Monday, May 05, 2008

Apparently, pain looks good on me.

'Cause I have now lost track of the number of people who, upon hearing of my recent physical and/or emotional travails have said, "But you know what? You look really pretty."


Not that I'm not grateful for the compliments, but I'm not sure what to do with this information. Keep reinjuring my back to keep that healthy glow? Stay on the verge of tears constantly, 'cause it makes my eyes nice and shiny?

Maybe I should just go ahead and start prowling for a new guy RIGHT NOW, before I lose my edge. Heh.


Stinkypaw said...

NOw that's that spirit, but watch your back! ;-)

Allie said...

That reminds me of a Friends episode. Pheobe is pregnant and feels like crap and Joey says, "Well at least you have that cool pregnant lady glow." Pheobe answers back with, "That's sweat. You try throwing up all morning and you'll have that glow too!"

Sauntering Soul said...

I have the opposite problem. Every time I think I might actually look a little bit cute, someone tells me I look ill, pale, swollen, etc. which immediately bursts my bubble.

Hang in there. Go hang out at Home Depot or something. There are lots of guys there.

Stefanie said...

Maybe it's Diane Court's theory of convergence? You know... how good things always happen with bad? Eh, I don't know, but take the compliments wherever they come, I say! (A gay guy told me on Friday night that I am really pretty. :-) If anything, it's even MORE of a compliment from a guy who wants nothing from me, right? Right??)

Mary said...

This reminds me of that character Billy Crystal played on Saturday Night Live who always said, "It is better to look good than to feel good." What a load of crap, right?

nancypearlwannabe said...

You are a lucky woman, then. When I hurt my back I looked like death from all the painkillers. Plus, I couldn't walk, only shuffle, which I imagine added a certain something to my zombie look.

I hope you're finally feeling better!

3carnations said...

Go for it. If you guys KNOW you're not doing the long distance thing...Well, why prolong it? It would probably feel better to end it on your own terms than to watch the hourglass run out.

Sorry, I feel bad that you feel bad. :)

lizgwiz said...

stinky, did you mean that literally or figuratively? ;)

allie, you may be on to something there.

sauntering, yeah, but Home Depot is full of power tools, and power tools make me think of New Guy...I'm pathetic. :(

stef, a compliment from a gay guy is the HIGHEST form. They have excellent taste.

mary, yeah...I think I'd rather feel good. Especially since most of the compliments are coming from middle-aged straight women. What good does THAT do me?

npw, well, I will admit that most of the compliments came AFTER I moved through the "curled up like a pretzel" portion of my ordeal.

3car, I can't seem to help it. I want to grasp every last bit of sand. And, if recent history repeats itself, it will be (literally) years before I meet anyone I really like again, so there seems to be no rush to get back out there. (I know, I know, maybe the universe will surprise me this time. But, in my experience, the universe's "surprises" generally seem to involve trips to the E.R.)

L Sass said...

Pain is beautiful? Huh. I'm pretty sure that when I am miserable, I LOOK miserable. Glad it has the opposite effect on you!

All the same, things look up for you soon. Happiness looks good, too!

gorillabuns said...

I want you to feel good about yourself as well as your body feel good about being your body. Man, that didn't make much sense, did it?

I wish I knew someone in Tulsa.....