Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm actually just testing to see if I'm smart enough to add pictures to the blog. And it turns out I am, just barely, though not smart enough to place them exactly where I wanted.

This is me, on the job.


Okay, I'm not really a nun--but I played one, not on TV, but onstage. Sister Mary Ignatius--terrific fun. If, you know, you're not offended by people leaving in the middle of the show. Which I'm not. Though I was a little afraid of the guy in the front row with a death glare on his face, wearing a postal employees jacket. I was actually happy to see him leave, and fortunately he didn't come back and go postal on our irreverent asses.

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Cat J. said...

Are you in a play currently? That's really cool. Is this from Nunsense? You know, I think it should be made a law that if you sit in the front row of ANY show, you need to make the appropriate facial expressions. Smile when it's a comedy, look serious if it's a drama, laugh when you are supposed to. Set and example Mr. Grumpy PostMan!!