Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dream Interpretation Needed

'Cause my mother called a couple of days ago to tell me of a dream she had about me, and it was a doozy!

Here it goes: I was getting married, see (ha--fat chance), and had asked her to stand up with me, and because it was a morning wedding, I wanted her to wear lingerie. (But of course. What else would one wear to a "morning" wedding?) Well, she didn't have any lingerie she thought was appropriate (go ahead and try to imagine the lingerie that WOULD be appropriate for a 67-year-old woman to wear at her daughter's wedding--I'll wait), and she was very stressed about it. At some point while she was fretting about her lack of suitable garments, I showed up, dressed for the wedding, in a bright purple outfit that included a little jacket. "Oh, she's wearing purple...then I should wear white." (Because of course the only thing less appropriate than wearing lingerie to your daughter's wedding is wearing white to your daughter's wedding.) The jacket kept falling open, and she noticed with horror that it exposed my boobs. My HAIRY boobs. Yes, you heard that right (and you really must imagine my mother giggling insanely as she related this point)--my boobs were hairy. She kept trying to subtly reach over and close the jacket so nobody could see them, but apparently I had no such qualms re: the display of the hairy boobs and kept slapping her hands away.

Her question to me (and now my question to you): "What the heck do you suppose THAT means?"

Come on, throw some interpretations at me. The more entertaining the better. I could use some laughs.

'Cause I'm DEPRESSED. I'm dealing with it the best I can, but I am S-A-D SAD. Some time next week I will see New Guy for the last time. (The last time ever? Who knows. I don't know.) It does look like we may actually get a little alone time--his son is going to stay with his grandmother for a few days while New Guy packs and loads, and his teenaged stepson is going to come back with him to help, instead, and TS should be okay entertaining himself for a couple of hours while New Guy and I go to dinner or something. (I'm hoping for "something," myself.)

So, umm....maybe your dream interpretations on my impending nuptials should NOT include references to New Guy, 'kay?

And, in "creepy slackers next door" news, last night I was outside with Pudge about 10:30, when we heard the back gate next door creak open, and somebody in a dark hoodie slithered through to the back of the yard where the chairs are currently located under the trees. The yard is really, really dark, so I can only assume one of the dudes felt the need for a bit of late-night stargazing in his buddy's backyard. Pudge barked like crazy, as did every other dog within earshot, and I HOPE IT WOKE THEIR KIDS UP!!! (Is that hateful of me? I'm not wishing permanent distress on the kids, just that they made their parents' lives hell for a moment or two, before going peacefully back to sleep.) There were a couple of guys outside today when I went home for lunch, and when Pudge went crazy barking at them, for the first time, instead of saying "it's okay, boy" in a soothing tone, I said "Good boy!" And glared at the dudes.

This may soon require action on my part. Gah.


Noelle said...

I think it means seven years of famine, and then seven years of perennials. Followed by a flood of some sort.

Stefanie said...

I don't know, but whatever it means, I'm thinking it says more about your mom than you.

Also, I can totally see you getting married in a bright purple outfit with a jacket. (Can't you?) The hairy chest, though? No. That part isn't part of my image of this.

Edge said...

I'll take a swing at it.

I think you are potentially grieving the chance to get married and motherhood. The lingerie/nakedness is vulnerability you may feel over the whole situation. I think you may see your mother as someone who has experienced what you want to experience, but aren't getting the chance too.

The hairy boobs may mean you look at yourself as being an awkward person or you feel awkward as a woman, kind of like, "It must be me; it's got to be the reason I'm not married; it's my body." Breasts are a symbol of womanhood. It could also mean you are trying to do something very masculine that is typically not feminine, that's iffy in my opinion.

Overall, I think you are experiencing some stress over the loss of a potential marriage relationship and trying to solve the dilemma of your singlehood.


3carnations said...

No idea on the hair thing.

And, yep, I've got to say it's a little hateful to wish someone's children to wake up from barking. You've got to understand that bedtime can be a rough time, and when children get to sleep and are resting well, parents (at least WE) do our very best to allow them to stay asleep. If you want to wish the parents awake, that's one thing, but I would never wish to wake someone's kids up.

There is a pit bull across the street from us that barks at certain people only, and certain dogs only. There is a guy in our neighborhood who walks his dog every night between 9:00 and 10:00. He always crosses the street so he can go directly past that dog's house, and both dogs bark up a storm.

lizgwiz said...

noelle, works for me.

stef, I actually can see myself getting married in purple. Inasmuch as I can see myself getting married at all, that is.

jef, interesting theory, if it were MY dream. Maybe my mother is more worried about my singlehood than she lets on.

3car, see, that was kind of my point. If it's affecting their KIDS, surely they'll tell the slacker friends to stay out of the yard, at least at night. I have noticed they seldom seem to let them IN the house, so someone must be thinking they're not the greatest influence on the little ones. And since they don't seem to care about the comfort of their neighbors...well, it's all I could think of to express my frustration. (See, there was method behind my hatefulness.)

L Sass said...

I have always pictured you with hairy boobs.

Sauntering Soul said...

Since I have some of the oddest dreams you can ever imagine, I often visit a dream interpretation site out of curiosity.

Go to and poke around. Perhaps it will help you figure out what the heck your mom's crazy dream means.

And for goodness sakes, do you need me to mail you a razor? :-)

gorillabuns said...

Man, do the neighbors rent? If so, I would contact the landlord. I second your Mother worries about your more than you think.

And purple is definitely the color to get married in! WHEN you get married.

Stinkypaw said...

Hairy boobs? Interesting mental image... as for an interpretation, sorry can't come up with anything.

It's interesting that your mother had that dream... maybe she hoped for an upcoming wedding and you showing up in purple seems natural, since you do like that colour, no? Maybe she's trying to tell you something... like do you need a waxing or something? ;-)

Try to talk to your naighbours and mention it to the lady, who knows, maybe they don't know themselves that there are guys coming in their yard...

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