where she was hit, and he couldn't be bothered to even slow his mowing, though I know he saw her. His young son was riding his Big Wheel nearby, and all I could think was what a missed opportunity to teach a young child compassion for a creature in need.

It makes me sad.


chickadee said...

Oh, that is heartbreaking. Like you said, what IS wrong with those people? And even though the cat didn't survive at the vet's, at least it had a chance. Good on you for doing what you could for both her and the pit bull.

I have to go give my kitty a hug now!

guinness girl said...

Oh! This is so sad! :( I'm with Chickadee - I'm off to hug my kitties.

lizgwiz said...

It was sad. It makes me feel a little better, though, to go home and see all the ones I WAS able to save, either directly or by adoption. Yes, even the naughty kittens who keep DIGGING IN MY PLANTS.