Thursday, July 17, 2008

Give it up for -R-!

What a great time Blogshare was, huh? As always, lots and lots of funny, moving, well-written posts. Kudos to all involved.

You should all be thanking your lucky stars that Blogshare happened when it did, otherwise yesterday you would have been reading about the very vivid dream I had, starring Neil Flynn (Janitor from "Scrubs") as a policeman who threatened to shoot me because I accidentally aimed a laser pointer at him. Yeah...I don't know, either. My dream life is weird!

How's the real life going? Well, nothing too major. I haven't heard from or contacted the Professor since last week's excruciatingly polite date. I'm hoping that means that he felt the lack of chemistry, as well, and there are no hard feelings on either side.

I'm still exploring the Hayoo! personals, and actually got brave enough to contact a few guys without waiting for them to contact me first. That hasn't worked out all that well, so far, but I do have the number of one guy who wants me to give him a call. (And he's pretty cute in his pictures, so...fingers crossed.)

I also got suckered into trying "MeMarmony" again for a bit (I never do more than a month at a time with ANY of them--no endless auto-renewals for me), and am currently in the process of "guided communication" with a couple of guys. The problem with "guided communication" is that it takes a while....back and forth, back and forth with the questions! I'm a gal who prefers instant gratification, generally. And yeah, I know the theory is that you get to know someone gradually before you plunge on in, 29 levels of compatibility, blah, blah...but sometimes a plunge turns into a good thing. And if not, find out pretty quickly and move on. Or you have a several-months-long relationship and then he moves out-of-state and breaks your heart. One or the other. Heh.

Mostly I'm just trying to keep myself occupied, and my mind off things like He Who Shall Be Nameless, and $3.89/gallon gas, and soaring food costs, and the construction on my street that's driving me up the wall, and the heat, and the humidity, and get it.

By the way, are we all watching "So You Think You Can Dance," as we should be? I have an enormous crush on Will. I could watch him dance for hours. Preferably shirtless. Yowza. They don't grow 'em like that on Hayoo! or MeMarmony. Heh.


Allie said...

I was doing the whole eHarmony thing for a while. The back and forth questions definitely get tiring. I would rather meet the person asap to see if there's any chemistry. Otherwise you get your hopes up because they're great on paper, then you meet and it's like...meh.

I'm on right now. I'll let you know if that works any better! :-)

Why do we torture ourselves with this whole dating business?!

gorillabuns said...

I like me some Will too!

-R- said...

I tried to watch So You Think You Can Dance, but the interviews/practice footage and Mary the judge screaming like a banshee drove me away.

I do agree that Will is cute!

Stefanie said...

The "Hayoo! personals." Ha. I do love a good alias. :-)

I maintain that there are some plusses to the ridiculous meMarmony process, but I also agree that it can get maddeningly drawn out. Unfortunately, I don't know that we can say one site is definitely better than any other. I think it comes down to the individual person, and maybe geography to some extent. That said, every guy I've met on Spring Street (which is the umbrella under which the personals for The Onion, Nerve, Salon, and various other publications live) has been a total flake. Stay away!

Noelle said...

The gas here is $4.23, if that makes you feel any better...

Also, I just got an email from a guy on PlentyofFish (the dating site I'm using) who told me he wanted to go out with me because I'm short. Um, I'm 5'6", which I think puts me squarely in the realm of "average," decidedly not short. I think maybe he meant shortER, but either way, this guy's not getting an email back.

3carnations said...

Gas here is $4.24. Can anyone top that? ;p

Stinkypaw said...

There's something about Neil Flynn, I don't know, he's scary and yet... Hmm

Explore all you want, and it's great you're doing the first move. Why should you wait? It's there to be explored! Have fun while doing it as well! ;-)

Sauntering Soul said...

I guess I'm going to stop complaining about the $4.21 gas by my house.

I tried eHarmony and HATED it. I went through all that back and forth crap with so many guys and when I met them in person I was perplexed at how in the world I was ever matched up with any of them. worked out much better for me. That's where I met Hot Brazilian but I'm not going to lie...I thought that was never going to happen either. Online dating just sucks sometimes.

lizgwiz said...

allie, I tried match last year, and that's where I met He Who Shall Not Be Named...I guess I just thought I should branch out more this time. (I hope it works for you!)

g'buns, he is yummmmmmy.

-r-, after a while you learn to go to the bathroom during the interviews, and your brain just shuts out Mary's screams. ;)

stef, I see an awful lot of the same guys on ALL the sites, so I should probably just go with the cheapest one!

noelle, 5'6" is short only if you're trying out for the WNBA!

3car, does anyone WANT to top that? ;)

stinky, I agree...Neil's hot, in a weird way. And well, we know about me and weird!

ss, I don't really hold out a lot of hope for any of them, but I just need to be doing something right now, I guess. And I just never meet guys anywhere. I've been single here too long--I think I've been through all the interesting guys in Tulsa already!

L Sass said...

Most of my friends who have done meHarmony have reported that they met quality people, but the whole SUPER compatibility thing didn't materialize. Except for the friend who married a meHarmony suitor!

sarah said...

Soooo mad at So You Think right now - Comfort shouldn't have been allowed to be voted for, as she was already eliminated LAST WEEK, PPL!!
Also, the secret to watching it is to employ the "mute" button as much as possible. ;)

lizgwiz said...

sass, yeah, I'm pretty sure there's a flaw in their "compatibility" system, when they match me with a guy who "doesn't trust politicians but still thinks George Bush is a good man" and who answers the "do you have/love pets" question with "Now Liz, I'm a you think I'm going to say I love cats or something?" Sheesh.

sarah, I guess they had to bring somebody back, and who would agree to come back if they couldn't be voted for? I hope it doesn't end up like Project Runway, where Chris came back and then made it to the end. But primarily because I've never seen the appeal in Comfort. She does nothing for me, "in her own style" or not.

sarah said...

they should have offered her a spot on the tour or something else then. Because they already guarenteed a spot to Jessica, so why not Comfort?