Friday, November 17, 2006

Bright and shiny

Okay, after yesterday's post, I thought I should demonstrate to myself (and anyone who might be reading) that my life is not completely made up of dead pets and homeless kittens and ailing cars and orphaned friends. There must be things I enjoy, and to prove it I will make a list.

Things That Make Me Smile:

The Sonic Drive-In, and their crunchy tater tots, and groovy crunchy ice

My cats and dog

My still-blooming red geranium

Falafel, which I am craving for lunch

Knowing that I only have to work half of next week

My co-worker's boyfriend's doctor just confirmed my diagnosis of overuse of hydrogen peroxide on an injured finger, making me feel smart

I'm going to see Tony Bennett this weekend (yeah, he's old and I hear he doesn't always sing that well anymore, but they're free tickets and it's Tony-friggin' Bennett)

The cool emerald ring I'm wearing today, designed years ago by a friend before he stopped making jewelry and went into some sort of financial advising (I liked it so much, I actually bought it off his girlfriend's finger. It was cool with her--she was wearing it as a display model.)

Knowing that I only have to work half of next week (I'm not senile, I just thought it bore repeating.)

The Daily Show

Scrubs reruns on Comedy Central

The Lyle Lovett poster over my desk

Hindi Bendy, Pirate Bendy, Evil Bendy (all on display in my office)

My singing nun finger puppet (yeah, I'm looking around my office for inspiration)

My giant blue thermal QT mug

My friends (This list is in random order--I do not value my mug over my friends. Most days. It DOES keep my iced tea icy cold--do any of my friends do that? Hee)

The closing musical scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin (Paul Rudd dances with such abandon)

The Snickers commercial where the guy sings earnestly "prancing nougat in the meadow, singing songs of satisfaction to the world"

The insufferable Raro tribe keeps losing on "Survivor"

And last, for now, but not least: I only have to work half of next week!!!!!


guinness girl said...

All very good happy things! :)

lizgwiz said...

And my, that falafel was tasty. And the hummus. Mmmmm.....