Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

'Cause I know you're all dying to know. Heh.

I did go on a date Saturday night. With the guy from KC. I wish I had predicted in writing that the accent I was thinking (hoping) he would have would be Eastern European, 'cause I was right. Ukraine. And it's very cute. (If I am a sucker for accents--I am a particular sucker for Eastern Europe.) We talked on the phone Friday afternoon, exchanged a couple of emails arranging details, and we met at the restaurant Saturday night. Dinner was followed by live music and beers by the river, and that was followed by several hours more of conversation and TV watching. He's very sweet, and I enjoyed myself very much. (How much? I'll let your vivid imaginations handle that question. Ha.)

That's the upside. The downside? Well, he only comes to town occasionally, and he is VERY recently divorced. But I think maybe we helped each other take our first steps away from our broken hearts, so that's good. And he did ask if he could see me when he next comes to town, and I said yes. We have each other's cellphone numbers and email addresses. So, we'll see.

The most important thing, you see, is that I had a good time with a guy who wasn't Him!!!! Can I get a whoo hoo??!!

I talked to Mr. Good-Looking with Issues again late Friday night. It turns out that he works most nights until 10:30 p.m., which would be a problem, since that's about when I'm getting ready for bed, and besides that...I just didn't feel a real conversational spark. He seemed a wee bit arrogant, and I'm just so not in the mood for that. He asked about possibly meeting, I said I thought we needed to talk some more when one of us wasn't sleepy, and that I was very busy on Saturday (hee), but I might try to call him later in the weekend. And then I never did. I just couldn't get excited about the prospect, and I decided that was my answer, probably. He never called, either, and when I got online this morning, I had one of those pre-fab Hayoo! "Sorry we're not a good match" messages from him. Nice, huh? Couldn't even type out a personalized sentence? I felt nothing but relief, so...moving on.

Mr. Nice but Possible Chemistry Issues emailed this morning--I think I should probably just give him my phone number and speed this thing up. Either there's chemistry or there's not, and this emailing back and forth isn't really going to tell us.

The only other "activity" resulting from all this online nonsense is that when I checked to see who had viewed me on (having just become an actual subscriber to talk to Mr. KC) I saw that I had been viewed by a friend that I hadn't seen in a while. So I emailed him, just to say hey, how are ya, and he emailed back all I'm fine, how are YOU, and we ended up chatting back and forth several times, and decided we should meet this week for a beer, and to dish about how strange this online dating thing is. And, we both agreed, that may well be the most fun either of us gets out of it. Heh.

Sunday I was so tired from being up so late the night before (Get your dirty minds out of the gutter. Or not, your choice.) that I didn't even leave the house. I discovered AMC was having a Mad Men Season One marathon, before the second season starts next week, and having never seen an episode despite hearing from friends how fabulous it was, I decided to check it out. That is literally all I did the entire day. And you know what? It IS fabulous. How did I miss this before? The period detailing--both sets/costumes/music and speech/attitudes--is just meticulous. Kudos. I had to record the last three episodes (it didn't end until midnight), but once I've watched those, I'm all ready for season two. Bring it on.

How were your weekends? Did you flirt with a Ukrainian? Do tell.


3carnations said...

Yay for fun dates! Keep your options open, of course, but it sounds like you can look forward to a fun dinner once a month. :)

Sauntering Soul said...

Way to go Liz! Glad you had a great time on Saturday.

L Sass said...

I'm hoping Chemistry guy brings out his pheromones soon. C'mon Chem Boy! My money is on you!

-R- said...

I really want to see Mad Men; I wish I had known it was on!

H threw a surprise party for me on Friday, and on Sunday I went to the pool and then later saw the new Batman movie, so it was a good weekend! No men with cool accents though. Boo.

flurrious said...

I'm new, so I don't know who He is, and maybe this is just because of the way you opened your last post, but every time you refer to Him, I think you've broken up with Jesus Christ.

Pants said...

How great that your date went well- I lovvve Ukrainian guys!

I've used and considered re-joining now that I'm less weepy-hearted, but all the same guys are on there as when I started last September. Including the guy who ripped my heart to shreds. Boo.

Checked out Hayoo! yesterday. It looks promising. I hope.

lizgwiz said...

3car, once a month is better than nothing, right? And actually, he has to go to Houston next week, and he mentioned that it wouldn't be TOO much out of his way to detour through Tulsa, so...we'll see. ;)

ss, I'm glad, too. :)

sass, I think I'll give him my number today, and at least see if he has the "reedy voice" problem. Heh.

-r-, I can't believe I never saw it before, but at least this way I didn't have to wait a week between episodes.

flurrious, well, actually the Big Guy Upstairs and I did have something of a tiff recently (we went on a break--hee), but I'm actually just referring to the ex. Though I have the same thought each time I type it, so maybe I need a better alias. His old one--New Guy--just doesn't seem to apply anymore. ;)

lizgwiz said...

pants, you snuck in there. I have noticed a lot of overlap between and Hayoo!, but there are some different guys, too. And it's a little cheaper. As far as my experience goes, MeMarmony is the biggest waste of time. ;)

Noelle said...

I went sailing with a new guy... Prospects look good, but not holding my breath as I am a complete cynic when it comes to these things. We'll see if he becomes blogworthy within the next few days.

Congrats on the bevy of guys!

3carnations said...

He may make a detour for you? Nice.

CityStreams said...

That last question made me giggle. I did not in fact flirt with a Ukranian this weekend. But I'm glad you did. It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

gorillabuns said...

I didn't flirt with anyone this weekend but what do I expect? Who wants to flirt with a big ol preggo?

Yea for the date and conversations!

Stefanie said...

I gave a friend a ride to the airport, paid my bills, did about three hours of ironing, did two loads of laundry, and started the process of scraping the loose paint from my garage in preparation for repainting it--AGAIN. Sadly, there were no flirty Ukrainians involved in any of that. So happy to hear that YOU had a fun weekend, though!

Stinkypaw said...

Good for you! I have a VERY sweet spot for East European (dated a Polish, a Lithuanian and married a Hungarian), and loved their accent (Hubby doesn't have an accent, unfortunately). I'm really happy for you. You go Liz!

nancypearlwannabe said...

Alas, no Ukrainians in my weekend. I did see the Dark Knight and go to the beach though, so all was not lost!

lizgwiz said...

noelle, sailing sounds fun, at any rate. Fingers crossed for the guy.

3car, well I think the operative phrase there is MAY. ;)

citystreams, I highly recommend flirting with any and all Eastern European men. They just sound so cute!

gbuns, you could make your husband pretend to be Croatian or something. ;)

stef, well, your weekend sounds productive, at least. I didn't even get my lawn mowed. Which I'm going to be very much regretting as I mow it tonight--it's supposed to break 100 today.

stinky, can he at least fake a good accent for your amusement? ;)

npw, that sounds good, too!

Anonymous said...

Cute accents are for women what cleavage is for men.