Friday, March 07, 2008

Take that, Coco.

Well, I'd say my accessorizing is having the intended effect. When I walked into rehearsal last night the director said, "Oh, don't you look smart. As always. And also artsy, somehow." If I had to encapsulate my personal sense of style into two words, those might be the two I'd choose: smart and artsy. I was tempted to whip off the scarf and say, "how do you feel about the outfit without the scarf--does that still work for you? 'Cause Coco Chanel says to take one thing OFF, but I ADDED one thing instead--what do you think?" But I didn't, because I am not completely insane. Not yet.

Rehearsals have been lots of fun, in general. I think I've laughed more in the last week than I have in the last year. I'm a little worried that, just as we're really getting rolling, I have to take the next week off and go do the "Fridiron," and then the next week after THAT I need to be off-book for the play, and I'm not quite sure how all that's going to happen, but I'll figure it out, I suppose. I did once learn an entire script in 4 days, as a last-minute replacement, and still got the best review of anyone in the play, so perhaps I just work best under pressure. Heh.

At least I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy and occupy my mind, since New Guy seems to have to have done a little back-sliding this week on his vow to be more considerate. Oh, it hasn't been terrible, but it hasn't been all that great, either.

And life goes on.


3carnations said...

Well, lucky for you, you're busy, so you don't have TOO much time to dwell on New Guy. :)

Stefanie said...

I get "smart" all the time, but I don't think anyone's ever said I look artsy. Obviously I need more accessories. :-)

nancypearlwannabe said...

What Stefanie said. I guess glasses equal smart?

Is it time for us to show up and give New Guy a kick in the pants yet? Is it?

L Sass said...

I am all for adding more accessories! (And yet, STILL no one has ever called me artsy!)

Sauntering Soul said...

I sometimes have people say I'm a woman of a thousand looks. Is that good or bad?

I went to a jewelry party once and the rep said you're supposed to wear between 7 and 10 accessories at a time. I thought that sounded like a lot, but then I realized that's about average for me. Today I'm slacking and only have on 5.

Tell New Guy he'd better shape up or we're coming after him. :-)

gorillabuns said...

New Guy is Old Guy in my books.

I can't believe you can memorize all the info in such a short amount of time!

Tony B. Loney said...

You've always been artsy. And certainly "smart," and you dress well, too. Your accessories are above reproach. But I could tell everyone what you look like when you are dressed for bed. I have photos to prove that underneath all that smartness and artsiness lies a pajama pants, t-shirt clad woman covered in five cats and a ninety pound dog. And I'm not above sharing said photos.

Who am I kidding? You scare the shit out of me.